KoreJetPulse Review: Scam or Legit Portable Blender

KorejetPulse Reviews

This KorejetPulse Review is rated 4.9 out of 5.0 stars by many customers who have read our review. KorejetPulse is a Portable Rechargeable Blender that you can take with you everywhere you go.

In recent years, taking smoothies has become increasingly popular. It is a delicious way to get a healthy blend of vegetables and fruits in your diet and people around the world are into this delicious and nutritious kind of beverage.

The only problem is most kitchen blenders are not designed for making smoothies, they have to be plugged in a wall socket and are most times too big. They also contain a bunch of buttons and complicated modes and functions that are unnecessary and worst of all, they are very stressful to disassemble and clean.

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This review on KoreJetpulse introduces the perfect blender for those with an active lifestyle, the KoreJetPulse. If you love to make smoothies, then this gadget is a must-have.

What is KoreJetPulse Portable Blender?

KorejetPulse Portable Blender
KorejetPulse Portable Blender

KoreJetPulse is a portable blender that runs on a rechargeable battery, which means you can take it with you anywhere. KoreJetPulse has the features you need;

  • Compact and lightweight design goes with you everywhere
  • Simple to use One-Touch blending
  • Unit is easy to clean and can be washed out in an ordinary sink in seconds

The KoreJetPulse allows you to easily create quick and easy smoothies wherever and whenever you desire. You can also blend baby food, to give your child an easy-to-swallow, and healthy blend of vegetables and fresh fruits without preservatives or additives from commercial products.

The KoreJetPulse is also perfect for home bartenders who want to try and experiment with creating new and exciting cocktails. It is portable and offers you the freedom of going anywhere with it and blending your favorite shakes, margaritas, smoothies, or baby food without the limitations of the ordinary blender.

How does KoreJetPulse work?

The KoreJetPulse comes with a rechargeable battery, a stainless-steel four-leaf blade, and a push-button. It works when it gets charged properly by plugging it into a power source after which it is ready for use. Pushing the button sets the blades into a fast-spinning motion that continuously chops items put in it into tiny pieces till the desired consistency is achieved.

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Features of KoreJetPulse Blender Review

 The unique features of the korejetpulse blender which is why many persons have demanded that we conduct the KoreJetPulse Blender are as follows:


This is a main, and one of the most important features of this blender. The KoreJetPulse has an inbuilt battery of 5200mAh capacity. On a full charge, you can blend multiple smoothies (up to 12 times) before the next charge. This feature makes the blender more convenient to use.

Powerful Blending Function

The KoreJetPulse uses a stainless steel four-leaf blade and can handle anything you throw at it. It is more than capable of making blending quick and easy.

Free Of Cables

KoreJetPulse does not rely on electricity to function. You don’t have to stay in your kitchen or by the wall socket while you blend your smoothies. Unlike your regular blenders, the KoreJet does not use any cords or wires to function, but rather runs on an inbuilt battery.

Portable and Compact

The KoreJetPulse can be easily carried around thanks to its weight and size. This blender is lightweight and its compact design makes it easy to carry along on camping trips, picnics, or beach visits. It can fit into your bag pack easily and not feel heavy.

Simple to Use

For utmost convenience, the KoreJetPuls has only one button included, this makes it stress-free and straightforward to use. You don’t any technical knowledge to operate this blender.

High-Quality And Durable Materials

KoreJetPulse is made with high quality and durable materials which means that this blender is built to last. The KoreJetPulse does not break easily when it falls, its material is durable.


You may have thought that the KoreJetPusle can only be used to make smoothies but that is not the case. This blender can also be used to make protein shakes, cocktails, baby food, e.t.c.

Sizeable Capacity

This blender can blend enough beverages or drinks for you at once with a blending chamber volume of 300ml/10oz.

Low Maintenance

Unlike the regular blenders, to clean the KoreJetPulse, you only have to flush it with water. You can however dismantle the parts for a more thorough clean, then go ahead to wash each part severally.

FDA Approved

Safety is as important as functionality and the KoreJetPulse is not lacking here either. The blender is FDA approved showing that it is safe to use, it is as well compliant with the RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances)


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KoreJetPulse Specifications

  • 304 Stainless steel four-leaf blades can handle even ice rushing and almost all foods.
  • A rechargeable 7.4V 5200mAh battery allows you to charge and carry with you everywhere
  • BPA free jug
  • A single press of a button is for normal blending
  • A double press of the button is perfect for blending smoothies and ice
  • FDA certified

KoreJetPulse Benefits

The numerous Benefits of this portable blender are all listed in this Korejetpulse review

It Saves You Money

Compared to regular blenders, the KoreJetPulse blender is very affordable. You don’t have to break the bank just to get a blender, it is cheap and there are discounts offered on the purchase on the product’s official website.

It also saves you money on buying fruit juice, milkshakes, smoothies, etc. Making them yourself is certainly way cheaper.

Make Fruit Juice or Smoothies anywhere

Smoothies are to help with relaxation, it’s one of those where you kick back and relax as you drink. You might be on a picnic, beach outing, or camping trip and decide to enjoy a fruity drink and you normally would not be able to get one unless you buy it.

However, with KoreJetPulse, you can easily make yours. The blender is portable and compact which makes it easy to be carried around so you can pack it in your bag and take it out to use whenever you need it.

Blend Anything

KoreJetPulse can chop through any firm vegetable, fruit, or food you put into it thanks to its hardened steel blade. You don’t have to wait long before the fruit becomes pulp, the KoreJetPulse has a very powerful blending action.

Easy to Clean

The next thing after blending is to clean up the blender, most blenders, however, are quite difficult to clean leaving you to deal with sponges and brushes.

All you need to do with the KoreJetPulse all you need to do is flush with water immediately after use, it is that easy. If you’re going for a more thorough clean then you can disassemble the parts and clean them separately.

Safe To Use

The dangers of chemical toxicity from products and gadgets, especially those our food goes into are a growing concern. Most of these products use rubbers and plastics. The KoreJetPulse is FDA approved showing that it is safe to use. For its blending, the materials used to make KoreJetPulse doesn’t contain Bisphenol.

How to use KoreJetPulse?

Follow these simple steps to use the KoreJetPulse

Step 1 – How to Use KorejetPulse Blender

Just add your vegetables, fruits, protein powder, or even ice cream to KoreJetPulse’s 300 ml blending chamber and screw the container into the blending unit.

Step 2 – How to Use KorejetPulse Blender

Once filled up, just press the mixing button to mix your ingredients until you reach satisfactory consistency.

Step 3 – How to Use KorejetPulse Blender

Pour the mixture into your drinking cup or glass and enjoy

How to make the BEST smoothies using the KoreJetPulse

  1. Unscrew the KoreJetPulse’s lid and fill the chamber with your preferred mix of veggies, protein powder, fresh fruits, and even ice cream! The blending chamber can hold up to 300ml (10oz) of your favorite ingredients.
  • Press the blend button and keep holding it till your drink reaches your preferred consistency. The KoreJetPulse employs a simple one-button operation without any confusing buttons or complicated instructions.
  • After blending, pour your smoothie or juice into a drinking glass and enjoy. You can wash your KoreJetPulse by rinsing with water or disassemble the blender into three pieces for more extensive cleaning.

Pros of the KoreJetPulse Review

The pros and cons of this portable blender are examined in our korejetpulse review which shows its distinction when compared to others

  • Compact and Lightweight
  • One-touch Blending
  • Powerful blade
  • Made with high-quality materials
  • Affordable
  • Long battery life
  • Low maintenance
  • It is rechargeable
  • Perfect for Traveling
  • Does not depend on electricity
  • FDA-approved

Cons of the KorJetPulse Reviews

The KoreJetPulse is only available online on the product’s official website

Cost of KoreJetPulse (Pricing)

The producers of the KoreJetPulse have made it readily available for almost anyone by placing it at an affordable price. You can purchase the device at a discounted price on the manufacturer’s official website only. And the good news is that you save extra when you buy one or more units of the product.

Buying the KoreJetPulse on the official website is the best and safest way of purchasing the product and the following options are available to the buyer

One unit of the KoreJetPulse can be purchased for $49.99, which is a discounted price from the original price of $76.91 This package is called Single Pack, and you save 35% on this purchase.

Also, Instead of $153.82, you can buy two units of the KoreJetPulse for $99.99. This package is tagged Home and Travel Pack, and you also save 35% on this package.

Three units of the KoreJetPulse are sold for $111.99 from the original price of $230.72. You save 51% on this purchase and the package is known as the Friends and Family Pack.

Four units of the KoreJetPulse are sold at $136.99 instead of the original $307.693. This package is the Full House Pack and you save 55% on the purchase.

Where to Buy KoreJetPulse Blender

You can buy the KoreJetPulse directly on the manufacturer’s official website. Discounts are offered on the website when you buy one or more units and the more units you purchase, the more you save on each one. You can make payment directly using your credit card or Paypal, whichever way you prefer.

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What People Are Saying About KoreJetPulse Blender (KoreJetPulse Customer Reviews)

“I like making my own fruit juices and smoothies but cleaning up the kitchen blender after makes it discouraging and less fun. This is why I love my KoreJetPulse blender. It is very easy to use and clean and gives the best results. Great Product, I highly recommend!!”

Kelvin B Reviewed in the United States

“The KoreJetPulse blender is amazing for making delicious drinks, smoothies and refreshments. I use it to make various nutritious drinks and even cocktails too. It is convenient to use and the cleanup after use is hassle-free.”

Rachael W  Reviewed in the United States

“I use my KoreJetPulse to make all sorts of delicious desserts and snacks. I also carry it along on picnics and vacations to make quick fruit drinks and smoothies. It works so well and is very easy to clean. Good job by the manufacturers, Amazing product!!!”

 Mitchell B Reviewed in Canada

Frequently Asked Questions About KoreJetPulse Review

Below are all the frequently Asked Questions of KoreJetPulse Review

How do I use the KoreJetPulse?

1) Just add veggies, fruits, protein powder, ice cream, or whatever you like, and fasten the container to the blending unit.

2) Press and hold the mixing button until you reach your preferred consistency.

3) Pour your drink into a glass and enjoy!

What separates the KoreJetPulse from other regular blenders?

The KoreJetPulse’s powerful rechargeable battery is one of its standout features. It makes this blender perfect for an on-the-go lifestyle, you can carry it with you anywhere and blend smoothies as you go.

What are some things I can make with the KoreJetPulse besides smoothies?

In addition to nutritious smoothies, you can also make vegetable or fruit juice, baby food, ice cream shakes, and even delicious cocktails.

With a single charge, how many smoothies can I make? (KoreJetPulse Review)

The KoreJetPulse allows you to blend approximately a dozen smoothies on a single charge

Our Final Verdict on KorejetPulse Review

Everyone desires convenience, the freedom to go through tasks without any hassles and this is what the KoreJetPulse offers you. It gives you the freedom to make your fruit drink or smoothie wherever and whenever you want.

From this KoreJetPulse Review, we know it is portable and compact which means you can easily carry it around with you, but despite its lightweight, it still has a very powerful blade that chops up anything you put into it.

The KoreJetPulse does not depend on electricity to run, the device has an inbuilt battery that can blend multiple smoothies in one charge. That’s amazing if you ask me. You can use the KoreJetPulse for several drinks depending on what you like, whether smoothies, protein shakes, fruit juice, e.t.c Anything.

The KoreJetPulse is also very affordable, and there are discounts available on the product’s official website. It is also cost-effective, because you save money on buying smoothies and milkshakes, or paying for your daily protein shake at the gym. All these numerous features make the KoreJetPulse the perfect gadget for blending your smoothies and fruit juices. Get your own now and enjoy stress-free blending.

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