MagicOutlet Review: Scam or Game-Changing Plug-In Outlet?

MagicOutlet Review

Do you have the annoying problem of wall sockets or outlets hidden behind your sofa, bed, dresser, or office desk? Not Anymore!! This MagicOutlet Review brings you perfect solution.

The MagicOutlet is a life hack that is useful for repositioning your power outlets for easy access. With a MagicOutlet you can instantly create a power outlet exactly where you need it. With this device, you can access your hidden or covered power outlets.

If there is an outlet in your room hiding behind furniture, don’t break your back trying to reach in and plug in your phone, simply relocate any hard-to-reach outlet using the MagicOutlet device.

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This MagicOutlet Review contains all the necessary information on the Magic Outlet including features, benefits, pros and cons, pricing, and availability information.

MagicOutlet Review: What is Magic Outlet?

MagicOutlet Review

Magic Outlet is an electrical plug-in outlet which makes repositioning hard-to-reach power outlets easy and convenient. It is designed with a 4-foot cord, so you don’t have to move your furniture or do any more straining or reaching for outlets.

Many reviews agree that this device is so much better than your old wall outlet. The MagicOutlet is designed with two USB ports and two AC outlets so you’ll have more than enough access to power. It is also designed with a built-in shelf to hold your tablet or your phone while they charge!

The MagicOutlet sticks to your walls and its adhesion is strong enough to support up to 25 lbs of weight. So don’t worry, it won’t fall and damage your gadgets.

Power bars and extension cords are often close to the outlets and can be a dangerous tripping hazard for anyone walking by, the Magic Outlet isn’t just another extension cord.

The Magic Outlet has the look and feel of a wall outlet, and you won’t be able to tell the difference. The MagicOutlet may resemble a wall outlet but it can do so much more. 

MagicOutlet Review: Features

Sticks to walls in seconds

You can simply peel and stick the MagicOutlet to your preferred spot. Its strong adhesive can support up to 25 lbs of weight.

Move your outlet in any direction

MagicOutlet repositions and relocates your outlet with a 4 ft-long cord. You don’t have to lift a finger to move your furniture, It can stay right where it is!

Connect more USB devices

MagicOutlet comes with two USB ports and two standard AC outlets enabling you to charge even more devices.

Works anywhere

You can the MagicOutlet to almost anything. It works on metal, tile, wood, and drywall.

Modern, sleek, and heavy duty

The MagicOutlet has a slim design and heavy-duty power cord that hides flat behind your furniture without bending or destroying the cord.

No more tripping hazards

MagicOutlet prevents tripping hazards. It relocates and lifts your outlet, making it easier for everyone to see.

MagicOutlet Review: Benefits

Work Comfortably Anywhere

Relocating your outlet can boost your productivity and make your workspace more comfortable. Setting up your appliances where you want them will eventually build the room of your dreams and the Magic Outlet will ensure it is as comfortable as possible.

Organize your cords

Untangling your cords may be a waste of time if you have multiple cords in every direction. Instead of chunks of cords packed together, you can keep your most important devices within reach and in plain sight with the help of Magic Outlet.

Guaranteed High Quality

The MagicOutlet device is made from high-quality components for longevity and excellent durability.

No-Hassle Returns

There is a 60-day return policy so in any case where you’re not satisfied with your MagicOutlet purchase, you can return it within 60 days and request a full refund.

Fast & Easy

The MagicOutlet is made to function right out of the box without frustration or extra stress. You do not need any technical assistance to install and use the Magic Outlet.

Magic Outlet Review: How to Use the Magic Outlet

With the Magic Outlet, you can keep your messy pile of wires clean and off the floor. It can stick to wood, tile, drywall, and metal and its adhesive is strong enough to support up to 25 lbs of weight. The Magic Outlet is very easy to use, simply follow these steps.

  • PLUG into your covered or hidden outlet.
  • PEEL off the adhesive backing.
  • PRESS onto the wall for easy access.

MagicOutlet is also UL Listed which guarantees it is a safe, power-solving solution you can use in your offices, bedrooms, kids’ rooms, dorm rooms, garages, kitchens, and more!

MagicOutlet Review: Organize your workspace with MagicOutlet

MagicOutlet Review

A workspace or bedroom with hidden or covered wall outlets means that you have to make the extra effort to plug in your devices, it can also make a mess of cords and wires in the room.

The Magic Outlet not only relocates and repositions your outlets, but it also has multiple USB outlets to charge even more devices and keep your workspace tidy.

Pros of Magic Outlet

  • 2 AC outlets, 2 USB ports, & a built-in shelf
  • Relocates power outlets up to 4 ft
  • Supports up to 25 lbs
  • Works on tile, metal, wood, drywall, and more
  • UL listed

Cons of MagicOutlet

The Magic Outlet has been running out after every shipment to the warehouse, so stock is limited due to high demand.

Cost of the MagicOutlet

The producers of the Magic Outlet have made it available to everyone by keeping the product at an affordable price. The Magic Outlet is also currently available at a discounted price on the MagicOutlet official website, and you save extra on multiple units of the Magic Outlet.

Buying the Magic Outlet on the official website is the best and safest way to buy the product and you can choose from the following offers;

One unit of the MagicOutlet can be purchased for $24.95, which is a discounted price from the original price of $38.38. You save 35% by choosing this package. Fast Charging Pack!!

Two units of the MagicOutlet are sold for $49.99 instead of the original price of $76.77. You save 35% when you choose this package. This is called the Couple’s Pack.

Three units of the MagicOutlet are sold for $55.99 instead of the original $115.15You save 51% when you choose this purchase. Home & Office Pack!!

Four units of the MagicOutlet are sold for $74.99 instead of the original $153.54You save 51% when you choose this package. Have One In Every Room!!

How is it so affordable?

The Magic Outlet is offered at an affordable price because it is only available online with little or no advertising. The sales are being racked in solely from word of mouth!

The producers thought it would be a better idea to skip the middle man and get the product straight to you which implies less cost and easy purchase.

Where to buy Magic Outlet

You can buy the MagicOutlet directly on the MagicOutlet official website. There are amazing discounts of up to 45% available when you buy from the official website, and you save more money when you buy more units of the Magic Outlet. You can pay directly for each purchase using your credit card.

MagicOutlet Review: Frequently Asked Questions

Why is MagicOutlet so affordable?

The MagicOutlet skips the middlemen and brings the product right to your doorstep. The product is also sold exclusively online with almost no advertising. This means lower cost and easier purchasing.

How much is Magic Outlet?

The pricing information is well outlined in the Price section of the article and there are amazing discounts on offer of up to 50%.

Right now, the Magic Outlet is only $24.95. Buying multiple units of the product will save you cost on each unit. Don’t fall for fakes and cheap knockoffs online, you will only be disappointed by how poor the quality is, and it is simply a waste of time and money.

How can wall outlets be moved?

The Magic Outlet relocates wall sockets within 4 ft. With this ability, you can charge and connect from anywhere in your home or office. You no longer need to move heavy furniture or reach behind your couch just to plug in.

When can you get your own Magic Outlet?

You can get yours right away if you order from the product’s official website. The product is in high demand so hurry now!!

MagicOutlet Review: Customer Reviews

“The plugs in my house are all very close to the floor so I have to bend down to be able to reach any of them. This can be quite a pain and so I decided to get the MagicOutlet. Now all my plugs are where I want them to be. Easily accessible and very convenient. It is a great product” 

Brenda M. – Albany, NY

“The Magic Outlet is exactly what I needed. My wall socket was right behind my bed and always very difficult to reach until I installed the MagicOutlet. It works perfectly, and now I can easily use the outlet in my bedroom. I am very pleased with the Magic Outlet and I highly recommend it!”

Mark D. – Fort Lauderdale, FL

“I decided to go for the Magic Outlets instead of paying a huge sum for an electrician to reposition my outlets, and they have been so great! The covered power outlets are now usable again and the MagicOutlets also come with multiple USB ports so I can charge all my gadgets. Amazing product!” 

Catherine V. – Bangor, ME

“The MagicOutlet was very easy for me to install. The device is perfect for plugging in behind furniture and it has made my workspace so much cleaner and tidier than it was before. I highly recommend this product!”

Jeremy H. – Albany, NY


MagicOutlet Review: Conclusion

Magic Plug-In Outlet Review

The Magic Outlet is a great innovation that solves the problem of messy wires and out-of-reach wall outlets. This device relocates your wall outlets up to 4ft ensuring that you don’t have to move heavy furniture or strain yourself to access any wall outlet.

The Magic Outlet sticks to any wall and can support enough weight so there is no danger of your devices falling off and getting damaged. The device is also very affordable and there are amazing discounts available when you buy from the manufacturer’s official website.

Get your Magic Outlet now and enjoy easy and convenient access to your power outlets!

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