Gold Weasel Espresso Review: Scam or Safe Instant Coffee?

Gold Weasel Espresso Review

If you’re tired of coffee runs, and pricey poor-tasting coffee or you’re looking for a rich, and deep espresso experience, then our Gold Weasel Espresso Review about this instant coffee is what you need. Gold Weasel Espresso is an instant dry coffee mix and a blend of a classic coffee taste with fragrant and elegant notes that is perfect for your morning and afternoon espresso.

The Gold Weasel Espresso is carefully produced and manufactured to ensure optimal freshness and quality, and a great flavor that is perfect for your liking, every time.

With the Gold Weasel Espresso, you can enjoy that special cup of coffee anywhere, and any time of the day, whether in the evening or morning when you wake up, this flavored instant coffee is only minutes away.

The Gold Weasel Espresso’s unique and natural taste is unlike any coffee you’ve ever tasted. It saves you time and money because it is very affordable and has easy on-the-spot preparation. No complicated processes or complex espresso machines!!

This Gold Weasel Espresso Review contains all the necessary information on the Gold Weasel Espresso including benefits, features, pricing, and availability.

What is Gold Weasel Espresso?

Gold Weasel Espresso

Gold Weasel Espresso is a high-quality instant-flavored coffee direct from Vietnam. It is made from carefully hand-picked Vietnamese Robusta beans, transported through the jungles of Vietnam to the best French coffee-style espresso roasters in Vietnam.

The Gold Weasel gives you a rich and flavorful hand espresso coffee created to suit every palate and mood, whether you’re a light coffee drinker or a seasoned dark roast espresso coffee enthusiast. Gold Weasel is specially roasted using 100% Robusta beans to produce a full-flavored natural instant coffee flavor.

To make coffee using the Gold Weasel Espresso Powder, simply add one 2.5g serving of Gold Weasel Espresso Powder to a preheated espresso coffee mug, and then gently add hot water over the Gold Weasel Powder to form a rich, thick crema!!

The Gold Weasel Espresso is mind-blowingly better than any other coffee you’ve ever tasted. 

Gold Weasel Espresso Review: The Unique Features

Espresso lovers can’t get enough of the Gold Weasel Espresso, some of its unique features include;

Simple On-The-Spot Preparation

This espresso is very easy to prepare. You don’t need complicated and expensive machines, you don’t need to grind the beans. You simply add water and get a perfect cup of coffee every time.

Amazing Taste

The Gold Weasel Espresso has a bold, chocolaty taste that is unlike anything you have tried before. The taste is a wholesome, new-level experience for even the most seasoned espresso connoisseur.

Great For Any Espresso Drink

Gold Weasel Espresso is perfect for any kind of espresso drink. Iced Coffee? Irish Coffee? Vietnamese Coffee? Spanish Coffee? Gold Weasel is perfect!

This Espresso pairs well with almost anything and the only limit is your imagination. The Gold Weasel Espresso will make perfectly blended coffee drinks that will leave you impressed.

Made With Premium Robusta Beans

Vietnam is the world’s largest and finest producer of Robusta beans, well known for their higher caffeine content and strong taste. Our Gold Weasel Espresso has a unique flavor, and our coffee plants are carefully selected for the maximum flavor profile.

Did You Know The World Best Coffee Comes From Vietnam?

Gold Weasel is Vietnam’s finest on-the-spot espresso producer, and they have adopted the Vietnamese culture of growing premium robusta beans and added it to the preparation process. What you get as a result is the finest cup of luxury espresso you will ever taste.

Special Benefits of the Gold Weasel Espresso?

Most People who have tried it say the taste is just amazing. You can take the difference between canned fruit and one plucked directly from the tree. Gold Weasel Espresso is like the latter. You only need to try it once and I promise you’ll never go back to your old coffee again.

One major benefit of the Gold Weasel Espresso is that it’s an on-the-spot coffee. It is very easy to prepare and saves your time. Espresso machines are generally difficult to operate and maintain and they are also very expensive. The cost of the capsules is mighty (you also create ecologically unhealthy waste), but with the Gold Weasel Espresso, all you simply do is add water and you have your premium cup of coffee.

Nobody likes that stressful coffee shop run or having to pay a fortune for a cup of coffee made by a bored, obnoxious teenager, that tastes just as boring as its brewer. Also wasting energy to get just this one cup of coffee. The Gold Weasel saves you time and money as you can make easy and on-the-spot coffee with a delicious, natural taste.

You can enjoy the World’s best Espresso Anytime, Anytime.

  • Gold Weasel is made with 100% premium Vietnamese Robusta beans
  • Gold Weasel Espresso is the best-tasting coffee you will ever try.
  • Easy to prepare, and gives you a perfect cup every time.

Making Coffee with the Gold Weasel Espresso Powder

How to Prepare Gold Weasel
How to Prepare Gold Weasel

Step 1: Gold Weasel Espresso Review

Measure out the Gold Weasel Espresso powder

Step 2: Gold Weasel Espresso Review

Add hot water

Step 3: Gold Weasel Espresso Review

Stir and enjoy!

What Makes the Gold Weasel Espresso Unique

Gold Weasel Espresso Reviews
Gold Weasel Espresso Reviews

Better beans make better coffee. It is that simple. The Gold Weasel is made from carefully bred, Robusta beans. These are no ordinary beans, these high-level and meticulously bred b.eans are smooth, yet strong.

The Gold Weasel contains high caffeine to give you the jolt you want and the taste and quality are off the charts. Newer plants breed better beans than their predecessor, and you can taste the results of all their hard work.

Gold Weasel is roasted, ground, and prepared for on-the-spot use. The process is 100% natural with no chemicals added. Top-quality and state-of-the-art manufacturing practices are employed to ensure that every cup tastes like it is made with freshly ground beans

Their production process is a secret only known to those in-house and they will tell you that it is something brand new that no one is doing!! 

Remember that the beans have higher caffeine content than regular beans, so you don’t have to drink that much to get the same kick.

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Pros of the Gold Weasel Espresso

  • It’s affordable. It saves you both time and money. No more time-wasting or pricey coffee shop runs.
  • The Gold Weasel Espresso is environmentally friendly, unlike many single-use pods.
  • It gives you a genuine luxury coffee experience
  • Sugar-Free
  • You get more convenience and ease of use as no complex or expensive machines are required
  • Contains 100% premium Vietnamese Robusta beans!
  • No Chemicals or Additives
  • Premium Grade Robusta Beans
  • 100% On-The-Spot Coffee

Cons of the Gold Weasel Espresso

Gold Weasel Espresso is only available online on the manufacturer’s official website

Cost of Gold Weasel Espresso

The Gold Weasel Espresso has been made easily accessible by the manufacturers by placing it at an affordable price. This means anyone who enjoys coffee can easily purchase this product. You can purchase the Gold Weasel at a discounted price on the product’s official website and you save more when you buy multiple units of the Gold Weasel. Buying the product on the official website is the safest way of purchasing the product and the following options are available to the buyer 

One unit of the Gold Weasel Espresso can be purchased for $29.99, which is a discounted price from the original price of $46.14. This package is called Single Shot, and you save 35% on this purchase.

Two units of the Gold Weasel Espresso + 1 FREE MYPRESSO coffee dispenser can be purchased for $59.99, which is a discounted price from the original price of $92.28. This package is called Double Shot, and you save 35% on this purchase.

Three units of the Gold Weasel Espresso + 1 FREE MYPRESSO coffee dispenser can be purchased for $66.99, which is a discounted price from the original price of $138.42. This package is called Triple Shot, and you save 52% on this purchase.

Four units of the Gold Weasel Espresso + 2 FREE MYPRESSO coffee dispensers can be purchased for $89.99, which is a discounted price from the original price of $184.55. This package is called Quadruple Shot, and you save 51% on this purchase.

Where to Buy Gold Weasel Espresso

You can buy Gold Weasel Espresso directly on Gold Weasel’s official website. You get amazing discounts of up to 50% when you buy multiple units of the product on the official website and a Free MyPresso. This means you save more money when you buy from the manufacturer and the payment method is hassle-free. You can pay directly with your credit card or using PayPal.

Frequently Asked Questions on Gold Weasel Espresso Review

How much Gold Weasel Espresso do I use per cup?

The recommended usage is 15g of powder per 100ml of water.

How hot should my water be?

We would recommend a temperature just below boiling, but it really depends on your preference and what you enjoy the most.

Do the Robusta beans contain more caffeine?

Yes, Robusta beans contain about two times more caffeine than regular coffee beans.

Can I use Gold Weasel in recipes that call for coffee?

Yes! You can use the Gold Weasel for dishes like Tiramisu or other dishes that make use of espresso powder.

Can I buy Gold Weasel in stores?

No, Gold Weasel Espresso can only be purchased online on the manufacturer’s official website.

What is Included in each Gold Weasel Espresso?

Each unit of the product contains 50g of Gold Weasel Espresso powder, made with 100% premium Vietnamese Robusta coffee beans.

What People Are Saying About Gold Weasel Espresso

“You simply add water and that’s it!! The Gold Weasel is so easy to use and the taste is amazing as well, Premium and rich. Easily the best coffee I’ve ever had.”

Mary l. – Cleveland, Oh Reviewed in the United States

“I’ve taken a lot of cappuccinos in my time and Gold Weasel is the best I’ve had. It’s just as good as what you’d get in a fancy shop in Rome!”

Louis W. – Tucson, Az

 “No more pricey machines, no more expensive coffee runs, the Gold Weasel is everything to love. Amazing product, I highly recommend it!!”

Sally r. – Seattle, Wa

Gold Weasel Espresso Review: Final Verdict

The Gold Weasel Espresso is the best instant coffee you’ve ever tasted. Simply mind-blowing taste and natural flavors. It is also very affordable as you get discounts up to 50% when you buy on the manufacturer’s website. You also get a free mypresso.

Get yours now and start enjoying rich and natural-tasting coffee, anywhere, anytime. 

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