Dartle Type Keyboard Review 2021: Does this Virtual Keypad Work?

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It’s no secret that virtual keyboards are among the most developed computer accessories in high demand in recent times. This why the dartle type keyboard review is necessary.

Standalone keyboards these days are becoming more accessible for several reasons. It may be due to your regular keyboard’s damaged, or you would like to improve your speed and get many things done at a time. No matter the reason, it is very important to choose a good keyboard that is versatile and portable.

One of the most common independent keyboards in the market is the laser keyboards. This is because it illuminates on any surfaces so that it can be used anywhere you are.

Of these innovative keyboards, the one that continues to stand out is the Dartle Keyboard. In this article, you’ll get to know everything you need to about it, and you will also be convinced of the importance of a laser Keyboard, especially the Dartle Laser Keyboard.  

In counties like Australia, U.S.A., United Kingdom, New Zealand, and Canada, the Dartle Type keyboard is already being used and is always in demand. It has gone mainstream among the working class and young students who usually travel longer distances.

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What is the Dartle Virtual Keyboard?

The Dartle Virtual Keyboard is a laser keyboard that comprises of a keypad and a mouse that you can easily use on-the-go. Instead of using a regular, physical Keyboard, it is extended on a table or any other smooth surface. Whether it’s on your kitchen table, a cafe, or a restaurant, this innovative device helps you work without taking a keyboard and a mouse with you everywhere.

The device is associated with Bluetooth. Do you through its unique measurements, the keyboard can fit into your pocket and doesn’t take a lot of space. Apart from some basic information on the best way to use it, a laser keyboard doesn’t have any adverse effect on your health or your hands.

Dartle Type Keyboard.jpeg
Dartle Type Keyboard

The Dartle Type keyboard is indeed compact and lightweight, which means you can carry it anywhere you go. You don’t even have to take a mouse with you as the keyboard comprises both a mouse and a keyboard. You no longer have to carry a heavy bag with you everywhere you go.

This unique device is wrong with a battery, and it will quickly be a great substitute for your keyboard and mouse. You also don’t have to worry about any residue on your keyboard because it isn’t a real keyboard in that sense. All you have to do is clean the gadgets, and it’s ready for you.

The laser keyboard is so convenient that you will undoubtedly be able to work whenever you want to, even though you are given the option of working from a remote distance. No matter where you are, you can always count on the Dartle laser Keyboard to make your job easy.

Technical Features Of The Dartle Type Laser Keyboard Review

Here is a list of the technical features  of the Dartle Type keyboard review:

  • Laser projection
  • It can be  connecter via Bluetooth
  • It can integrate with Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows.
  • Battery charges quickly (approximately 2 hours)
  • It can be charged with a USB cable

Pros Of Dartle Type Keyboard

Everything that has an advantage has a disadvantage – and for this dartle type keyboard review, we covered both.

  • The battery can last for two days on a single charge.
  • Comes with a speaker instead of  the chaotic keying sound
  • Delivery is fast.  
  • It has a rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery
  • It comes with a single power button
  • It has a beautiful Laser resolution
  • It can be integrated with Android, iOS, PC, Mac, and Windows
  • It has a full-size keyboard and mouse
  • Very convenient and portable.

Cons of Dartle Laser Keyboard

  • Only available online for purchase
  • Limited in Stock
  • People might interrupt you while you are using it, to know how it works (could be good for meeting members of the opposite sex) Lol!

What Should You Expect From The Dartle Laser Keyboard?

Below is what you should expect from the latest dartle laser keyboard:

  • An excellent full-size mouse and keyboard
  • Compatibility with iOS, Android, MAC, PC, and Windows
  • Beautiful and innovative laser resolution
  • Single-button power switch
  • Strong Bluetooth connection
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Lightweight, compact, and convenient. Excellent for people who are constantly on the go.
Dartle type keyboard Reviews.jpeg
Dartle type keyboard Review

What are the Benefits Of Dartle Keyboard

1. Dartle Laser Keyboard is portable and can be carried around easily

One of the most important reasons to choose the Dartle keyboard it is very handy and portable. You can use it anywhere you are without having to restrict yourself. Most times, having a regular keyboard means we can’t work in certain places apart from our home or workplace. With the Dartle keyboard, you can work anywhere; all you need to take along with you apart from the keyboard is your laptop.

2. Dartle type is very easy to use

 The Dartle laser Keyboard is specially designed to simplify your work and make things easier for you. You can chip away at your phone without touching the keypad. You can even use the surface of your phone to type with the laser keyboard.

3. Dartle Laser Keyboard reduces stress

With the Dartle keyboard, you don’t need to stress carrying your PC and other important items in your backpack. The Dartle keyboard gives you the feeling that everything you need is in your palms as you no longer need to constantly carry your keyboard and mouse with you everywhere you go.  The only thing you’ll need is your Dartle keyboard.

4. Dartletype is specially built with your needs in mind

Another wonderful benefit of the Dartletype Keyboard is that it is built by expert ergonomists to give you the most convenient experience. It has a single power button which, when pressed, will automatically. You’ll get the attention of everyone around you. In addition to this, the Dartle keyboard can be synced with  Android, iOS, and Windows.  

5. It’s More Comfortable To Type With the Dartle Keyboard

Just think about how discomforting it is to type with your keyboard, cell phone, or tablet.  When the keyboard on your phone or tablet is on display, almost half of your screen disappears, making it very easy to make many mistakes.

You can avoid all of this with the dartle keyboard. It’s a lot more comfortable to type without using two fingers and making tons of mistakes.

6. Dartle Keyboard Uses Wireless Connection

This is another exciting benefit of this laser keyboard. You can connect wirelessly to any other device using Bluetooth.

As soon as you make a connection, the letters and numbers are displayed. So when you want to type messages, you don’t have to waste a lot of energy.

The Dartle Type can easily become a substitute for the damaged keyboard of your computer. If our instant, some keys are damaged or missing, can use the dartle keyboard as a substitute.

How Does Dartle Type Keyboard Work?

This Dartle Type Keyboard review, would not be if we don’t tell you how it works. Below is a quick visual explanation of how the Dartle workds by projecting a laser keyboard and then scans finger movement and transmits all of this to your devices. Simply Amazing Right? It’s sensitive and precise!

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How Dartle type keyboard works.jpeg
How Dartle type keyboard works

How is Dartle Type Different From Other Virtual Laser Keyboards?

The main thing that set the that’ll keyboard apart from other regular keyboard is the laser illumination. This feature makes it possible for you to type anywhere you are and on any surface.. it is also very easy to use and very convenient.

It doesn’t take a lot to set up the laser keyboard. However, it may take some time for the keys to perceive the characters on like a regular keyboard or mouse.  A regular keyboard is faster than a regular keyboard; however, it is very uncomfortable to carry a keyboard and a mouse around wherever you go.

How is Dartletype keyboard different.jpeg
How is Dartletype keyboard different

You can easily keep your Dartle laser keyboard in your pocket with your mobile phones. You can charge it with a USB cable, and it doesn’t require any extra cables to use it. The fast Bluetooth connectivity also makes it a worthy investment.

Notwithstanding the obvious benefits of a regular keyboard, they are cumbersome and very uncomfortable to lug around. Also, when they are not properly kept, they easily get damaged. They’re also very expensive and difficult to integrate with mobile phones and tablets.

We’re in the era of smart, convenient, innovative devices. It’s important to upgrade to smarter gadgets that make your work easier and faster. It will also allow you to do other things with the time you would have spent with regular devices   

Price of Dartletype Keyboard

The price of dartletype keyboard depends on the unit you purchase. A unit of this virtual/laser keyboard goes for $99.97

  • THREE PACKs 3 Dartletype Laser Keyboard and Mouse 50% OFF ($86.66/Unit) Best Seller $259.97
  • BE MOBILE PACK 1 Dartle Laser Keyboard and Mouse 55% OFF ($99.97/Unit) $99.97
  • DOU PACK 2 Dartle Laser Keyboard and Mouse 56.67% OFF ($89.99/Unit) $179.97
  • FOUR PACK 4 Dartle Laser Keyboard and Mouse 58.75% OFF ($82.49/Unit) $329.97

Where Can You Buy Dartle Type Keyboard?

The Dartle Laser Keyboard is sold online by the manufacturer on their site. It would be best to place your orders on their official website to avoid buying a fake device. The manufacturer gives discounts from time to time to customers, and they also have other great devices that are very affordable.

The Dartle Laser Keyboard costs a $99.97 discount price. However, you can always get a discount if you order more of the device, of If you buy another product from their website, you can also get a good discount. The manufacturer organizes promos frequently, and you can maximize the opportunity to get them at a more affordable price. Dartle type also comes with a 30-days money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with it.

They accept several payment methods, such as PayPal and credit cards. Delivery is always prompt and only takes a few working days after your order has been placed.

A discount campaign is currently ongoing on their official website, and they’re giving as low as 50% off. They also have four special offers. Apart from a single laser keyboard, you can also buy sets of two, three, or four devices. The discount also applies to the sets. Keep in mind that you may have to pay additional costs for shipping.

Buying the Dartle Keyboard on their official site will protect you from wasting money on fake versions. Since they’re currently have offering discounts, you can take advantage of this opportunity to make your order. Payment is swift and very easy. You have several payment options, and your card details are protected by SSL encryption, so you don’t have to worry about them being exposed.

Dartle Type Keyboard Customer Reviews.jpeg
Dartle Type Keyboard Customer Reviews

Dartle Type Keyboard Customer Review

I know that you need to be reassured before purchasing anything online, especially when it’s a relatively new gadget. Many customers who have used this laser keyboard testify how convenient it is and how much it has simplified their work. We compiled all of this in this dartle type keyboard review.

Most users especially love that they no longer have o carry their regular heavy keyboards everywhere they go.  They now have a single device that functions as a keyboard and mouse. It is also very simple to use as all they need to do is switch on the power button.  

Another feature that most customers like is the durable battery. It lasts longer than similar products from other brands. They can work for an entire day without charging the keyboard and don’t have to worry about the device running low.

Dartle Type Laser Keyboard Reviews

Kim says, “I often go to a coffee shop to work because I believe that I can work peacefully there. The problem is that I have a separate keyboard and mouse that I bring with me when I go out, and these can make my bag bulky. When I came across Dartle type Laser Keyboard on a post, I immediately ordered one and tried it out upon receiving it. It looks so cool because the keyboard is virtual, plus the device also has a virtual mouse, which surprised me! Bringing this will not be bulky. 5 stars Review!”

-Kim, Ohio

Connor says, “I work on a table with limited space, that’s why when I saw Dartle Keyboard, I did not think twice and immediately ordered one. I love how it works well, wherein it works both as a keyboard and a mouse. This means that I have more space for other things because I no longer have to purchase two devices since I have a Dartle Keyboard. (Connor)

-Connor, Alabama

Mena from the U.S says: “I sent a request for additional information to Dartle Type Customer care, and within hours I had an email back from them, not only answering my request but instructions for linking into same. Highly recommend.”

-Mena, United States

Rodney. from Ottawa, Canada, says, “Dartle type is a small, highly portable, and efficient laser projection keyboard and mouse. It is perfect for train and other commute travel and easily charges with my extra battery USB. It turns my mobile phone into a workstation for accomplishing real work while I am on the go.”

-Rodney, Canada

PM Richard S., from Silicon Valley, California, says, “Dartletype is a wonderfully designed laser projection keyboard and mouse that I use with my MacBook Pro and my iPad. It has an amazing virtual laser projection on any flat surface I have tried. This device is simply convenient and ultra-portable. No more lugging a keyboard.” 

-PM Richard, California

Ruby A from New York, says “The Dartle Laser Keyboard is an amazing attention-getter. Whenever I set it up in Starbucks, everyone wants to try it to see if it works. Guess what? It’s fast, and I can comfortably remotely work from any location. The mouse features are particularly good for navigating text and work.”

-Ruby,New York

Frequently Asked Questions About Dartletype Reviews

Below are the frequently asked questions on dartletype Keyboard Reviews. After interviewing some customers, we were able to come with everything below

Why do I need the Dartle Keyboard?

This unique, specially designed device is particularly valuable for everyone who is always on the go and have to work at all hours. If you work all day and have to be mobile, you understand how stressful it is to carry a heavy backpack all day.

With Dartle Keyboard, you can type anywhere, on any surface without stress. It’s much lighter and easier to carry around than other regular keyboards. It also allows you to type in dark places without any hindrance.

What devices can I integrate with the Dartle Laser Keyboard?

The Dartle Type Laser Keyboard works well with Tablets, PCs, MAC, smartphones, TV, and video game consoles.

How is the Dartle Laser Keyboard connection speed?

This device uses an ultrafast Bluetooth HD for connection.

Dartletype Reviews.jpeg
Dartletype Reviews

Who Is the Dartle Laser Keyboard For?

Everyone should invest in the dartle laser keyboard. This keyboard was not only designed for people who use cell phones or tablets for their businesses. Note that for this dartIe type keyboard review, if you are a private client, you can make things easier for yourself when you want to send messages or chat with your loved ones using the laser keyboard. As technology advances, you have the opportunity to work with the laser keyboard on every surface.

Where can I use the Dartle Laser Keyboard?

The only thing you need to use the Dartle Type Laser Keyboard is a flat surface. The laser projector will illuminate the keyboard on the surface.

Is there anything I shouldn’t do while using the Dartle Laser Keyboard?

Yes. The Dartle Laser Keyboard works best when in dark places away from direct sunlight or a halogen light. It shouldn’t be used on uneven or transparent surfaces.

Is the Dartle Laser Keyboard portable?

Yes, it is, and you can even travel with it. It’s charged using only a USB cable.

How long does it take to charge the battery?

The Dartle Laser Keyboard charges to its full capacity in approximately 2 hours.

Does the Dartle laser keyboard also come with a mouse?

The Dartle Laser Keyboard isn’t just a keyboard; it also functions as a mouse.

Is it safe to use the Dartle Laser Keyboard?

Yes, the Dartle Laser keyboard is 100% safe and fully regulated. It doesn’t have any adverse effects on your health. However, refrain from staring into the projector.

If I lose the Dartle Laser Keyboard USB cable, can I use another USB cable to charge it?

Yes, the Dartle Laser Keyboard can be used with any USB cable.

Does the Dartle Laser Keyboard have a full keyboard display?

Yes. The Dartle Type Laser Keyboard projects a full-size keyboard for your use.

Dartle Type Keyboard Review Recommendation

The Dartle Type laser keyboard and mouse is not just compatible with cell phones, tablets, and PCs; it also integrates well with TVs or game consoles. This keyboard also allows you to use computerized content. Here’s another thing we found while doing the Dartletype Review, for gamers, you can use the laser keyboard is to communicate with your fellow players during a big game or to leave a comment under a video. The individual gadgets easily recognize the laser keyboard, which reduces the time used in the connection.

The laser keyboard has a single button switch on one side. The button also enables you to use the reader while maximizing the battery. It takes 2 hours for the device to be fully charged, and according to the manufacturer, the battery powers the laser with the energy to run for two days without having to plug it inconstantly.  Note that the battery will last for this long, depending on how you use it.

The battery can easily last for 48 hours with normal use, so you don’t have to worry about charging it all the time. But, if you’re going to do a lot of work with dartletype all the time, then you can charge it every day. The only thing you need to charge it with is its USB cord.

Dartetype virtual laser keyboard.jpeg
Dartetype virtual laser keyboard

Closing thoughts on Dartle Type Keyboard Reviews

In Conclusion of the Dartle Type Virtual laser keyboard reviews, this device will make your work life very easy and comfortable. It doesn’t interfere with your comfort at all. It is also a very attractive device and is very affordable.

The Dartle keyboard is an innovative invention that joins science and comfort in perfect harmony. The device is as light as a deck of cards and can be carried around without the slightest discomfort. You can use it anywhere as long as there is a smooth surface to project the keyboard on. If you want to make the most of your work, especially when going on a trip, this keyboard is a very good investment.

If you’re looking to expand your options, there are several other laser keyboards in the market from reputable brands. However, you won’t find anyone that offers as many benefits as the Dartle Type Laser Keyboard.

If you’re a minimalist and want to simplify your workspace, the Dartle Type Laser Keyboard is an excellent choice. It takes up very little space and is aesthetically appealing. It’s an excellent substitute for your heavier, more obvious keyboard and mouse.

No matter who you are, if you’re mobile and have to work every day at all times, the Dartle Type Laser Keyboard is an investment that will pay off for a very long time.

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