DivinAir Dehumidifier Reviews 2021: Does this portable Dehumidifier Work?

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If you’ve ever used the terms humid, musty, muggy, dank, fuggy, wet, mildewy, or the dreaded moist to describe the air in your home, you may need divinair dehumidifier. We’ve been testing portable dehumidifiers for a while, and after completing the latest round, we’ve chosen the divinair dehumidifier reviews as our top pick to review in this season. It’s a portable machine designed for small-medium-large spaces, has a built-in pump that makes draining especially easy, and meets the most advanced Energy Star regulations for efficiency. Most customers say that this portable Dehumidifier Cleans Even the Mustiest Air.

Everyone knows there’s a pandemic going on all over the world. You do your best to stay safe and clean. You wash your hands and wear a mask. That’s right. Your clothes are a magnet for germs from the outside world. If you’ve been on a bus or public transit, your clothes could be full of pathogens. Same thing if you’ve been in the supermarket… or the office… or ALMOST ANYWHERE.

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Divinair Dehumifier Reviews

According to leading scientists, health practitioners, and doctors, “AIRBORNE MICROORGANISMS THRIVE IN HUMID CONDITIONS”.And even if you don’t feel humid or muggy, chances are that the air in your home has super-high levels of moisture. When you breathe, you exhale moisture. So do your pets. And water evaporates into the air from the toilets, the sink, the dishwasher, the washing machine, and more.

What is the DivinAir Dehumidifier?

The divinair dehumidifier is a desiccant dehumidifier that can help to SUCK EXCESS MOISTURE OUT OF THE AIR IN YOUR HOME. Also, DivinAir Dehumidifier is a High-Performance Mini Dehumidification Box – it will Leave Every Corner of Your Home Dry and Comfy. – 360-degree effectiveness – Quick-Drying Heating Elements – Non-consumable silica particles for moisture absorption – Non-toxic and safe

Desiccant dehumidifiers are ‘particularly effective in reducing the risk of infection from airborne viruses or bacteria’. Not only do they reduce the level of moisture in the air, but they instantly kill any microorganisms that pass through the unit due to the internal heat. A dehumidifier with desiccant technology doubles up as an air purifier, killing any allergens, toxins, and microorganisms that may be present in the air.

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Divinair Dehumidifier

There are many other benefits of using a dehumidifier, too. It will also help to cut energy costs because once the moisture in the air has been reduced, home heating systems will work much more efficiently as it will take less energy to heat less humid air.

Features of DivinAir Dehumidifier

The features of divinair dehumidifier that are listed in this review, include the fact it can be recyclable, it is compact and portable, etc. Find more details below in this divinair dehumidifier reviews

Cordless, Portable, and Reusable. See for Yourself. If This Tiny Dehumidifier is Your Must-Have Home Accessory

  • 360-degree effectiveness
  • PTC heating drying
  • Non-consumable silica particles for moisture absorption
  • Non-toxic and safe
  • Easy to use
  • Recyclable Dehumidification -The DivinAir Dehumidifier uses non-consumable silica dehumidifying beads for moisture absorption. After the beads are saturated with water, they can be heated and dried out to be used over and over again, keeping every corner of your home dry and comfortable. Recyclable Dehumidification in a Compact Design Keeps Your Stuff Free from Moisture and Mold

No one likes staying in a damp, uncomfortable living space. There’s always a risk of mold, and it’s just plain uncomfortable. Thankfully, there’s this perfect DivinAir Dehumidifier that is both compact and powerful! In addition to its fantastic dehumidification, it’s also reusable, energy-saving, and incredibly easy to use!

  • Transparent Status window on the side of your device, you’ll find a handy visual window where you can easily check the saturation level of the moisture absorption beads. The beads will automatically change color when exposed to moisture. Orange beads are dry, and green beads are saturated. When the beads turn green, just plug the device in and they’ll be ready to go before you know it.
  • PTC Heating/DryingThe three ceramic PTC heating elements have fantastic thermal conductivity and uniform heating, quickly removing the moisture from the silica beads and improving their water absorption efficiency. Quick-Drying Heat ElementsThese heating elements have fantastic thermal conductivity and uniform heating, quickly removing moisture and improving the water absorption efficiency of the silica beads.
  • Compact and Portable – But the best feature of this amazing mini-dehumidifier is just how compact and portable it is. I can put it in any drawer I have or any corner I want. Easy! It’ll fit! And it’s lightweight, so it’s perfect to take in your backpack or purse. Dehumidifier boxes usually only utilize one side of their device and only cover approximately 150cm2. The DivinAir Dehumidifier provides 360-degree dehumidifying and covers an area of up to 250 square feet!
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Features of Divinair Dehumidifier

Portably compact, the DivinAir Dehumidifier takes up very little space. Use it wherever you need it, like in wardrobes, shoe cabinets, bookshelves, lockers, closets, or anywhere!

Benefits of DivinAir Dehumidifier

For this divinair dehumidifier review, we researched on the benefits of using this portable dehumidifier, which are listed below:

  • Double the Moisture Absorption AreaThe majority of mini-dehumidifying boxes I researched are designed to cover small areas of approximately 150cm2or so. But the Divinair Dehumidifier covers over twice this area, up to 385cm2! And it’s perfectly compact for fitting in those tight corners, dresser drawers, or tiny closets!
  • 360-Degree DehumidifyingTraditional dehumidifying boxes generally only have one-sided dehumidification. The  Divinair Dehumidifier’s cylinder design and the dense holes in the device ensure total 360-degree moisture control. This design maximizes the area covered for the best results.
  • No Reverse Osmosis doesn’t use reverse osmosis! Instead, the Divinair Dehumidifier uses recyclable polymer water absorption beads to draw in excess moisture. No emptying water out of a used dehumidifying box! No mess, no fuss! 
  • Eco-friendly absorption beads are non-toxic and safe. So don’t worry about your dog or cat getting into them and poisoning themselves! The  Divinair Dehumidifieralso charges efficiently and is a sustainable product.
  • Economical If you use air conditioning a lot, a benefit to using a dehumidifier is your energy costs will go down. Because a dehumidifier works to remove moisture from the air, it means your air conditioner likely doesn’t have to work as hard to maintain a comfortable temperature, conserving energy output.

DivinAir Dehumidifier Vs Other Dehumidifiers

We will look at what type of dehumidifier the desiccant dehumidifier is, in much detail. The U.S. Department of Energy changed the test standards for dehumidifier performance and efficiency in 2019, making them more reflective of typical use cases than before. (The new tests are done in cooler temperatures—65 °F versus 80 °F—which is similar to the conditions found in a typical cellar.) That meant that the producers had to re-engineer their dehumidifiers, which in turn resulted in a wholesale revamp of the dehumidifiers available for sale in the United States in 2020.

It also meant that the “sizes” of dehumidifiers, expressed as the volume in pints that they can condense per day, changed. Under the new Department of Energy regulations, what was a 70-pint “large space” model is now about a 50-pint; what was a “midsize” 50-pint is now about a 35-pint, and what was a 30-pint “small space” model is now a roughly 22-pint. In practical terms, however, the new pint ratings are equivalent to their predecessors, because cool air holds less moisture.

In 2020, as in past guides, we focused on the first and last categories: large-space and small-space models. The 50-pint models are powerful enough for spaces up to about 1,200 square feet; the 22-pint models are good for up to about 500 square feet. And all dehumidifiers work most effectively in contiguous spaces; don’t expect a 22-pint model, for example, to dry the air in two adjacent but separate 200-square-foot bedrooms.

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Divinair dehumidifier reviews

Divinair Dehumidifier is which type of Dehumidifier?

Divinair dehumidifier is a perfect example of a desiccant dehumidifier. A compressor based dehumidifier uses a compressed refrigerant to cool metal coils (evaporator coils). The hot humid air that enters the dehumidifier condenses on these cool coils. This leaves the air that drains out of the dehumidifier still warm but drier than when it entered.

The desiccant dehumidifiers of which divinair dehumidifier is an example, that works quite differently. Instead of using condensation (on cold evaporator coils) to remove humidity from the air, desiccant dehumidifiers use a chemical (called a desiccant) to do so.

We’ll review the ins and outs of exactly how a desiccant dehumidifier works in much greater detail later on in this guide. For now, let’s take a look at the four different types of desiccant dehumidifiers and the strengths(pros) and weaknesses(cons) of each.

  • Disposable desiccant dehumidifiers(Moisture absorbers) – the two most prominent features of this type of desiccant dehumidifier are their price and the fact that they’re disposable. These products are very inexpensive but cannot be reused. They also remove very little precipitation per day and cannot be used for large spaces. That’s not to say that they don’t have any use at all. Disposable absorbers are perfect for the right situation.
  • Rechargeable desiccant dehumidifiers – just as disposable moisture absorbers these dehumidifiers are very small in price, very small in size, and unfortunately very small in moisture removal rate. They’re also “wireless” – meaning that they don’t need to be plugged into a wall outlet for them to actively dehumidify (they only need to be plugged into recharge, which only needs to be done once every several weeks).

The caution with these units, as it is with disposable desiccants, is that they cannot be used in any sizable space or any space with anything more than only very mild humidity levels (because of their low moisture removal rate).

  • Full-size consumer-grade portable desiccant dehumidifiers – this is a form of desiccant dehumidifier we’re referring to when we talk about “desiccant dehumidifiers” in general in other parts of our website. These are also the divinair dehumidifiers which we describe in detail in the “how does it work” and “pros and cons of using a desiccant dehumidifier” sections further below in this guide.
  • This form of dehumidifier sells for between $150 and $350 and is the only type of desiccant dehumidifier that is comparable to a compressor based dehumidifier, at least in terms of size and moisture removal rate. That being said, they are still smaller, lighter, and remove less moisture per day than comparable compressor-based dehumidifiers in most scenarios. For much more information on this type of dehumidifier and how it compares to a compressor-based dehumidifier see the rest of our guide below.
  • Commercial desiccant dehumidifiers – this type of dehumidifiers are normally rented by contractors involved in construction. Because of their unique ability to dry already dry air and extremely difficult to dry materials even at extremely cold or extremely warm temperatures these dehumidifiers are often used instead of compressor-based commercial dehumidifiers in commercial settings.

We considered several other factors in narrowing our choices before choosing divinair dehumidifier, including:

Ease of setup, maintenance, and operation: Dehumidifiers are heavy, so if they have comfortable, sturdy handles and smooth-rolling wheels it is a plus. Simple, well-lit controls are nice to have too, as you may be running one of these machines in a dark basement. And we wanted a tank that we found easy to remove and empty, which can be a frequent chore.

To narrow our choices and inform our criteria, we spoke with dehumidifier manufacturers and did a thorough review of the available models. Because the new models have only been available for a few months, we did not lean heavily on owner reviews; we’ll monitor those over the coming year and incorporate them in the 2021 version of this guide.

How to Use DivinAir Dehumidifier

Below is a step by step guide on how to Use DivinAir Dehumidifier Review

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Step 1 – How to Use DivinAir Dehumidifier

The dehumidifier can begin working right away. Simply place it in the area where you want to reduce moisture. The dehumidifier is ready for use. Place it in a cabinet, or your wardrobe, or wherever you need some help controlling excess humidity and moisture.

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Step 2 – How to Use Divin Air Dehumidifier

When the silica beads are saturated, they turn green so you know instantly that they need to be dried. Dark Green Beads (Wet)The moisture beads inside the device are now saturated and the device needs to be plugged in and heated for a few hours before it can be used again.

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Step 3 – How to Use DivinAir Dehumidifier Reviews

Take the DivinAir Dehumidifier and plug it in for 12-15 hours. Repeat the process when the beads turn green again. That’s all there is to do. Plug it in, wait for the beads to change color, and it’s ready to go again!

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How to Use Divinair Dehumidifier

DivinAir Dehumidifier Reviews

I have been purchasing disposable dehumidifiers for two chronically damp kitchen cabinets for nearly a year now and was feeling guilty about the amount of waste created by them. Skeptical that this would be a permanent solution, I purchased divinair dehumidifier as a test. Happy I did and pleasantly surprised. In the vertical position, it is more effective at removing moisture than the disposable dehumidifiers I have been using to date. Very convenient and effective for cleaning the air. 5 stars Review!

Adriana B. – Denver, CO

How Does Divin Air Dehumidifier work?

If you have a cellar or basement, or a garage—especially one with a persistent muggy smell—you may need divin air dehumidifier. These spaces are prone to elevated humidity due to groundwater penetration, and humidity that’s consistently above 60% or so can promote mold, mildew, and insect infestation, some of which can exacerbate certain allergies. Such spaces also frequently lack air-conditioning and heating, which help keep the air dry in summer and winter in the rest of the home.

Aboveground spaces can also suffer from elevated humidity. Laundry rooms are a common example because of the frequent presence of wet clothing. Enclosed porches can be a problem because they tend not to be sealed as well from the outside elements as the rest of a home, and like basements they may not be connected to the air-conditioning and heating. The same goes for attics, garages, walk-in closets, and any other spaces that aren’t well served by your AC and heat.

Divinair Desiccant Dehumidifier.jpeg
Divinair Dehumidifier

Your nose can help you determine whether you have a humidity issue: Persistent mustiness is a sign of mold and mildew, which indicate elevated moisture levels. (An inexpensive hygrometer, such as the AcuRite hygrometer we use in our testing, will help you pinpoint any suspected problem areas.) Even absent olfactory indicators, issues may arise during spring and fall in four-season climates, when moderate temperatures and low heating or air-conditioning usage can mean higher humidity throughout a home.

Dehumidifiers of the type (Divinair Dehumidifier) we’re reviewing here have limits. If your basement is chronically severely damp, they’re only a temporary way to lessen the symptoms until you can take on the big, often expensive permanent fix of the underlying issues. (This Old House’s guide to addressing damp basements is helpful.) They are not powerful enough to overcome regular basement flooding or to dry out saturated walls and floors after a flood or other major weather event; those jobs require large blower-type fans and potentially a commercial-grade portable dehumidifier. (Both can be rented locally in many regions; search for flood remediation specialists.)

Pros of Divinair Dehumidifier

Everything that has and advantage, has a disadvantage. For this divinair dehumidifier review, we researched on both the pros and cons of this dehumidifier.

  • Guaranteed High-Quality Dehumidifier -The DivinAir Dehumidifier is constructed from premium components for excellent durability and longevity.
  • No-Hassle Returns Dehumidifier – If you are not satisfied with your DivinAir Dehumidifier, you can return it within 30 days of purchase for a full refund.
  • Quick, Portable & Convenient Dehumidifier -Designed to operate right out of the box with minimal setup and configuration. No experience needed.

Cons of Divinair Portable Dehumidifier

  • The divinair portable dehumidifier is not available for purchase in retail stores
  • They’re are limited in stock
  • They can’t cover a very large space.

How much does the DivinAir Dehumidifier Cost?

  • 3x DivinAir Dehumidifier-Save 51%Most PopularReg $323.03Only $157.48 Savings $165.55
  • 1x DivinAir Dehumidifier-Save 35% Reg $107.68 Only $69.99 Savings $37.69
  • 2x DivinAir Dehumidifier-Save 35% Reg $215.35 Only $139.98 Savings $75.37
  • 4x DivinAir Dehumidifier-Save 55% Reg $430.71 Only $192.47 Savings $238.24
Divin air Dehumidifier Reviews.jpeg
Divin air Dehumidifier Reviews

About DivinAir Dehumidifier

We all know how important it is to be able to breathe clean, fresh air. Musty, damp air not only smells bad but can also cause damage to your belongings and even make you sick. Because of this, we(the company) developed DivinAir Dehumidifier to easily take the damp, musty smell out of any room in your house, all without having to run a noisy, power-hungry dehumidifier.

The DivinAir Dehumidifier Test

We(the company) designed this dehumidifier to be easy to use and portable. Simply set it up in any room that needs to be dried out, and that’s it. The absorbent beads quickly and effortlessly take away the moisture and make breathing bearable again. It’s easy to use, too. We’ve designed it so that all you need to do is periodically charge it up. Just leave it overnight and you’re good to go!

Our(the company) Promise to You – We take pride in all our products and we want you to enjoy them as much as we do. Every purchase comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with your DivinAir Dehumidifier product, we will gladly exchange it for you.

Where Can I Buy DivinAir Dehumidifier

If you want to buy the divinair dehumidifier, get to the official website today for the real deal for real results. Don’t be fooled by knock-offs and cheap imitations. DivinAir Dehumidifier provides high-performance products for less. So get in on this amazing deal today!

DivinAir Dehumidifier offers a 30-day guarantee on all unused purchases. Simply send the item(s) back to us in the original unopened packaging for a full refund or replacement, less S&H.

Buy Divinair Dehumidifier.jpeg
Divinair Dehumidifier Reviews

Contact Divinair Dehumidifier

Once your divinair dehumidifier order has been shipped you will receive an email with all your tracking information.

Need Help with Divinair Dehumidifier?

If you have any questions about your order or our products, please don’t hesitate to contact us:

Contact DivinAir Dehumidifier By Email: support@buydivinair.com

By Phone: United States: 866 206 1598 COMPANY ADDRESS:Quality Performance Limited 377 Valley Rd #1123, Clifton, NJ 07013.

Frequently Asked Questions About Divin Air Dehumidifier Review

Below are the frequently asked questions about divin air dehumidifier review. After interviewing some customers we came up with these questions which to address any challenges you might be having.

How Long Will DivinAir Last?

The DivinAir Dehumidifier beads can be recycled approximately 300 times! It will last you years.

Do I Need To Discard Water from DivinAir Dehumidifier

None at all! There is no reverse osmosis with the DivinAir Dehumidifier. The silica beads absorb water and then the device dries the beads. Easy and convenient!

What’s the ideal space(area) for Divinair Dehumidifier

It can handle an area of approximately 385cm², which is more than double the size that other dehumidification boxes can usually handle.

How do I know when Divinair Dehumidifier beads are saturated and need to be dried?

Just use the handy viewing window and when your beads turn from bright orange (dry) to dark green (wet) then the device should be plugged in to dry the beads.

Are Divinair dehumidifiers worth it?

If you’ve ever used the words muggy, damp, dank, fuggy, clammy, or the dreaded moist to describe the air in your home, you may need the divinair dessicant dehumidifier.

Does Divinair dehumidifier work?

Yes,  divinair dehumidifiers work by removing moisture from the air. The system is similar to that of a refrigerator or air-conditioner but doesn’t cool the space.

Divinair Dehumidifier Reviews

DivinAir Dehumidifier Customer Reviews

5 stars reviews! Great portable dehumidifier. Works as advertised and I’m just really impressed with the quality and compact design. DivinAir Dehumidifier is easy to use when I need to charge it up and this thing fits nearly anywhere! Perfect for small, damp spaces.

-Alonzo J.
Lansing, MI

4.5 stars review! I’m loving my new DivinAir Dehumidifier. It’s easy to use and it gets the job done. And it covers so much more space than other compact dehumidifiers I’ve used! It seems really durable and it’s not an eyesore either! It looks really good. Overall, I’m very happy with my purchase and would buy again.

-Christa L.
New York, NY

4.5 stars review! Picked this up because I live in a basement apartment and it’s always kind of damp down here. I have some really expensive clothes, so I bought this little gadget to put in my closet. Works great. I haven’t had an issue with it and my clothes are still perfect! I may pick up another one for my shoe rack!

-Ashleigh K.
Santa Monica, CA

Closing Thoughts on DivinAir Dehumidifier Reviews

Besides controlling moisture levels, personal dehumidifiers do so much more. This why customers have said positive things about the divinair dehumidifier reviews. They help reduce allergy triggers, they reduce pest-related problems, they improve your comfort level, and they can even reduce energy costs! And with the DivinAir Dehumidifier, you aren’t getting an overpriced, boxy, noisy machine that irritates you to no end. Instead, you get a perfectly portable, energy-efficient, moisture-minimizing mini-dehumidifier that’s as easy to use as it is effective! Sound good? You bet it does.

As to whether we recommend that you purchase the divinair dehumidifier or any other desiccant dehumidifier – first decide what your needs are and which dehumidifier type fits those needs. If the environment you need to dehumidify is very cold (below 50° F) or very hot (above 90° F) a desiccant dehumidifier can be just as heavy duty (remove just as much moisture) as a similarly priced compressor based unit.

Divinair desiccant dehumidifier runs more quietly than a compressor-based unit – if this is important to you definitely take this into consideration. divineair portable dehumidifiers are also much lighter and portable than compressor-based units – again, take this into consideration if this is an important factor for you. These Divinair dehumidifier units have other advantages over compressor-based units also – a good example is their 30-day return policy. However, decide whether what a desiccant dehumidifier offers you is necessary and/or preferred over what you get in a similarly priced compressor-based unit and go from there.

Let’s suppose that you need or prefer a good desiccant unit. In this case, choices are limited. These Divinair dehumidifiers are really the only option out there. Other full-size desiccant units either have terrible consumer reviews or have outrageous prices.

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