Smarty Security Bulb Review: The Truth About it


This smarty security bulb review was gathered after evaluating tons of security of bulb. Whether you’re far from home, or just off to work or the grocery store, this latest technological breakthrough in affordable Home security with a High-Resolution camera preserves your peace of mind.

The Smarty’s Security Bulb can be screwed into any standard lightbulb plug and connects easily and directly to your home wi-fi. You can also plug into any AC outlet with an adapter (you can also purchase this at checkout).

With its impeccable Night Vision and great motion tracking, this amazing device ensures that you have round-the-clock security at a very cost-effective and affordable price.

This review on smarty security bulb provides everything you need to know about Smarty’s Security Bulb, including features, benefits, what people are saying, cost, availability, pros and cons.

What is Smarty Security Bulb?

Smarty Security Bulb
Smarty Security Bulb

Smarty Security Bulb is a light bulb security camera that fits into any light bulb socket and offers numerous hi-tech features for users outside or inside their homes or offices. The Smarty Light Bulb Security Camera has a compact design and is very easy to install and use. Some of its features include 1080p resolution, Full Color Night vision, and Motion Tracking that works flawlessly. It also has an Alarm feature that scares intruders away.

The Smarty Light Bulb Security Camera offers round-the-clock surveillance at a very affordable price. It also comes with a mini SD card slot that supports up to 64GB meaning you don’t have to pay for Cloud storage, and there are discounts available up to 50% off when you buy the product from the manufacturer’s official website. 

Smart Security Bulb Review – Features

Full Color Night Vision

Smarty’s Security Bulb automatically turns on Full Color Night Vision when the sun sets. It has an outstanding quality, superior to Infrared Night Vision lenses. High-quality video is transmitted back to your device with the help of supercharged infrared LEDs.

Real-Time Alerts & Motion Tracking

With its automatic motion sensor, the Smarty’s Security Bulb detects movement and follows the object until it is out of range. This amazing device also sends real-time alerts to your device whenever any motion is detected.

Easy To Install

Installing your Smarty’s Security Bulb is very much like changing a light bulb. It takes less than a minute and it is very easy to install. You can connect the camera to the app via WiFi, which enables you to view the video anywhere in the world on your Android device or iPhone.

Alarm Function

You can set off an alarm with your Smarty’s Security Bulb to scare away unwanted guests. You will receive an alert on the app and you can sound the alarm.

Fits Into Most Bulb Outlets

The Smarty’s Security Bulb can easily fit into any bulb outlet. The cameras can face any direction, either up or down, but you can flip the video footage from the mobile app to make it upright.

Bright Light Feature

The Smarty’s Security Bulb has a bright light feature that enables you to light up an area where motion is detected. You can turn on 4 Bright lights to replace the bulbs you removed for the camera.

Two Way Audio

The Smarty’s Security bulb has a two-way audio feature that allows you to talk through the camera and Listen at any time and from anywhere you are in the world.

Benefits of Smart Security Bulb

  • Works with any Android or iOS device
  • This security camera connects directly to your home WiFi and you can access the video anywhere you are
  • Motion Tracking that works flawlessly.
  • Night Vision is impeccable
  • The camera works off your bulb outlet directly so no batteries are required.
  • You don’t require monthly Cloud Storage as the camera has an SD Card slot that can hold a 64GB card to keep your recordings safe.
  • Alarm feature to scare away intruders.

How to Use Smarty Security Bulb/Camera

You can use the Smart Security Bulb anywhere with our AC wall adapter and extender pole (both available at checkout).

To use the Smart Security Bulb, plug it into any AC outlet with the wall adapter, or simply screw it into any lightbulb socket available in your home.

You can also connect the device via your home Wifi to access the video footage on your iPhone or Android device via the app.

To download the app, simply search “YL LoT” on Google Playstore or Apple store.

Pros of Smarty Security Bulb Review

Smarty Security Bulb has an overall rating of 4.8 out 5.0 by many customers and all the Pros are listed below

  • Automatic Motion Tracking and Alerts 
  •  Pan / Tilt / Zoom & 360 Rotation
  •  It is very easy to use and install, like changing a light bulb
  •  Supports Wifi connectivity
  • Turn on Bright Lights via App
  • Full-color night vision 
  •  Alarm feature to scare away intruders
  •  Two-way audio
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

Smarty Security Bulb Reviews – Cons

The Smarty’s Security Bulb is only available online

Cost of Smarty Security Bulb

The Smarty’s Security Bulb has been made available at an affordable price by the manufacturers making it accessible for everyone. You can purchase the Smarty’s Security Bulb at a discounted price on the product’s official website and you save more when you buy extra units of the product.

  • You can get one unit of the Smarty Security Bulb device for $46.00 (50% off).
  • You can get two units of the Smarty Security Bulb device for $92.00 (50% off).
  • You can get three units of the Smarty Security Bulb for $119.00 (50% off).
  • You can get four units of the Smarty Security Bulb for $156.00 (50% off).
  • You can get ten units of the Smarty Security Bulb for $290.00 (50% off).

Where to Buy Smarty Security Bulb

You can buy Smarty’s Security Bulb directly on the manufacturer’s official website. You also get discounts when you buy multiple units of the Smart Security Bulb which means you save more money. You can make payment using PayPal or directly with your credit card.

Frequently Asked Questions About Smarty Security Bulb Review

How does this work during power outages?

The Smarty Security Bulb needs to have consistent power for the camera to be “ON” and functional as there are no batteries in the camera. If the camera loses power for any reason, the camera will turn back on when power is restored and automatically link back to Wi-Fi.

How long does the Smarty’s Security Bulb last?

The Smarty’s Security Bulb does not contain batteries and relies completely on a wall adapter or the light bulb socket for power. The device can last for up to 30 years as long as it is properly maintained. You can also grab a 3-year warranty when you purchase the product enabling you to request a full refund if you are not satisfied with your purchase.

What are the dimensions of the Camera for Smarty Bulb?

The height of the camera is about 6 inches (from plug to top), and the width is about 2.7 inches. It has a compact design with dimensions around the size of a soda can.

How much does the Smarty camera cost?

Our prices vary daily or weekly with the growing competition and product availability. You can check out the cost of Smarty’s Security Bulb section of the article. You can fill in your information to apply for a 50% discount and see today’s prices.

What is the Camera resolution of the Smarty’s Security Camera?

Camera resolution is 1080p.

Can I use a regular size SDcard (Smarty Security Bulb Review)?

The Smarty’s Security Bulb works with a mini SD card (with a maximum storage of 64 GB) which you can purchase during check out. You can add a mini SD card for every camera you purchase, but Smarty’s Security Bulb does not accept regular-sized SD cards at this time.

How do I download the app?

The app is compatible with Android and iOS devices. You can easily get the app by searching “YL LoT” on both Google Playstore and Apple store. 

What People Are Saying About Smart Security Bulb

“I finally settled with the Smarty’s Security Bulb after months of searching for a nanny cam. I was greatly impressed even though I didn’t have a high expectation at first considering the low price. This security camera connects easily and fast and it has great picture quality for that rice. I was also happy that you don’t have to pay for Cloud storage as there is a mini SD card slot. I highly recommend it. Great Product!”

Ethan Reviewed in the United States

“I have always wanted a suitable front porch camera but I had no space to mount anything and the doorbell was recessed. The Smarty’s Security Bulb has been a very easy and cost-effective solution to my front porch light. I feel much safer knowing that my property is watched over and I even sleep better at night”


“The Smarty’s Security Bulb is easy to set up and gives good quality video and pictures. It tracks motion very well and has very responsive technical support. I highly recommend it!!”


“The Smarty’s Security Bulb has many amazing features, including night vision and motion tracking that works flawlessly. It pans to the left and right, up and down, and also has a slot for a 64GB SD card.


“The Smarty’s Security Bulb has fantastic picture quality and recording on an SD card that is easily accessible on your phone. I used a 4-inch extension cord to place the camera below the glass. The camera’s night vision is pretty impressive and it can turn 360 degrees. It is an amazing product and I highly recommend it!!”


Smarty Security Bulb Review – Conclusion

The Smart Security Bulb is an amazing device that combines high technology in security surveillance systems with the ease of use of simple home light bulbs. The device is very affordable and cost-effective as there are discounts up to 50% off on the product’s official website, and you don’t have to spend on Cloud Storage as the device comes with an SD card slot of up to 64GB.

The Smart Security Bulb has a number of amazing features, like 1080p video quality, good quality Night Vision, Alarms that can be controlled from the app, to scare intruders away, and amazing Motion Tracking. This security camera also supports Two-way audio so you can communicate through the camera from wherever you are.

Get your Smart Security Bulb now and enjoy round-the-clock surveillance at a very affordable price. 

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