How to save money on your heating bills this winter: 6 Trusted Tricks

how to save money on your heating bills this winter

If you want to enjoy a warm and cozy home all through this winter, you’ll need to learn how to save money on your heating bills. With the recent increase in energy costs and the general cost of living, it is important that you start to consider saving on your energy bills in the long term.

This task is not as tough as it seems, as there are some simple steps you can take to keep your home warm without spending a fortune on heating bills. In fact, just making some energy-saving adjustments can go a long way to reduce how much you spend on electricity.

Additionally, taking these steps would also reduce your carbon footprint, and ensure that you stay comfortable all winter.

This post presents some tips that you can follow to save money on your heating bills and enjoy warmth and comfort in your home all through the winter.

6 tricks on how to save money on your heating bills this winter

1.Insulate windows

We lose a lot of heat during the colder months through gaps in our windows and doors. You can keep out drafts by knowing how to insulate your doors and windows or banish chills coming from the windows and doors with weatherproofing. You can also invest in thermal-lined drapes or thick curtains to prevent warm air from escaping, or purchase a window insulation film to create a layer of secondary grazing.

Insulating these openings, however simple it looks, ensures that little or no cold gets into the room, and this means that the heating system or device in operation will expend less energy to maintain the temperature in the room.

2. Turn down your thermostat or go ‘smart’

Turning down your thermostat when it’s cold might sound counterintuitive, but doing this, even by one degree, will save you hundreds of dollars a year and you won’t even feel the difference in temperature. You can similarly invest in smart thermostats to ensure that you save a substantial amount on your bills and you don’t waste energy.

A smart thermostat can also detect when you’re not at home, and also run itself at the right temperature for when you return. This could reduce your heating bills significantly as you only use what you need.

You can also look for alternatives to thermostats like portable heaters. They also have smart features like auto shut off, and their portable design allows you to carry them to whatever room you need to heat.

3. Use a Portable heater

Having the best portable heaters will help you save money if you just want to heat up one room. These will warm up the room swiftly, effectively, and evenly, instead of heating the whole house up. These heaters are convenient, portable, and can be programmed to operate at set times, so you don’t waste any energy. Some can also double up as fans if you get overheated.

You can get some of the best portable heaters available on the market, I would recommend the Hulk Heater, a portable and compact heater that employs advanced ceramic technology to give you fast and effective heating in any room you choose. It is also very easy and safe to use and is powerful enough to keep you warm all winter.

Another amazing product is the Keilini Portable Heater, which is also durable and can heat up your room in a matter of minutes. This one is very affordable, with discounts of up to 50% available on the product’s official website.

4. Close all doors

This step may seem very simple but is equally important. Closing all doors, including internal ones, can help to keep the heat in. You can use draft-proofing strips to seal any gaps along the door frame, you can also use a silicon-based filler to prevent hot air from escaping gaps in floorboards.

Keeping the hot air in is important because it ensures that less energy is consumed to maintain the temperature in the room.

5. Layering clothing

You can layer up your clothing to keep yourself warm and cozy if you’re not ready to turn up the heating yet. You can also take note of simple tips like using cozy blankets, taking warm drinks, and even using a hot water bottle to keep yourself warm. All these practices put together will help reduce your heating bill and save you extra money.

6. Only heat the rooms you need

Most times when you’re at home and only using one room, there is no need to heat the entire house. You can save money on your energy bills by turning off the radiators in an unused room, or if you use central heating, close the vents in that room. Also, shut the doors to those rooms to prevent cold air from getting out, and hot air from getting in to prevent wastage.

Using portable heaters, however, makes this task very easy to complete. Portable heaters like the Hulk Heater, have a compact design that allows the device to be carried around from room to room to wherever you need the heat. This makes portable heaters a cheaper alternative to central heating systems because they make sure that you don’t waste any energy, and you only heat the rooms you need.

7. Get your loft space insulated

Poorly insulated roof and attic spaces can make you lose almost half of your home’s heat. There are different types of insulation, from cellulose to fiberglass to expanding spray foam, the important thing is to ensure that the insulation’s R-value is appropriate for your area. The R-value indicates the effectiveness of the insulation.

In hotter climates, homes should have an R-value of 30 (according to the U.S Department of Energy), while in colder places, home insulations should have a minimum R-value of 49.

You also have to ensure that the vents and pipes leading into your house are properly sealed and insulated.

Conclusion on how to save money on your heating bills this winter

This post is helpful to everyone who wants to save money on their heating bills this winter, the 7 trusted tricks written in this post have being tried by a lot of persons who have also recommended it.

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