Hoomband Reviews 2021: Does this Headband help with Sleep?

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HoomBand Reviews – the headband that gets you to sleep with whispered stories.

About Hoom Sleep Band

Each person is unique. This is why for the Hoom project we have studied the landscape of existing sound methods in order to create the most complete content library possible.

All our content is exclusive and studied especially for inducing the deepest and quickest sleep possible. You may be easily carried away by hypnotic documentaries, while your partner is fascinated by binaural frequencies offered in guided meditations.

Behind each content, there is a voyage … and a secret! These are the 5 elements on which the Hoomband team and sleep experts (hypnotherapists, sophrologists), have worked for creating a new experience every night.

Hoom band Review #1: hypnotic stories

Our hypnotic stories hide their purpose very well…Studied and created by hypnotherapists, these immersive stories conceal very precise techniques for inducing sleep: Fluff, induction, VAKOG, sprinkling, etc. What gives them their strength is that these stories captivate you without even having the impression that your subconscious is preparing you to fall asleep.

While exploring the masterworks of Dali, the studio of an artist, the works of Einstein, or the Milky Way aboard a spaceship, you embark for universes far from your reality.Which is perfect for escaping before falling into the arms of Morpheus.

Top 3 hypnotic stories most listened to with the HoomBand application:

  • Space Voyage by Thibault Gouttier – Hypno-Practitioner
  • The Last Atlanteans by Julie Desnoue – Screenwriter
  • Voyage on Earth by Julie Desnoue – Screenwriter

Hoom #2: white noise

Contrary to popular belief, the noise of a waterfall, waves, or wind is not white noise. True white noise is not at all pleasant to hear. Imagine a badly adjusted TV or a radio station at the wrong frequency!

We have, therefore “covered” them in pleasant soundtracks, to enhance their effects. White noise is ideal for people who suffer from waking up at night due to noise, or people who have high sensitivity to noise before falling asleep.Beyond its effect on sleep, researchers have also discovered that it can increase our memory and learning capacities …

Hoom band Wireless #3: ASMR

Having become a trend on the internet, ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) has oddly conquered millions of sleepers around the world.

Mouth noises, whispering, tapping on a hard surface, rubbing hands: some people speak of a deeply relaxing effect, from chills down the spine, to cerebral orgasm! Science looked into this phenomenon and concludes that it is effective.

We do not use “pure” ASMR in our content library, however, we have chosen to include numerous stories and sounds in order to intensify their hypnotic effect. And according to some researchers, this would be even more effective…

Hoom Wireless #4: binaural frequencies

Behind the barbaric name of binaural frequencies hides a curious scientific phenomenon.

Two frequencies (one for the right ear and one for the left ear) are used at the same time to “force” the brain to create a lower frequency, which immediately calms it. Not only do they allow falling asleep more quickly, but they also obtain a deep feeling of well-being.

In order to hear binaural frequencies, it is important to wear an audio headset. Listening to them with the HoomBand headband is ideal for falling asleep! Very effective, we pair them with guided meditations and background sounds to multiply the hypnotic power of our content.

Hoomband Reviews.jpeg
HoomBand Reviews

Hoomband Bluetooth #5: sacred frequencies

Wrapped in mystery, 9 sacred frequencies would have the ability to cure the physical, mental and spiritual ailments of those who listen to them.Old Gregorian chants, going through ancient Egyptian chants and Tibetan sound scales: men knew that certain “sounds” are really pleasing without knowing why …

Although their effects are not proven, many people feel their benefits.This is why we have chosen to included them in background sounds of some of our hypnotic meditations and stories.

Among the 9 known frequencies, for very particular properties, we always choose that which will be the most suitable for easing the mind and deep relaxation.Behind each content offered in the HoomBand application, there is a real desire to provide a unique experience.

We constantly seek the perfect alchemy between narrative content (for stories), the background, and the desired effect. Each sound and story must give the impression of falling asleep in a pleasant and reassuring sound cocoon! More on Homeband…

What is Hoomband Wireless?

HoomBand is the wireless headband that gets you to sleep with whispered stories. Ultra-thin earphones and ultra-comfy headband. +20h of stories and guided meditations written by sleep specialists. Sleep stories available offline to stay disconnected. With its extra-thin earphones wrapped inside a soft and light fabric, you will forget you are wearing your HoomBand. No more bulky headphones or intrusive earphones: the comfort of your ears is naturally respected.

Parts of Hoomband Wireless

The hoomband wireless kit has two parts, the hoom app, and the hum headband. In the box : one access card for unlimited audio content and one audio headband

The Hoom app package

The app contains + 100h of audio content regularly updated for free!

Hoomband Wireless
  • Hypnotic stories and guided meditations
  • Soundscapes, white noises, ASMR
  • New content regularly updated for free

The hoom headband

  • Ultra-flat earphones you can sleep on at last
  • Ventilated, elastic and washable fabric
  • Wireless BT 5.0 for premium audio quality

How Does Hoom band work with Hypnotic Story

  • STEP 1IntroductionThe story begins, make yourself comfortable.
  • STEP 2Get in condition to sleepProgressive relaxation using techniques that involve breathing, cardiac coherence, body scan and stimulation of the 5 senses.
  • STEP 3Get deeper into hypnotic alpha states your conscience state has changed, you are in another world.
  • STEP 4Relaxation and sleep deep relaxation. Quiet our busy mind and get ready to sleep effortlessly.

Features of Hoomband Wireless

Hoom Flat speakers – Hoomband Review

HoomBand’s headphones are ultra thin so you can’t feel them. They’re placed under a soft foam, which is itself concealed under a breathable fabric. No intrusive and uncomfortable earbuds, perfect for side-sleepers.

3D Foam – Hoomband Reviews

For even more comfort, the fabric includes a (thermoformed) foam, which itself embraces the ultra-thin earphones. You can any time remove this foam to adjust the position of the earphones accordingly to your ears.

Hoom band Breathable fabric

Tailor-made from a technical 3D mesh used for its softness and thinness (Spanish manufacture since 1954). It regulates temperature and keeps your head cool. Flexible, solid and washable by hand (low temperature).

Hoomband is Limitless

HoomBand works like headphones and can be used with all your apps (Youtube, Spotify, Headspace, Calm, etc.) perfect for airplane, train, yoga, meditation, etc.


Hoom band Wireless Sleep Techniques

  1. Hypnosis
  2. Cardiac coherence
  3. Meditation
  4. 5 senses stimulation
  5. Binaural frequency
  • Hypnosis – Basically, the recordings we have created naturally reactivate the sleep mechanisms that we all possess. In form, it’s unprecedented! For the first time, hypnosis sessions become metaphorical stories in which you are the protagonist. The result is striking
  • Cardiac Coherence – Cardiac Coherence is probably one of the most effective tools for getting to sleep or simply relaxing. It’s used in relaxation therapy, but also in mindfulness meditation or other approaches to relaxation.
  • Meditation – Guided meditation is a great tool to get started with meditation and enjoy its benefits quickly. How does it work? A narrator guides you to relax your body and mind to help you reach a deep meditative state, conducive to sleep.
  • 5 senses stimulation – We use visualization techniques, by stimulating the 5 senses (sight, hearing, kinesthetic, smell, taste). This method is ideal to prepare the mind of our users and to distract them from the thoughts that are keeping them awake.
  • Binaural Frequency – Binaural beats harness the power of your left and right brains to reduce stress and improve sleep. I use these frequencies mixing them with chords to dress up our stories and make them immersive.

Pros of Hoomband

  • New content regularly added
  • A headband properly made for sleep
  • A one-time purchase without subscription

Cons of Hoom band

  • Not available in retail stores
  • Limited in quantity
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Hoom band price

Where can I Buy Hoomband Wireless?

If you are ready to make a purchase, click the button below to buy at discount price. 20-Day Money – Back Guarantee. Some of the things you stand to gain when you buy Hoomband now

  • 100 nights trial money-back guarantee
  • 100% safe and secure check out protected payments
  • +20 hours of exclusive premium content

Hoom band Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Review

Yes! HoomBand can be connected to any mobile phone. Make sure that your Bluetooth is on! The HoomeBand app is available on : – Android 4.5 and higher – iOS 10+ and higher (iPhone 5S)

What happens when the sleep story is over with Hoomband?

If you choose to play a story or a guided meditation, the app will automatically shut down once it has finished. You can also choose to listen to a white noise loop or relaxing soundscapes. In this case, the app will stay open to block out surrounding noises for the whole night.

What does the HoomBand app contain?

The Hoom app gives you access to hypnotic stories, guided meditations and ‘white noises’ (like the sound of rain against a window) – everything you’ll find there is designed to make you fall asleep more easily. You will be able to program and personalize your evening session according to your desires. Note: the content of HoomBand app is reserved for HoomBand users. They benefit from free and regular updates.

What if the HoomBand does not suit me?

You have 100 days to try HoomBand and if you’re not completely satisfied with it, you can send it back to us and get your money back! (Return postage fees are not included)

Can my children use my Hoomband?

We recommand not to use HoomBand under 12 years of age. Just like conventional headphones, it is not advisable to expose the ears of young children to sound content for a whole night.

How can I measure my heads circumference/size to order the proper size? -Hoomband Reviews

Size S if for a head sized under 22″ (56 cm) around, and Size M/L for those of a headsize above 22″ (56 cm). Please note that the most common size is the size M/L. If you would like to measure your head size, it’s rather simple; Take a piece of string (or a shoelace) and put it around your head, then holding where the string crosses over, place on a flat surface and measure with the aid of a ruler. And don’t worry, if you don’t get the right size just get in touch and we will find a solution.

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Hoome Wireless Bluetooth

Hoom band Wireless Customer Reviews

I love the meditation, nature sounds, and the progressive relaxation on the app. It helps me focus on my breathing while relaxing my muscles from the tension of the pandemic and ridiculous political news of today. So turn off the TV, exercise, and use the hoomband to help your body and mind. Even if you don’t wear the band the hoomband app is great.

-Judi Varnum

This thing is a lifesaver. I need some kind of background noise to fall asleep but my husband hates when I leave the tv on and he wants it quiet while he falls asleep. With hoom I can listen to music or relaxing stories without bothering my husband and we both fall asleep quickly now. It does have an aux cord but I have an adapter (got it on amazon for only $5) so it works with my iphone perfectly. The app has lots of choices too. Been recommending this to all my insomniac friends.

-Hudson Homes

“It works incredibly well. Even though I have been experiencing severe insomnia for years, I’m asleep after 10 minutes, thank you so much !”

John Doob

Verified review- Tested for a few weeks, it’s great. I was already adept at using headphones for audiobooks but here, the headband is much better for comfort and sleep. Jack plug connectivity: THANK YOU for not having developed a wireless system. We already have enough waves all day … And batteries to manage! Sufficiently varied audio selection in the application. But it is a system compatible with all audio content, I use it for example with Audible too. So really after a few weeks, I’m convinced! I specify that I am totally independent and have no part in Livlab.

-Aurore CM

Soothing sounds to help me sleep I’m the type of person who needs some sort of white noise in order to sleep — not to be mistaken by the disruptive sounds from my neighborhood. I need something calming and continuous/consistent. So when I heard about Hoomband, I was intrigued to learn more. At first, I was worried about how comfortable the band would be on my head. 

But to my surprise, it fits quite well and is almost as if I’m not wearing it at all sometimes I’ve been using the Hoom for the past few weeks now and I notice that it de-stresses me after a long day of work and allows me to fall asleep quicker. In the morning I feel well-rested and ready for another day. Definitely thinking of buying another to gift this Christmas!Verified review

-Ricky macias

Closing Thought – Hoomband Review

With ultra-thin, adjustable and high-quality audio speakers nestled inside a comfortable, wearable, and hoom headband, hoom-Sleep band – Comfortable Noise Cancelling Headphones make listening to audio easy.

Unlike traditional over-the-ear headphones or invasive earbuds, Homeband aids you to relax with music while remaining super comfortable. Whether you’re a side, back, or front sleeper, the hoom headphones won’t press into your temples, so you can enjoy relaxing music or soundscapes as you drift off.

Lull yourself into sweet dreams with Home Band—a  revolutionary comfortable headband featuring a pair of ultra-thin integrated speakers made for bedtime. A set of adjustable padded speakers are nestled in a soft, lightweight and breathable fleece headband to create a safe way to provide aural relaxation at night.

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