Novawave Antenna Reviews: Avoid Scam Novawave TV Antenna

Novawave Antenna Reviews

Overall, Novawave Antenna Reviews has received a lot of positive feedback from a lot of customers. Some customers gave the Novawave TV Antenna a 4.9 out of 5.0 rating.

In order to make sure you don’t get scammed, this Review on Novawave Antenna contains only links that points to the official website with a discount today!

What People Are Saying About Novawave

Lucas P – San Antonio, TX Reviewed in the United States. Novawave is a Great TV antenna for a small environment with an unobstructed access to the outdoors. The footprint is very nice and lightweight. Very portable and hassle free setup. I tested the antenna against the “ANTOP” and basic Best Buy model. They all received most of the channels in the area. It received about 76 channels in the Arizona setup which is less than the “ANTOP” but much more than Best Buy model. Very happy with the functionality of the antenna.

Leila M – Montreal, QC Reviewed in Canada. Novawave Antenna is Easy to use with very clear picture and quality. The smaller footprint makes it simple to mount on a window to get the best reception.

Nick D – Boston, MA Reviewed in the United States. I love how quick Novawave Antenna is easy to set up. I just plugged it in, scanned for channels and started watching. I’m in a remote area so I didn’t expect many channels, but I got 9 new channels. I would love to see how many channels this product picks up in a different area.

What is Novawave TV Antenna?

Novawave Antenna Reviews
Novawave Antenna Reviews

Novawave TV Antenna is the powerful indoor TV antenna that’s giving cable companies a run for their money!

More than 90 of the top 100 television channels are broadcast free over the air. With a range of many miles in all directions, Novawave allows you free access to your favorite HDTV shows, sporting events, even local news depending on your location.

No tools or technical knowledge needed. Just plug it in and and turn on your TV. Connect it with the provided cable to your TV set.

Benefits of Novawave TV Antenna

Their are numerous benefits that comes with using Novawave TV Antenna, and this Review has got all the information about that

Novawave Antenna Supports full HD 1080p:

Watch your content in the highest quality possible! Novawave features full support for Full HD 1080p signals – just like you get when paying for a cable TV subscription!

The Novawave Antenna powerful unit provides the clearest reception:

Novawave was designed to pull in signals clearly and display them in the highest quality possible. You’ll enjoy the clear, beautiful video as well as wonderful audio quality.

Stick Novawave or hang it anywhere:

You can place your Novawave unit wherever you find that you receive the best, strongest signal. Try attaching it to the wall, or even to an exterior-facing window for the strongest reception.

Novawave Antenna is Small and Discreet:

You won’t have to ruin your décor just to use Novawave! There are no bulky wires, ugly rabbit ears, or anything do mar your décor.

Novawave TV Antenna has a Simple One Cable Hookup:

Novawave features a standard coaxial cable to connect to your TV. No tools or expertise required. Just attach the coaxial cable to the back of your TV set.

Novawave is Window Mountable:

Affix the Novawave to any window to amplify any transmissions from that direction. Or move it to another window to see what signals are coming from that direction!

Novawave is Wall Mountable:

You can also mount the Novawave to any wall, you can even hide it behind your TV set. The long, flexible cable lets you place the antenna wherever you wish!

What Are Novawave Technical Specifications

Below are all the technical specifications of the Novawave Antenna Reviews

  • Indoor TV antenna
  • Passive gain antenna
  • Double sided tapes included
  • Easy to set up, plug-and-play
  • Lightweight
  • 87.5-230MHz, 470-862MHz
  • Receiving range: FM/VHF/UHF
  • Impedance 75 Ohm
  • Passive gain: 6-8 dB
  • Coaxial port fitment


There are three (3) simple steps you need to follow before you enjoy your Novawave Antenna

Novawave Antenna Reviews

Simply attach Novawave to your wall of window

Novawave Indoor Antenna

Connect Novawave to your television with the included coaxial cable

Novawave TV Antenna Reviews

Scan to find all available channels and start watching!

How Much is Novawave Antenna (Pricing)?

1 Unit of Novawave Antenna costs $39.99 today which is a discount price from the Regular Price of $61.52. 2 Units of Novawave Antennas cost $79.99 which is a discount from $123.05  . 3 Units of Novawave Antennas costs $89.99 which is a discount from $184.57  4 Units of Novawave TV Antennas costs $109.99 which is a discount from $246.09

Where to Buy Novawave Antenna

Novawave Antenna can be purchased online, directly from the official website, and you can benefit from the amazing discounts offered today. Also, note that the discount offer can be taken down at any moment. 30 Days Money Back Guarantee!

Click Here to Buy Novawave Antenna at the Lowest Available Price From the Official Website

Frequently Asked Questions About Novawave Antenna Reviews

Below are the frequently asked questions that was gathered for everyone interested in this Novawave Antenna Reviews

Where should I set up my Novawave antenna?

Novawave antenna gets the best reception when placed against a window, but it will work almost anywhere. We suggest experimenting with different locations to see what gives you the most broadcast channels.

 Can I install my Novawave antenna outside?

No, Novawave antenna is not weatherproof, it was designed for indoor use only. Placing it outside will not improve reception.

Do I need an internet connection for Novawave antenna to work?

No, all you need is a TV!

How many channels will I be able to access?

The broadcast channels available will depend on your distance from the nearest broadcasting tower and other environmental factors. If there are obstructions between your location and the nearest tower, your signal may not be as strong.

Will one Novawave antenna give me free channels on every TV in my home?

No, each TV in your home will require its own antenna to access free broadcast channels.

If I move or adjust the Novawave antenna’s location, do I need to rescan for channels?

Yes, any time you move the Novawave antenna, you will need to rescan.

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How can I access more free channels?

To access more free broadcast channels, we suggest getting the amplifier to boost your antenna’s range.

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