Cleaner Smile Whitening Strips Review | Best Review!

Cleaner Smile Whitening Strips Review
Cleaner Smile Whitening Strips Review

 Cleaner Smile Whitening Strips Review 

We’re lucky that we know so much now about taking care of our teeth. Long ago, as people got older, their teeth would rot away and be very painful. To get rid of a toothache, they had their teeth pulled out. Finally, people learnt that cleaning their teeth was important, but they didn’t have toothpaste right away. While you’re swishing that minty-fresh paste around your mouth, think about what people used long ago to clean teeth. They include:

  1. ground-up chalk or charcoal,
  2. lemon juice,
  3. ashes (the stuff that’s left over after a fire)
  4. tobacco and honey mixed together, etc

It was only about 100 years ago that someone finally created a minty cream to clean teeth. Not long after that, the toothpaste tube was invented, so people could squeeze the paste right onto the toothbrush! Tooth brushing became popular during World War II. The U.S. Army gave brushes and toothpaste to all soldiers, and they learned to brush twice a day. Back then, toothpaste tubes were made of metal; today they’re made of soft plastic and are much easier to squeeze!

Today there are plenty of toothpaste choices: lots of colors and flavors to choose from, and some are made just for kids. When you’re choosing a toothpaste, make sure it contains fluoride. Fluoride makes your teeth strong and protects them from cavities. But then for a healthier, happier and beautiful teeth, CLEANER SMILE WHITENING STRIPS is a new product which has a lot to offer.

Whenever you get your picture taken, people usually say, “Say cheese! Smile!” Right? Then you do ; you open your mouth and show your teeth. When you see the picture later, you see a happy person looking back at you right? You see the healthier those teeth are, the happier you look. You know why is that? It’s because your teeth are important in many ways. If you take care of them, they’ll help take care of you.

 Strong, healthy teeth help you chew the right foods that help you grow, help you speak clearly and yes, they will help you look your best like in those pictures.

What are Cleaner Smile Whitening Strips?

Cleaner Smile Whitening Strips are the perfect on-the-go whitening solution, that can even be used even on sensitive teeth to quickly and effectively remove easy, light surface stains. Cleaner Smile Whitening Strips is a reliable, easy and mess-free way to whiten your teeth in just 15-30 minutes a day. Yes! Our enamel-safe, mint-flavored advanced whitening strips stay put on your teeth while they whiten so you can talk and go about your day, even for users with sensitive teeth. These convenient strips are compact and portable so you can get a whiter smile wherever you are.   

Do whitening strips work?

Whitening strips contain a thin layer of hydrogen peroxide or other active ingredient, adhered to a pliable, plastic strip. The active ingredients in whitening strips vary, but many use carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide.

Whitening strips bleach off surface stains. They also penetrate tooth enamel and dentin to remove intrinsic stains from deep within the tooth. If not used correctly, they can be harmful to your teeth.

Features of Whitening Strips

Always check labels for a list of ingredients. Unlike the whitening strips we reviewed for this article, some rely on chlorine dioxide, a chemical oxidizer that can erode tooth enamel and damage teeth.

Whitening strips are typically safe to use, as long as you follow package directions. If you leave them on too long or use them more often than recommended, you may experience side effects.

Keep the following in mind when using whitening strips:

  • Avoid chlorine dioxide.
  • Don’t use products for longer or more often than directed.

Pros of whitening strips

They’re less expensive than in-office dental procedures for teeth whitening, and they typically produce good results.

Cons of Whitening Strips

Most whitening strips are easy to use and don’t require a prescription.

Healthy Teeth

Taking care of your teeth helps prevent plaque, which is a clear form of bacteria that sticks to your teeth. After you eat, bacteria go crazy over the sugar on your teeth, like ants at a picnic. The bacteria breaks it down into acids that eat away tooth enamel, causing holes called cavities. Plaque also causes gingivitis which is gum disease that can make your gums red, swollen, and sore. Your gums are those soft pink tissues in your mouth that holds your teeth in place.If you don’t take care of your teeth, cavities and unhealthy gums will make your mouth very sore, eating meals will be difficult and you won’t feel like smiling so much.

WHY Cleaner Smile Whitening Strips?

Cleaner Smile whitening strips are easy and wreck free. They are ideal for touchy/ sensitive teeth. Each sealed whitening strip foil packet includes 2 flexible and easy-to-apply strips – one for upper teeth and one for lower. For maximum results, or for those tougher, set-in wine and coffee stains,  the Cleaner Smile LED Teeth Whitening Kit, in regular or maximum strength can be used. The blue light technology enhances and activates the whitening gel’s properties, resulting in teeth that are 100% shades whiter. Results may differ depending on the level of tooth discoloration and one’s lifestyle. One could start seeing results after 5 treatments and your results can last year-round only with a proper teeth maintenance routine.

 How To Use Cleaner Whitening Strips ?

Cleaner Whitening Strips Review

You know you can keep surface levels stains in check using your toothbrush? But then, What happens to set in stains that are as a result of long stretches of drinking tea, coffee and even smoking? Ever thought of those?

Well, Cleaner smile strips utilizes its indistinguishable brightening fixings from several best dental specialists to guarantee you a happier and healthier teeth and also it was created to shape your upper and lower teeth, giving you a non-slip hold towards making brightening considerably simpler. 

After removing the strips from the foil parcel, do away with the strip support and line the strip up with the edge of your gum in your mouth – the gel side of the strip ought to be placed carefully against your teeth. Finally Utilize delicate strain to shape the strip safely to your teeth while overlaying the abundance strip behind your lower teeth to keep it set up. Now, repeat with the upper strip.  Easy right?

However for best results, consider utilizing the strips for light surface teeth stains and the LED Kit for more profound set in discolored teeth.

Components of Cleaner Smile Whitening Strips ?

You can keep  and groom your teeth for your lifetime using cleaner smile whitening strips this is because everything you need for a whiter teeth has being portably and uniquely packed to grant you your wish of a happier and healthier teeth from the comfort of your home. Here are some things you need to know about cleaner smile whitening strips;

  1. 6% hydrogen peroxide gel
  2. Professional results at home
  3. Convenient, mess-free application
  4. Pain-free whitening
  5. 100%  satisfaction guaranteed

  Teeth Whitening

Have you always hated the colour of your teeth? Do you try not to show your teeth when you smile? Well, you’re not alone considering the fact that  more than 100,000 people in the world trying tooth whitening treatments yearly.  If it’s something you’ve been considering then here are reasons to whiten your teeth.

  1. A smile to be proud of. Whitening can boost your confidence and self-esteem.
  2. Teeth whitening can remove stains on teeth caused from fizzy drinks, coffee, smoking, wine and other foods.
  3. Want to look your best for a wedding or all those Christmas parties coming up?  Then with teeth whitening, its time to have a white Christmas…
  4. A white smile will increase your confidence and will help create an excellent first impression at a Job interview.
  5. It is non-surgical. No surgery is required to have white teeth.  Instead, there are several safe options that are relatively pain and risk free.
  6. Better Oral Hygiene. When we feel good about our teeth we are more likely to look after our smile by taking the time to brush, floss and visit the dentist regularly.
  7. Cost- It is relatively inexpensive compared to other cosmetic procedures. Talk to your dentist about your whitening options and costs.

Benefits of Cleaner Smile Whitening Strips

Our mouths and teeth are our most prominent facial feature, and a great smile can be worth a thousand words. Research has suggested that a bright smile can make us more confident, more successful and more likely to find a partner in life. However, many of us feel self-conscious about our teeth and smile, which is one of the reasons that teeth whitening is the number one most popular cosmetic dental treatment in the U.S.

Cleaner smile Whitening strips are generally used once or twice each day for up to two weeks. Most home teeth whitening kits leave teeth one or two shades whiter according to a 16-shade bleaching chart. The final results vary depending on the individual and the level of discolouration. Here are some benefits of cleaner smile whitening strips

1. Ease of use

Cleaner smile Teeth whitening strips don’t require a prescription and are easy to use on the go. Simply press the plastic strip on top of your teeth and allow it to sit there for the required time, usually around 30 minutes.

2. Quick results

The whitening effects are fast. You should see a change in colour within seven days. Results last from six to 18 months, depending on the individual.

3. Affordable

Given that dental surgery bleaching treatments can cost a lot the affordability of cleaner smile whitening strips – is a big plus. Cleaner smile Whitening strips make sense when you can get a dazzling smile for a fraction of the cost.

Who Needs Cleaner Smile Whitening Strips

We all know white teeth is a definition of a good and healthy lifestyle. With cleaner smile teeth whitening, your self-confidence will skyrocket no matter the place or time be it school, work, church, on a date, at the site, giving a presentation, shopping at the mall, at the pub/ bar, or even  walking down the street, a smile with bright, sparkly teeth which teeth whitening gives is hard to miss. Oh Yes!

Also, You may have a healthy teeth and a bolder smile, but you might not completely be immune to the damage and stains that faces us daily from food and drink consumption. Not withstanding, After the proper teeth whitening procedure, one will instantly notice the difference and the Joy of not having to edit or filter your pictures.

Teeth whitening will help give you a happier, healthier and beautiful teeth as it clears teeth stains and this will in turn draw attention away from appearance of surrounding wrinkles, acne, scars, and frown lines. Great right? I know!

Customers Review Cleaner Smile Whitening Strips

 Review Cleaner Smile Whitening Strips

Best results so far!

Reviewed in the United States on May 31, 2020

I’ve tried a few of these whitening strips, and by far these work the best. I notice three shades lighter the first time I use them. I only had to apply them 15 to 30 minutes instead of the hour like some of the whitening strips. I usually go the full 30. After using them I use a whitening toothpaste to keep the level going. So I only have to use them periodically. I am a coffee drinker so I’ve noticed coffee is the worst stain for your teeth as well as Tea. These strips work great! I ordered more but this time I ordered double quantity. The only thing is there is not enough in a box I wish there were more. However every strips is worth the order for sure!


Best Whitening Kit I’ve Ever Used

Reviewed in the United States on February 13, 2020

I absolutely love this product!! You definitely get your money’s worth and after a couple uses I’m starting to notice a real difference in the color of my teeth!! When I’m fully satisfied with my results, I will post before and after photos to show the progress. I’ve used teeth whitening products before but the gel is usually really messy. With this product, you apply the gel with an easy to use pen and the portability of the whitening tray that plugs into your phone is amazing. I mean who doesn’t have their phone with them at all times nowadays?? It’s super convenient and definitely worth the price tag. You can’t really beat it!


The Cleaner Smile Club gel whitening strips are amazing in removing teeth stains, including stains from coffee and tea. The package comes in seven pouches. They are totaling fourteen pieces. One strip for the upper row and one-piece for the bottom row. Super easy to use. You open the box and rip open a pouch. Place the pieces on your teeth and leave it on for thirty minutes. Enough time for you to catch up on your favorite show or whatever you want. The results save me a bunch of money from saving a trip to the Dentist office.


Expert Advice on Cleaner Smile Whitening Strips

Teeth may be stained or discolored for a variety of reasons. If you want to make them brighter and whiter, you can do so safely, there are several options to choose from. You can visit your dentist for whitening treatments or try at-home whitening products. While most conventional whitening treatments are safe to use as long as you follow the product’s directions, You should decide how to whiten your teeth based on the type of staining you have. One may choose a certain method for teeth whitening based on one or more factors, including:

  • the type of discoloration you have
  • the cost involved in the treatment
  • the treatment method
  • your age (this pertains to children)
  • your dental history, including fillings and crowns
  • Keep in mind, the time it takes to whiten your teeth safely depends on the type of discoloration you have and the method you use to whiten your teeth.

Conclusion Cleaner Smile Whitening Strips

Teeth whitening has become a necessary step in every guy’s grooming process. Everywhere you look, from your Instagram feed to all the images in magazines to the posters at your local dentist’s office, the importance of having whiter teeth is everywhere around you. Perhaps you’re on the fence about it. You’re wondering what the hype is about and if it’s the right decision for you.  Can it really have a big impact on your life?  The truth is, teeth whitening is a completely safe, life-enhancing process that can have positive a effect on both your physical appearance and your psychological health.

Whitening strips are generally safe, provided that you follow the directions. Using them too often or leaving them on too long may lead to side effects.

If your teeth are sensitive, use a toothpaste for sensitive teeth starting a week before the whitening, and carry on using it during your treatment. Consider skipping a day of treatment to combat sensitivity, and avoid very hot and cold drinks.

Try sipping colas, teas and coffees through a straw to minimise discolouration during treatment, and swill your mouth out with water after eating if you have had a meal containing strongly coloured foodstuffs.

Frequently asked Questions Cleaner Smile Whitening Strips

[showhide type=post” more_text=”General Questions” less_text=”General Questions”]

Can I whiten my teeth if I have filings?

Yes! Fillings will not have any impact on whitening your teeth with the Cleaner Smile products.

Are there any products available for sensitive teeth?

At Cleaner Smile, we understand sensitive smiles. We have developed a line of whitening products featuring high-quality activated charcoal to gently whiten your teeth while detoxifying your entire mouth and freshening your breath.

Will Cleaner Smile products work on crooked teeth?

Yes! Crooked teeth won’t impact the whitening properties of the Cleaner Smile products.

Are the Cleaner Smile products vegan?

Yes! There are no animal by products in our ingredients.[/showhide]

[showhide type=”post” more_text=”Difference of Teeth Whitening Kits” less_text=”Difference of Teeth Whitening Kits”]

What is the difference between the Cleaner Smile Regular and Maximum Strength Led Teeth Whitening Kits?

Our Regular Strength Kit includes teeth whitening gel with 35% carbamide peroxide.

Our Maximum Strength formulation was developed with 44% carbamide peroxide to tackle more stubborn, set-in stains.

When can I expect to see results?

You will notice results just one hour after your first use. Use the included shade chart to track your progress.

How long will my results last?

With the proper maintenance routine, you can maintain your whiter smile year round.

How long should I use the Cleaner Smile Led Teeth Whitening Kit for?

Use the Cleaner Smile Teeth Whitening Kit one a day for 21 days. Then maintain your results by using 1-2 times weekly.

Is the LED mouthpiece waterproof?

Yes, rinse mouthpiece with warm water after each use and store in a cool dry place.

How do I charge the LED mouthpiece?

The Cleaner Smile Led Teeth Whitening Kits include two mobile phone attachments for Android and iPhone compatibility and a USB connector for easy charging.

Can I purchase an additional mouthpiece?

Yes! You can purchase an additional mouthpiece by contact our support team.[/showhide]

[showhide type=”post” more_text=”What are the inclusions of a Cleaner Smile Teeth Whitening Kit” less_text=”What are the inclusions of a Cleaner Smile Teeth Whitening Kit”]

Our engineers have developed a cutting-edge whitening system to clean and whiten your smile. The advanced, enamel-safe components were specifically designed to deliver whiter, brighter results without breaking your budget.

You will receive:

  • 1 LED mouthpiece
  • 3 teeth whitening gel pens (35% carbamide peroxide) for easy application
  • 2 mobile phone attachments for Android and iPhone compatibility and a USB connector
  • A shade chart to track your teeth whitening progress
  • Instruction manual

How Does it Work?

1. Before you start using the Cleaner Smile LED Teeth Whitening Kit, be sure you snap a photo of your smile so you can compare your teeth’s before and after results.

2. After brushing and rinsing your teeth, twist the teeth whitening pens until the gel flows to the tip of the brush. Use our gel pens to easily apply the whitening solution to your upper and lower teeth. Avoid applying the solution on your gums or the inside of your lips.

3. Then plug the LED mouthpiece into your phone, insert the tray into your mouth and turn it on. Bite tightly and whiten your teeth in only 15 minutes day.

4. The blue light emitted by your LED mouthpiece activates the carbamide peroxide in our teeth whitening gel. This then allows the gel to enter your tooth’s enamel and lift stains that have been left behind from drinking coffee, wine, tea and soda or smoking cigarettes, in addition to helping prevent new stains from forming.

5. After you have turned off the device, rinse your teeth with warm water. After just one hour, you will start to notice results.

6. Clean your mouthpiece with warm water and store in a cool dry place.

7. Use once a day for 21 days, then 1-2 times weekly for maintenance.[/showhide]

[showhide type=”post” more_text=”Are the Cleanersmile Products Safe” less_text=”Are the Cleanersmile Products Safe”]

Yes! The Cleaner Smile products are safe to use. Follow instructions included in your user manual. All Cleaner Smile Teeth Whitening Kits, Pens, and Gels are Manufactured in a facility Registered and Certified by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Are products safe if I am pregnant or breastfeeding?

The Cleaner Smile products are not intended for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding. Consult your physician prior to use.

Are products safe for children?

The Cleaner Smile products are not intended for children under 12 years old.

My yellow teeth are caused from a lesion or medication I am taking, can I use the Cleaner Smile products?

The Cleaner Smile products should not be used if your yellow or stained teeth are caused by a lesion, medication or severe decay.[/showhide]

[showhide type=”post” more_text=”Satisfaction Guarantee of Cleaner Smile” less_text=”Satisfaction Guarantee of Cleaner Smile”]

What is the Cleaner Smile Satisfaction Guarantee?

If for any reason you are unsatisfied with any of the Cleaner Smile teeth whitening products or your results, simply let us know within 60 days and we’ll issue a full refund or replacement. No hassles, no questions asked, and no requirement to return the products.[/showhide]

[showhide type=”links1″ more_text=”Orders and Shipping of Cleaner Smile” less_text=”Orders and Shipping of Cleaner Smile”]

Where do you ship?

We currently ship worldwide, where permitted. Shipping times may vary depending on location.

Can I track my order?

Yes! You can track your order via USPS here.

What is your return policy?

If for any reason you are unsatisfied with any of the Cleaner Smile teeth whitening products or your results, simply let us know within 60 days and we’ll issue a full refund or replacement.  No hassles, no questions asked, and no requirement to return the products.

Simply contact our Customer Support team at or by phone at 833-467-5320.[/showhide]

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