Snapshot ShelfyStand 360 Reviews: Scam or Legit Camera Tripod Accessory

Snapshot Shelfystand 360 Reviews

Before Conducting the Snapshot Shelfystand 360 Reviews, we compared it to various Camera Tripod Accessory before we made a pick.

Overall, the Snapshot Shelfystand 360 has received a lot positive feedback from customers who has purchased it recently, with some customers giving it a rating of 4.9 out 5.0 stars. Many of today’s cameras and lenses come with truly exceptional image stabilization built right in, but there are always occurrences—such as time-lapse or macro photography—when it makes sense to put your camera on a tripod as Snapshot Shelfy stand.

If you’re tired of taking loads of selfies hoping to stumble upon the perfect one for the gram or your social media or reliving the constant struggle of trying to fit everyone in a single shot, wishing your arm was a little longer, well this is for you. Imagine there was a way you can guarantee the perfect shot, with very little effort on your part. Yes, there is!

With the amazing Snapshot Shelfystand, all your selfie worries are put to an end. The smart functions of this selfie accessory guarantee it. The Snapshot Shelfystand can intelligently follow and track faces and objects and also follow body movements for a complete and immersive 360-degree experience.

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At some point in our lives, we’ve had an experience we wanted to keep forever, or memories we wanted to capture, whether on an outing with friends or something spontaneous happening out of the blue and you try to get everyone for the shot, and with all the jolting and moving about we try to get the perfect shot but we can’t and the moment passes and the opportunity is lost forever.

The Snapshot Shelfystand is guaranteed to prevent tragedies like this. Its many features ensure that you capture every moment with little effort, meaning you get to focus more on enjoying the moments and being a part of it than trying to capture it or get the perfect shot or the best angles.

What is the Snapshot Shelfystand 360

Snapshot Shelfystand Reviews
Snapshot Shelfystand

Snapshot Shelfystand 360 is one the lastest selfie accessory to create mouth-watering, head-turning pictures which is also ideal for those outdoor action shots. The device’s artificial intelligence will compose your shots automatically for the best results, all you need to do is wear a smile. The device is also compact and portable so you can carry it along wherever you go and its anti-shake tech guarantees stable and crystal clear recording, and it even connects to standard ¼” tripods to offer better ease of use.

It is stacked with features that are amazing to use and it takes personal photography to a whole new level. Whether you’re at home with your family taking cute portraits, or out with friends making magical memories, the Snapshot Shelfystand is the best way to capture these moments with absolute ease and stunning clarity. Simply set up the device, download the app and you’re good to go.

Features of the Snapshot Shelfystand

Below are the features of the the Snapshot Shelfystand Camera tripod stand you need to know before buying

Snapshot Shelfystand 360 Features
Snapshot Shelfystand 360 Features

Object Tracking

The Snapshot ShelfyStand 360 tracks your object intelligently so you just enjoy the moment rather than trying to get the perfect shot. There is no better way to record beautiful videos of your baby’s first steps or pal that moves around a little too much.

Face Tracking

The Snapshot Shelfystand recognizes your face and follows it to ensure that you are at the center or front for your pictures. Its two-person shooting mode allows you to take beautiful couple photos without any issues, it’s simply the greatest selfie-taker you’ll ever use.

360-Degree Horizontal Rotation

The Snapshot Shelfystand can easily track your subject wherever they are as it can rotate 360 degrees horizontally and 37 degrees down and up so rest assured, you won’t miss any important memory.

Snapshot Shelfystand is Portable

The Snapshot Shelfystand 360 is portable with a compact design that ensures you can carry it with you on the go. Whether on vacations or any trip and doesn’t pack much weight.

Optimal Performance

The Snapshot Shelfystand is by far the best selfie accessory you will find anywhere. It’s made with durable materials and its sleek design means you can carry it with you on the go, it’s anti-shake technology ensures stable and clear recordings and you can even connect it to standard ¼” tripods for even better convenience. All these features combine to provide you with the best selfie experience you can ask for.

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Benefits of the Snapshot ShelfyStand 360

After spending 72 hours researching tripods and 24 hours testing lots of the most promising models, we found the Snapshot Shelfystand 360 to be the sturdiest platform for contesting shooting situations in this review

Fast & Easy Setup

The device is designed to operate out of the box. There is minimal setup and no technicalities so you can enjoy your product immediately

Guaranteed High Quality

The SNAPSHOT Shelfystand is made with high-quality materials for excellent durability and longevity.

No-Hassle Returns

You can easily return the product with 30days of delivery if your satisfaction is not met, and you can request a full (and hassle-free) refund.

Fantastic Functions for Quality Selfies

The Snapshot Shelfystand is packed with features that will completely change your selfie experience. The features are exciting but also easy to use so you don’t have to be a “tech nerd” to comfortably use this device. A few of those features are object and face tracking, 360 rotation, two-person shooting mode, and many others.

Specifications of Snapshot Shelfystand

  • Motorized turning selfie stand for smartphone
  • Built-in camera tripod mount (Standard 1/4” thread)
  • Powered by 3 AA batteries (Not included)
  • Tilting (manual)
  • “Apai Genie” app required to control (Android 8.0 and above or iOS 10.0 and above )
  • Adjustable angle via thumbscrew in the back (Manual)
  • Mobile phone with Bluetooth connectivity required to control (Phone not included)
  • Object tracking and facial tracking mode
  • Props, filters, and other special effects are available on the app
  • Auto photo and video taking via facial tracking
  • Require phone with frontal and back-facing camera for a different mode
  • To avoid motor damage do not modify to use a tablet or heavy photo/video equipment
  • Ensure clear and safe surroundings when using, maintain safety precautions.

How to use the Snapshot Shelfystand

How to Use Snapshot Shelfystand 360 Tripod
How to Use Snapshot Shelfystand 360 Tripod
  • Place the 3 AAA batteries into the device.
  • Attach your mobile device, either horizontally or vertically.
  • Press the power button and you’re good to go.

Pros of the Snapshot ShelfyStand

We provided both the pros and cons in this Snapshot Shelfystand 360 Reviews

  • Motorized auto-turning phone stand
  • Built-in tripod mount for cameras
  • Adjustable tilting angle
  • Facial tracking and object tracking functions
  • High quality
  • Fast and easy setup
  • No hassle returns
  • Intuitive app for stress-free use

Cons of the Snapshot ShelfyStand

  • It is only available on the manufacturer’s official website
  • Stock is limited as the demand is very high.

Where to Buy Snapshot ShelfyStand

You can buy the Snapshot ShelfyStand directly on their official website. Discounts are available presently when you buy one or more units and the more units you purchase, the more you save on each unit. You can pay directly using PayPal or your credit card, whichever is more convenient for you.

Click Here to Buy Snapshot Shelfystand at the lowest Available Price Today From the Official Website

How much is Snapshot ShelfyStand 360 Discount Price

The producers of the Snapshot ShelfyStand have made it easily accessible to the majority by placing it at an affordable price of $39.99. The device can be purchased at a discounted price on the manufacturer’s official website only. And what is interesting is that you save extra when you buy one or more units of the product.

Making your purchase on the official website is the most convenient and safest way of purchasing the Snapshot ShelfyStand and the following options are available to the buyer

One unit of the Snapshot ShelfyStand can be purchased for $39.99, which is a discounted price from the original price of $61.52 This package is called Super Selfies, and you save 35% on this purchase.

Also, Instead of $123.05, you can buy two units of the Snapshot ShelfyStand for $79.99. This package is tagged Best Friends Pack, and you also save 35% on this package.

Three units of the Snapshot ShelfyStand are sold for $89.99 from the original price of $184.57. You save 51% on this purchase and the package is known as the Panoramic Pic pack.

Four units of the Snapshot ShelfyStand are sold at $109.99 instead of the original $246.09. This package is the Ultimate Photopack pack and you save 55% on the purchase.

Customer Reviews on Snapshot Shelfystand 360

See what some customers had to say about Snapshot Shelfystand 360:

Sandra L. – Richmond, VA says “I love it! Snapshot Shelfystand is just so great!! My kids absolutely love it, they always want to take pictures with it. They are fascinated by how it works, that it follows them around and takes pictures automatically. To be frank, I am really impressed by that feature too, It’s the best!!” 

Andrew F. – Boise, ID says“ Snapshot Shelfystand 360 has great value for the price, the device is well made and works absolutely well. With just the 3 AAA batteries you’re good to go. I use it to record videos for my channel and it’s very convenient. Amazing stuff!”     

“It’s incredible how SNAPSHOT tracks you wherever you go, and it moves so smoothly, no noise at all. I am really happy I came across this one, great value for the money. I’ll definitely be using this a lot.”

Anna H. – San Diego, CA Reviewed in the United States

 Jason H. – Omaha, NE says “I got the device for my babe and me, and the selfie stand is really easy to use. You also get much better selfies with this than when you have to hold the phone yourself. Our selfies look way cuter and I’m glad we found the Snapshot ShelfyStand. Very affordable and amazing quality!!”

“There was no trouble setting up the device and I could start using it immediately it was unboxed, which is cool for me as putting gadgets together and other tech stuff isn’t really my thing. But overall, the device works great, it follows me around and takes stunning photos, it has lived up to the hype and my selfie game is on a whole new level”

Sabrina B. – Atlanta, GA Reviewed in the United States

Nathan W. – Cleveland, OH says “This thing is amazing, smart tracking that comes in handy for selfies, or taking pictures of your pets, or to capture those first-time moments of your child. I had it running in no time and my girlfriend was absolutely thrilled by it. She loves it, and truly, what’s not to love? The Snapshot Shelfystand is just amazing.”

Frequently Asked Questions on Snapshot Shelfystand 360 Reviews

While conducting the Snapshot Shelfystand Review, we gathered this Frequently Asked Questions From a lot of customers.

How long does it work before I have to change batteries?

The device has a working time of approximately 50 hours before you need to replace the batteries.

Does it break easily?

No. The Snapshot Shelfystand is very durable. It is made from durable ABS plastic and is designed to be both wear-resistant and impact-resistant to ensure long-lasting use.

How do I power the device?

The Snapshot ShelfyStand is conveniently powered by 3 AAA batteries (not included).

What phone models will work with this device?

Your phone should be Android 8.0 and above, or iOS 10.0 and above. Just check your phone settings to confirm the model of your phone to be absolutely sure.

What is the delivery time?

For the majority of customers, order processing and delivery take 3-7 days from the day you place your order.

Closing Thoughts on Shelfystand Snapshot 360 Review

The Snapshot Shelfystand is really an incredible device, you can sit back relax and smile and the Snapshot Shelfystand will do all the work for you.

Connect your phone, run the application, and you’re on course to the best selfies you will ever take, without any of the troubles. The Snapshot Shelfystand is your to-go device for taking videos and pictures, whether you’re on a trip, vacation, or resting in the comfort of your home. The device intelligently snaps your best pics, you only decide what filters you are going to add to them, and with these quality pictures, watch your social media status rise to the next level.

Now you can easily take professional-looking selfies without even coming near your phone. Lately, people have tried to come up with ways to make spending time at home more exciting (mainly due to the pandemic and lockdowns), the Snapshot Shelfystand provides you with 360-degree intelligent object tracking and facial tracking so you never miss any of your exciting actions. It is also perfect for photographing your pet, your baby, and even yourself, it makes life at home so much more interesting.

People who have used the SNAPSHOT Shelfystand are loving it, and it is selling out all over the country. Between the amazing features that enable you to take breath-taking selfies and its inexpensive price, truly, what’s not to love? Visit the website and get yours now, so you don’t miss out on this amazing product.

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