ChargeCard Review: Is Charge Card Ultra-thin Charger Worth it?

ChargeCard Review -New Ultra-Thin Charger

Do you hate it when your phone dies leaving you helpless? Or do you hate bulky power banks and cords altogether? You’re in Luck!! This ChargeCard Review has something for you.

What if I told you that you could have a portable, ultra-thin, travel-size phone charger that is always available when you need it and also fits neatly in your pocket or wallet? Well, let me introduce you to ChargeCard!!

In the middle of our work-filled day, we usually need a boost so we can finish the day strong and get work done, the ChargeCard is an amazing accessory that enables you to bring the power with you anywhere you are.

This Ultra-Slim charger is also perfect to carry on trips and vacations, especially in locations where there may not be an available power supply. The ChargeCard Ultra thing charger is efficient and its fast charging feature will ensure that your devices stay charged all through your trip.

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With the ChargeCard, you can tuck in a powerful charger, no bigger than your credit card in your wallet.

This ChargeCard review contains all the necessary information you need on the Charge Card including features, benefits, pricing, and availability information.

ChargeCard Review: What is ChargeCard?

ChargeCard Review: What is Charge Card Ultra-Thin Charger

ChargeCard is a small emergency phone charger that fits perfectly in your wallet and provides fast charging to ensure you get through the rest of your day with your devices well-charged. With the Charge Card, you always have an extra charge in your wallet or pocket.

The ChargeCard, is portable, with the exact size of a credit card albeit a quarter-inch thick. This slimness ensures that it fits in your wallet alongside your other cards.

It has a faux security chip, and two of its corners have rubber coverings which when removed reveal a charging cable that can be swapped out with an interchangeable one(included), giving you a variety of options including Lightning, USB-C, or MicroUSB, depending on the device you want to charge.

This method keeps the cord out of the way when you’re not using it or even when you’re charging.

The ChargeCard is thin enough that you can hold it in your hand or at the back of your phone with relative ease. The device only weighs 3.5oz and it rests in your hands comfortably. The ChargeCard also has a grippy texture added to its stainless steel body to make sure it’s not too slippery.

For its small size, the ChargeCard is very durable and efficient. It is strong enough to take an accidental hit or tumble to the ground without issue, and its large battery capacity ensures that you can stay charged throughout the day.

ChargeCard Review: Features

Simple LED Charging Indicators

The ChargeCard has four LED power indicator lights that display your charging progress. This helps to relieve you of the stress of constantly checking your device’s battery status. 

Intelligent Design

The ChargeCard’s innovative design includes fast charging technology and durable stainless steel construction, which makes it a reliable and durable power source for your devices.

Lightning-Fast Charging

The ChargeCard employs ultra-fast charging technology (1.5A) to ensure that your device charges efficiently and quickly so you can get back to using it in no time.

Large Capacity

The ChargeCard has a battery capacity of 2300mAh, which is more than enough juice to charge up your phone at any given time, making sure you always have the power you need.

Portable and Convenient

The ChargeCard features built-in cables (USB-C, Lightning, MicroUSB) and is compatible with a wide range of devices. Its portable design also ensures that you have a reliable source of power with you wherever you are.

Stylish and Attractive

The ChargeCard has a stylish and sleek design that is not only functional but also attractive. This device will compliment your look and add to your style.

ChargeCard Review: Benefits

Charge Card Ultra Slim Charger Review

Portable Design that fits into your wallet

The ChargeCard’s portable and ultra-compact size is perfect for anyone who wants to stay charged without having to carry around bulky power banks or cords. The charge card is only 0.1 inches thick and 3.3 x 2.3 by 0.1 inches in size, and it weighs only 2.2 ounces.

This amazing device would fit easily into your wallet, purse, or pocket and you won’t even notice it’s there until you need to use it.

No Additional Cables Needed

The Charge Card comes with built-in charging cables, so you don’t have to bother about carrying different cords around again.

The Charge Card is compatible with USB-C, MicroUSB, and Lightning devices, and this efficient design characteristic ensures that you always have the right cable for your charging needs.

Fast and Powerful

The ChargeCard is designed with fast charging technology and has a powerful battery capacity of 2300mAh, to deliver quick and efficient charging on your device. For those who need speedy and reliable power on the go, the Charge Card is the ultimate charging solution.

ChargeCard Review: Pros of Charge Card

  • Fits in your wallet or pocket easily
  • Premium Stainless-Steel design
  • Built-in USB-C, Lightning, and Micro USB charging cables 
  • Razor Thin
  • Fast-Charging Technology

ChargeCard Review: Cons of ChargeCard

The Product is in high demand, so stock may be limited

The Product is only available for purchase online on the official website

Cost of the ChargeCard

The Charge Card has been made easily accessible to everyone by its producers by placing it at an affordable price. You can buy the Charge Card at a discounted price on the ChargeCard official website and you save extra money when you buy one or more units of the Charge Card.

The easiest and safest way of purchasing the ChargeCard is on the official website and you have the following options to choose from;

One unit of the Charge Card can be purchased for $39.99, which is a discounted price from the original price of $60.59. You save 34% when you buy this package. Stay Charged!!

Two units of the Charge Card are sold for $79.99 instead of the original price of $121.18. You save 34% when you choose this option. This package is called the Couple’s Pack!! 

Three units of the Charge Card are sold for $89.99 instead of the original $181.71You save 51% when you choose this purchase. Triple the Charging!!

Four units of the Charge Card are sold for $119.99 instead of the original $242.36You save 51% when you choose this package. Quadruple Charge Pack!!

Where to buy Charge Card

You can buy the ChargeCard directly on the ChargeCard official website. When you buy from the official website, you get amazing offers and discounts of up to 45%. Buying multiple units means you save more money on each purchase and you can make payments directly with your credit card.

ChargeCard Review: Frequently Asked Questions

What devices can I charge with Charge Card?

The ChargeCard is designed with built-in cables for both Android and iOS devices, including MicroUSB, Lightning, and USB-C.

How long does Charge Card take to recharge itself?

ChargeCard can recharge itself in about 2-3 hours using a standard USB charger.

How long does it take Charge Card to charge up a phone?

ChargeCard is designed with fast charging technology, however, charging time may vary depending on the battery level and phone model, as fast charging phones will tend to charge full faster than others. Generally, ChargeCard can charge a phone fully in about an hour.

How do I know when to recharge the Charge Card?

ChargeCard has an LED light indicator that comes on when the ChargeCard is in use (that is when it is charging a device), this indicator will turn off when the device is not in use (that is not charging a device). When the ChargeCard’s battery is low, this LED indicator will blink red to signal that the device needs to be recharged.

Can I use Charge Card while it’s charging?

Yes, the Charge Card can be used to charge other devices while it is also charging. This is referred to as “pass-through-charging”.

Is Charge Card compatible with fast charging?

Yes, For devices compatible with fast charging, ChargeCard supports it.

Can I use the ChargeCard on an airplane?

Yes, the Charge Card device is allowed in carry-on luggage and is safe for air travel.

ChargeCard Review: Customer Reviews

“I was tired of dragging around cords and bulky power banks, but I wanted a backup power source for my phone. The Charge Card was the perfect answer. It is so slim that it fits perfectly in my wallet. It also charges my device very quickly and that is just so amazing. I don’t even notice it is there until I want to use it. Amazing product, I highly recommend it!!”

Michael S. – Chicago, IL

“The performance of this portable backup power device blew me away. The ChargeCard is really mighty for its small size. What is impressive is that I can charge all my devices without carrying around multiple cords and adapters. The ChargeCard is also sleek and stylish which complements my look as well. It is the best marriage of functionality and convenience. I would definitely recommend this amazing device to anyone looking for alternatives to bulky power banks.”

Rachel B. – Austin, TX

“I’ve always needed a backup power on the go and in this respect, the ChargeCard is a game-changer! Its compact size makes it easy for me to carry around with me, and its built-in cable ensures that I can use it on a variety of devices. It also charges quickly and efficiently, it’s incredible!! Great Product!”

David P. – New York, NY

60-day Money-back Guarantee

We know you’ll absolutely love your ChargeCard, but just in case you’re not satisfied you’re your purchase, there is a 60-day money-back guarantee, where you can return the package and request a refund or replacement.

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ChargeCard Review: Our Final Verdict

ChargeCard Review

The ChargeCard is an amazing charging device and a must-have for anyone who needs that extra power to get a charging boost in the middle of their day. Its sleek and stylish design makes it an attractive accessory but its compactness and efficiency also guarantee optimal functionality.

The ChargeCard is made from durable material so it is long-lasting and will not be damaged by accidental hits or impact. It is also designed with fast charging to charge up your devices in no time.

It is compatible with a wide range of devices as it comes with built-in USB-C, Lightning, and MicroUSB cables. The ChargeCard is the perfect travel companion and would be a great accessory to have on trips and vacations.

The ChargeCard is also very affordable and there are amazing discounts on offer on the product’s official website so yours is just a click away. Get your ChargeCard now and enjoy stress-free charging.

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