LionLung Review: Does it Really Work?

LionLung Review

Lionlung is designed to help improve your lung strength. And this LionLung Review covered everything you need to know about this breath training device. Many customers has sent positive feedback on how this helping them live a better life.

Do small activities like taking a short walk or walking up a flight of stairs leave you breathless? Or are you unable to sleep well or keep up with your daily routine because of shortness of breath?

If your answer is yes to any of these, then I have some news for you. It’s time to go back to the fundamentals and improve your breathing. You can be generally healthy and feel some changes in the way you breathe, this may be due to extra stress or just good old ageing.

If you would like to improve the way you breathe to help you work, sleep and live better, then the LionLung IMT Breath Trainer is something you should consider. It is a drug-free gadget that uses inspiratory muscle training (IMT), to strengthen your air intake and help improve your lung capacity and strength and in turn improve your breathing.

What is LionLung IMT Breath Training Device?

LionLung Review
LionLung Review

LionLung is a breath trainer that helps you strengthen your breathing muscles anywhere you go. The device allows you to increase the intensity of your training, from something simple as taking on your apartment stairs without breaking a sweat, to other more athletic activities like swimming, running, and cycling! It can also be used for other fun or recreational activities such as singing and dancing, this device will help you do these better and for longer!

LionLung IMT Breath Trainer Features

All the features of Lionlung are covered in this Liolung Review. The LionLung breath trainer is a handy device that lets you strengthen your lungs anywhere you go.

Lightweight and portable

There is no use for a breath trainer if it is heavy or difficult to carry around. The Lionlung breath trainer is portable and lightweight. It is so light that you may forget you still have it on. This makes it ideal to use during exercise or jogging routines as it adds no extra stress to the user.


The device is very affordable. The Lionlung edges most other breath trainers in the market in terms of its efficiency and yet it is made very accessible to anyone who wants to get it thanks to the price. Big thumps up to the manufacturers on this one!!


The body of the Lionlung breath trainer is made of high-quality plastic material that ensures it’s durability. This implies that the product can last you for a long time as long as years and still work perfectly fine.

Convenience in use

The Lionlung breath trainer provides optimal comfort as it aligns and laps well on your jaws making it comfortable to use for even a longer period of time. You can use the device for a long period of time without feeling any disturbance or discomfort. This makes it stand out from its rivals in the market.

Specifications of LionLung IMT Breath Trainer

  • Increases lung capacity
  • IMT (Inspiratory Muscle Training) Inhaling helps strengthen your air intake
  • Improves exercise stamina by delaying the secretion of lactic acid
  • Eliminates symptoms of shortness of breath
  • Improve cardio-respiratory endurance making uphill climbs easier
  • Increased diaphragm thickness
  • 10 intensity levels
  • Blue IMT Pressure 10 to 174cmH2O
  • Can be used for amateur athletes training, like swimming, cycling, running e.t.c.

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LionLung IMT Breath Trainer Review – Benefits

With regular use, you’ll experience the following benefits:

Lionlung Breath Trainer Review
Lionlung Breath Trainer Review

Improves productivity

Having this device in hand will greatly improve your work output. You can carry out your routines and do your work without worrying about the shortness of breath or fatigue. Lionlung helps you improve your work output and work rate especially if your job is quite stressful.

Improves Your Breathing 

This gadget is rapid and precise in its effectiveness. With just 20-30 minutes of usage, this product can do the magic of improving your breathing.

Improves endurance

The Lionlung breath trainer enhances your stamina and gives you the confidence to work out even as an amateur. The device increases your cardio-respiratory endurance and this is necessary for athletes who work out for a long time. Our body consumes more energy when workout and an adequate oxygen supply is essential to generate this energy.

Increase diaphragm thickness

Just as you train your skeletal muscle when you work out, the same applies to your diaphragm and intercostal muscles. Using this device will help your diaphragm and intercostal muscles acquire extra thickness which in turn increases their efficiency and strength during respiration thus, helping you breathe better.

Increased lung capacity

Using this device, you get to enjoy better breathing even during strenuous activities. This is owing to the delay in lactic acid secretion, which is only possible because the Lionlung provides the lung with sufficient oxygen.

How does the LionLung IMT Breath Trainer Work?

The device improves your breathing by increasing your lung capacity, thus eliminating the symptoms of shortness of breath, and delaying lactic acid secretion (a natural process that occurs during intense physical activity.

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How to use the LionLung Breath Trainer

How to use LionLung Breath Trainer
How to use LionLung Breath Trainer

Here are the 3 steps on how to use Lionlung Breath Trainer. Put the device at its lowest intensity setting for your first session.

  • Sit up straight, or stand, relax, then place the mouthpiece into your mouth. Bite the teeth pad and shut your lips around the outer shield.
  • Exhale, then quickly inhale with your mouth. Slowly exhale until you feel that your lungs are empty. 
  • Relax your shoulders and chest. Pause if required, then inhale again.

Pros of Lion Lung IMT Breath Trainer

  • Improves your endurance
  • Portable and Lightweight
  • Cost effective
  • Used by respiratory therapists to help patients regain breathing power
  • Maximizes sports performance
  • No-Hassle Returns
  • Made of High quality, durable materials
  • Easy and convenient to use

Cons of LionLung

  • LionLung is only available for purchase on the manufacturer’s official website
  • Stock is limited as the product is in high demand

Cost of LionLung (Pricing In USD)

The LionLung IMT Breath Trainer has been made readily available for everyone by the manufacturers by placing it at an affordable price. You can purchase the LionLung Breath Trainer at a discounted price on the manufacturer’s official website and you save extra when you buy more units of the product. Buying the LionLung on the official website is the safest way of purchasing the product and the options listed below are available to the buyer

One unit of the LionLung can be purchased for $49.99, which is a discounted price from the original price of $76.91. This package is called Trial Pack, and you save 35% on this purchase.

Also, Instead of $153.82, you can buy two units of the LionLung for $99.99. This package is tagged Always Bring Backup, and you also save 35% on this package.

Three units of the LionLung are sold for $111.99 from the original price of $230.72. You save 51% on this purchase and the package is known as the Triple the Power.

Four units of the LionLung are sold at $136.99 instead of the original $307.63. This package is the Family Bundle Pack and you save 55% on the purchase.

Where to Buy LionLung

You can buy LionLung directly on LionLung’s official website. Discounts are made available when you buy multiple units on the official website, you save more money when you buy more units. You can make payment directly using Paypal or your credit card.

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Frequently Asked Questions on LionLung IMT Breath Trainer

Below are the Frequently Asked Questions for the LionLung Review you need to know before buyiing

What is inspiratory muscle training (IMT)? LionLung Review

IMT is a type of resistance training that improves and strengthens the muscles you use to breathe. You can liken it to weight training, but for your diaphragm and your other breathing muscles.

Who can use LionLung? 

Anyone can use it! It is completely drug-free and suitable for all ages. Singers, Athletes, and older people in particular will benefit from strengthening their lungs using the LionLung Breath Trainer.

How will the LionLung IMT Breath Trainer help me? 

By using this device, you can enjoy benefits like better sleep, less fatigue while going about your daily activities, and better athletic performance. This is because the LionLung trainer increases your lung capacity and makes your body more efficient at distributing and using oxygen.

Can I use the LionLung IMT Breath Trainer if I have a lung condition? 

While the LionLung breath trainer is proven to help those diagnosed with asthma, COPD, or other breathing problems, it’s best to consult your doctor before you begin breath training.

Are there any known side effects from using LionLung Breath Trainer? 

No, there are no known negative side effects from making use of an IMT device like LionLung. However, a lot of people experience various significant positive effects, such as greater endurance, extended exercise capacity, enhanced respiratory muscle strength, improved quality of life, and reduced perception of fatigue and dyspnea (shortness of breath) in asthmatic patients.

Is LionLung Breath Trainer safe to use? 

Yes, LionLung is completely safe to use for healthy adults, but using the device excessively may cause fatigue.

How often should I use LionLung?

The recommended usage time is between 5 minutes to 30 minutes per day.

Can multiple people use a LionLung device? 

Of course, although for sanitary reasons, you should wash the device before sharing.

LionLung Customer Reviews

“I’m a marathon runner, and while Lionlung Breath Trainer has helped me stay fitter than people my age, I’m at a point where I’m gasping for breath more often. Someone recommended the LionLung to me and so far, it has really helped me. I feel less exhausted and I’m able to train for longer and better”

Venita E. – The Villages, FL Reviewed in the United States

“I noticed recently I was slower with cleaning and doing grocery shopping, majorly due to the fact that I had to stop and catch my breath. LionLung has helped me change that and I am really grateful!!”

Caroline L. – Blackpool, UK

”I enjoy sporting activities, but unfortunately, I usually don’t have the stamina for it. Most of the time, I end up out of breath or gasping and stopping to catch my breath. My brother introduced LionLung to me, and I must say the results have been great. I’m doing better than I used to and it feels so good and has been a real confidence booster!!” doing great!”

Shawn T. – Easton, MD

“Despite my never smoking, I often struggled with shortness of breath so I thought I’d try out the LionLung Breath Trainer. Very pleased with it so far. I like that it has different levels so I can choose anyone to suit my preference.”

Derek B. – Ocala, FL Reviewed in the United States

“The LionLung is very simple to use, and it is a great way to improve your physical and mental health much like doing breathing exercises. I love that you don’t have to plug in anything, just put it on and inhale. I highly recommend Lionlung!”

Janet P. – Queenscliffe, AU

Closing Thoughts on LionLung Review

The LionLung IMT Breath Trainer strengthens your breathing muscles using scientifically-proven methods and mechanisms. With 15 to 20 minutes of cumulative use, you start to feel the results! Improving your breathing can help you look and feel better as you grow older, this is among many other benefits of having stronger lungs. You exercise more and longer, you sleep better, and so on. To enjoy all these benefits and many more, get your LionLung IMT Breath Trainer.

The device is also cost-effective, as it is available at a very affordable price, and it is easy to use and portable so you can carry it with you everywhere you go and enjoy your newfound confidence.

The device also comes with different intensity levels so it is guaranteed to be suitable for you to use, whether young or old, healthy or sick. It is fascinating how much change you witness with only a few minutes of using the device. It is also very cheap when you consider its effectiveness or compare it to other training devices in the market.

So whether you are an athlete or singer or someone who just loves to work out, this device is sure to improve your output, stamina, and efficiency. By improving your breathing, you can exercise or perform for longer and better. The LionLung is the surest breath training device and is a must-have.

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