Outstyle Music Review: Scam or Legit Bluetooth Speaker

Outstyle Music Review

Outstyle Music Review has an average rating of 4.7 out of 5.0. Outstyle Music Bluetooth Speaker is a portable Bluetooth speaker with an IPX7 rating and is one of the most rugged Bluetooth speakers we’ve tested and reviewed.

Because Bluetooth speakers like Outstyle, come in a collection of designs and sizes, it’s impossible to proclaim any one model perfect for every situation. But we think the Outstyle Music Bluetooth Speaker will appeal to almost everyone.

They say music is food for the soul. This is true, music is life!! Your soul should never be left starving for refreshment, for this reason, you need music at all times to nourish your ever-wanting heart. 

There are too many struggles in our world today, too many stressors, and headaches. Do you still take care of your mind and soul or do you just swallow up all the stress? Music is indispensable. I wonder what we would do without it. It is refreshing and nourishing to the mind and soul and can even help to build up your memory. Music can bring one back to life, and arouse very nostalgic and intriguing old memories.

Thanks to technological advancements, we are able to listen to music just anywhere and that’s perfect. So, it’s clear now that you don’t have excuses as to why you won’t give your life the nourishment it needs. So, why not read through this review and see if it is worth a try.

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The Outstyle Music wireless device boasts a number of advantages, most of which would be listed in this review. I guarantee that anyone who loves something new and wonderful will love this gadget.

In this Outstyle music review, we are going to be giving you all the available information on this Bluetooth speaker. All there is to know about it- the features, how it works, specifications, pros and cons, pricing and shipping, etc. So, let’s get to it. Enjoy.

What People Are Saying About Outstyle Music Bluetooth Speaker

“ 5.0 out of 5.0 stars! Amazing sound! Huge bass! Outstyle Music Bluetooth speaker handles low end audio like a winner! Usually, most portable speakers have very bad and terrible bass quality, but this incredible little device booms out as much bass as my big desktop computer speakers.“

Reviewed in the United States by Alfie A. – New York, NY

What is Outstyle Music Bluetooth Speaker?

Outstyle Music Review
Outstyle Music Review

OutStyle Music is a portable and compact wireless speaker. This wonderful speaker has a long-lasting USB rechargeable battery and an incredible 360-degree sound. Can be completely immersed in up to a meter of water for about 30 minutes with an IPX7 waterproof rating.

Not only for Music, but it also offers very clear playback for podcasts for making hands-free phone calls and many more. It’s 100% wireless connection gives you freedom. And can be simply attached to your belt or your backpack with a comfortable loop.

It’s exciting to write this review because this product is just a product of one of kind. It is not like other portable Bluetooth speakers I’ve seen or used recently, and quite unbelievably, it is very affordable.

Outstyle Music Features

Some amazing features of this high-quality product covered in this Outstyle Music Review are:

Outstyle Music is WaterProof

The Outstyle Music is totally waterproof due to its inbuilt IPX7 Waterproof level. So you don’t need to be worried about shielding your Outstyle Bluetooth speaker from the water, whether you are at the poolside or just enjoying a bath in your tub.

So with Outstyle Music, you can comfortably enjoy music at the beach and also listen to your favorite podcasts without worrying unnecessarily.

It is Wireless

This Outstyle Music is wireless and this makes it very convenient, portable, and easy to carry with you anywhere as you don’t need extra wires. You only need to connect it to Bluetooth and enjoy your music or podcasts everywhere you go!

It has 5WM Sound Output

This device has a 5MW Sound Output which serves you a clear sound of the best music to enjoy yourself, whether you’re hosting a small house party, camping, or just having fun by the pool, the Outstyle music will guarantee you a clear output.

It has a wireless connection and Improved Bluetooth technology

The Outstyle Music is a completely wireless device so you don’t have to carry wires around. You may think this device is just the same as several other Bluetooth devices but it is not. It has a better range limit between the connected device, usually your phone. Also, the improved Bluetooth 4.2 wireless standard varies from a step or two-away disconnect like some other Bluetooth devices.

From the claims made, it is an updated version of Bluetooth 4.1 and is 200% faster than its outdated predecessor when it comes to playing music and also boasts of a faster signal which yields high transmission rates.

Outstyle Bluetooth Speaker is a Portable

This Bluetooth device is very portable as it weighs about 0.6lbs. This makes it very convenient and easy to carry with you anywhere. It has a wristband-like handle that you can hang anywhere you like.

You can comfortably hand it around your wrist, place it in your bag or keep it beside you as it does not occupy too much space.

It has 360 Degree Speakers

The Outstyle Music Speaker offers you a 360 degree of sound. This means that people can enjoy their music from different edges and all angles. It doesn’t matter where you are standing relative to the device, you can enjoy the clear sounds with good vibes.

It has mini subwoofer

The Outstyle Music has a mini subwoofer embedded in it. And this allegedly enhances one’s music-listening experience by producing a maximum “amount of oomph.” This works by reproducing the sounds at low frequencies, resulting in the ideal amplification that gets the party going.

It has a Good Battery Capacity

This device comes with a long-lasting USB Rechargeable Battery with a capacity of 1800mAh. You only need to connect it to a USB port to charge and you can go on enjoying your music. With this battery capacity, you can enjoy and play music for up to six hours and not worry about changing batteries.

It is also equipped with a fast-charge feature. It takes just about 2 hours to charge to full capacity. And then you can play and enjoy up to six hours of music time without any worries.

It Is Easy to Set-Up

This wireless Bluetooth speaker is very much easy to set up. You don’t need any technical know-how or setup experience as the device can be set up by anyone. And connecting the device to Bluetooth is also quite simple. Just as clicking on a button.

It has Simple Controls

The Outstyle Music Wireless Speaker has three controls. The increase volume button(+), the decrease volume button(-), and the force button. This is an indication that this gadget is extremely easy to use.

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Outstyle Music Specifications

Outstyle Music Bluetooth Speaker Specifications
Outstyle Music Bluetooth Speaker Specifications
  • The Outstyle Music has dimensions of 87*45*95mm, and it is a lightweight device, weighing about 150 grams (or 4.23 ounces).
  • It has Bluetooth 4.2 wireless technology.
  • Outstyle Music is a rechargeable device that is equipped with a built-in 1800mAh Li-ion battery. On a full charge, it can last for up to six hours.

Is Outstyle Music Bluetooth Speaker Any Good?

Outstyle Music Bluetooth speaker is the easiest, most affordable way to spread the sound from your phone or tablet across a room, beach blanket, or backyard. One of the many benefits, gathered from this Outstyle Music Bluetooth Speaker Review is that it has Supersound.

It is amazing to see that a device of such portability can produce such powerful sound. It is normal to expect similar sound with the crop of wireless Bluetooth devices common in the market, but this one, The Outstyle Music is a winner. You can’t imagine the loud yet coherent sound that booms out of the tiny device. 

Here is another thing it does You know some wireless speakers are good with some kinds of music and not with others. Well, you may not have experienced it, but some Bluetooth speakers like the common ones you see, can be quite good with bass but almost inconsistent with other voice types, they hardly sound as naturally as they should. But as you should know, this is not the trend with Outstyle Music. Well, be rest assured, and you will confirm from other reviews, that Outstyle music wireless device is an all-rounder.

Just connect your device to the speaker via Bluetooth and enjoy all your music the way you like it and not just that, you can play games on your iPad or listen to your favorite podcasts with all the sounds coherent and clear as you like it. What do you think? And there’s more, you can make business calls, phone calls, or whatever calls you to make without hassling with your phone in your hands it may as well serve you better than your regular phone speaker. You can hear people very clearly and audibly when you are connected.

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How to Use OutStyle Music Bluetooth Speaker

Outstyle music is super easy to use. There are basically three buttons generally- the power button, increase and decrease volume buttons and that’s it.

  1. Charge the speaker for at least two hours with the included USB cable.
  2. Sync your OutStyle Music speaker with your chosen device via the Bluetooth
  3. Now enjoy sound music everywhere you go with Outstyle Music

Pros Of The Outstyle Music

Here are the pros listed in this Outstyle Music Wireless Speaker Review:

  • It is wireless.
  • It is equipped with a long-lasting battery.
  • It is very lightweight and portable.
  • It is completely waterproof and has an IPX7 rating.
  • it gives high-quality bass and an amplified sound.
  • It is embedded with improved Bluetooth technology that other devices do not possess.
  • It is portable and compact.
  • it has a 360-degree speaker that allows the user to get clear sound notwithstanding their position.
  • It has a comfortable handle that makes it convenient to carry with you anywhere you go.
  • It is extremely easy to operate with simple buttons.
  • It is currently on sale and can be purchased at a discount price.

Cons Of The Outstyle Music

It is only available for purchase online and on the manufacturer’s website.

Cost (Pricing) of Outstyle Music Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

How much does this amazing product cost? This is a major selling point of this particular wireless speaker. Many people are chasing this product because of the very affordable price. It offers you the features you expect from those high-cost quality speakers but at a mere fraction of their price.

Outstyle Music’s prices differ depending on the number of units you purchase. And also, the more units you purchase, the lesser you pay for each unit that is you save more money. Here’s an outline of the options made available:

One unit of the Outstyle Music is available for $59.99, which is a reduced price from the original price of $92.29. This package is called the Waterproof Audio

Also, Instead of $184.58, you can buy two units of the Outstyle Music for $119.99. This package is called the Double the Vibes

Just $134.99 for three units dubbed Three’s a Crowd. Initially, three units were sold for $276.88.

Instead of $369.17, you can purchase a Surrounding Yourself with Sound for $164.99. This package includes four units of the Outstyle Music Bluetooth Speaker

It is important to note that these prices are discounted and may go up at any time. Shipping fees also apply

Where to buy the Outstyle Music?

As you know, The safest place to buy from is the manufacturer’s official website so we recommend you buy directly from their website. Buying from the official website protects you from falling prey to some scammers online, it also gives you access to the offers and discounts that the manufacturer might be giving out.

Click Here to Buy Outstyle Music at the Lowest Available Price from the Official Website

30-DAY GUARANTEE: Outstyle Music offers a 30-day guarantee on all unused purchases. Simply send the item(s) back to the company in the original unopened packaging for a full refund or replacement, less S&H.

Frequently Asked Questions on Out style Music Review

Below are all the Frequently Asked Questions available online for Out Syle Music Review.

Will the speakers continue working even when underwater?

Yes it will. Nevertheless, users need to consider the fact that the depth matters here. The Outstyle Music has an IPX7 rating, this implies that you can immerse the device in the water down to a depth of 1 meter for up to 30 minutes. Anyways, you wouldn’t leave it for that long on purpose except you are experimenting.

What kind of batteries does the Outstyle Music use?

The Outstyle Music Bluetooth speaker comes with a built-in 1800mAh Li-ion battery. It is rechargeable and can last for up to six hours on a single charge.

Can two separate Outstyle Music speaker systems be paired?

Yes, because of its pairing mode, two Outstyle Music speaker systems can be paired together. To activate this, users will have to press the power button twice on each device to be connected, and a voice prompt will inform the users when the two devices are perfectly synchronized.

What if I’m not satisfied with Out style Music Speaker after buying it?

If Outstyle Music doesn’t meet up to the user’s expectations or preferences, there is a 30-day money-back guarantee available. As long as you return the device within 30 days of making a purchase, the customer service team will either offer a replacement or grant a full refund. Please note that any additional shipping costs will not be covered. 

Outstyle Music Bluetooth Speaker Vs Others 

Outstyle Music Bluetooth Speaker Review
Outstyle Music Bluetooth Speaker Review
SpecificationsOutstyle MusicCompetitorCompare
SOUND INTENSITY120Hz  100HzBooming Base
SIZE10 Oz15 OzExtra Lightweight
PRICE$59.99$79.95Save $$
Outstyle Music Bluetooth Speaker Vs Others

Outstyle Music Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Customers Reviews

This incredible device has gained a lot of popularity in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada, not just from the adverts but from what customers are saying about the product. On average, anyone who uses this product is likely to get at least one other person to make a purchase. You can go through the customer reviews here or anywhere else and see what customers have to say about the Outstyle Music.

“I am really impressed with my Outstyle Music speaker. It was easy for the device to sync with my phone and it works just great. My daughter makes use of it a lot when she’s floating or playing around in our pool and I like the fact that I can hook it to my bike handlebars whenever I go for a ride. It’s a top tier and excellent quality device and we’re all very happy with it. I’ll probably get another for my daughter as she makes use of mine all the time“ 

Dwayne M. – St. Louis, MO

“Incredible stereo sound! I absolutely love this speaker! I bought two and now it seems like I have a portable surround sound system that I can easily set up at the park, the beach– anywhere I want! “

Jennifer F. – Cleveland, OH

“I believe everyone should have this amazing device. It is the best for beach days!! My family and I take outings to the beach at least a couple times every month and I make sure to carry my OutStyle Music along. I even carry it with me in the water as I’m floating around on my giant inflatable donut! That is just so great!! Now I can listen to my favorite music anywhere and anytime. Water and Sand are no match for my OutStyle Music.“

Clinton D. – Tampa Bay, FL

“Nothing beats having great music and listening to it when you’re in the swimming pool or hot tub. Unfortunately, I’ve always been careful and skeptical about placing my electronics near the water. Outstyle Music allows me to listen to my playlists wherever I go, and now I don’t have to worry about my devices getting wet or damaged by water. This is a very important consideration to make especially if you have kids. I am very pleased to have purchased this amazing device. 

Reynold P. Cambridge, MA

“I was amazed by how much sound this little speaker booms out. Surprisingly excellent quality for such a compact unit. All you need is some a towel, some sunscreen, and a Outstyle Music speaker and you can enjoy the best day at the beach. Absolutely love this thing!” 

Tom H. Vancouver, WF

“We normally take our Outstyle Speaker to the beach so we can chill and enjoy our favorite music. And you don’t even have to worry about getting it wet because it’s waterproof, Wonderful!” I Highly Recommend!

Kendra M. – Freehold, NJ

“My wife and I enjoy taking rides on our bicycles, and using the Outstyle Music speaker it’s like having a stereo or sound system installed on your bicycle! And it’s so portable, you can simply hang it right on your handlebars!”

Benjamin T. – Charlotte, NC

“I bought one of these for my boyfriend to use whenever he invites his guys over for drinks and bonding. He completely loves it! By the end of the evening, they would begin passing the phone around, playing the songs they used to love in high school as they sit back and reminisce the good old days!”

Pamela S. – San Diego, CA

Final Verdict on Outstyle Music Reviews

Many reviewers agree that Outstyle Music Speaker is a good fit for anyone who owns a smartphone or tablet. They would probably enjoy owning a Outstyle portable Bluetooth speaker, which can improve the listening experience anywhere.

If you recall, as I mentioned earlier, music is food for the soul. I can’t imagine how one can cope in this over-serious and stressful world without music. It is refreshing and nourishing to the soul and is a good way for one to build memory. Music is life, It can arouse very intriguing or arousing old memories, can soothe one’s pain, and elevate one’s mood.

Music can also help to create unforgettable moments. Think about all the good times and how much fun you have during your school parties or your house parties. This is all thanks to music, and with the technological advancement we are witnessing in our world today, we can now enjoy music anywhere and anytime possible through wireless technologies.

The introduction of wireless technologies, was not immediately a pro as it had a few drawbacks. In the case of Bluetooth speakers, the sound was not really what we expected and the battery capacity was also a problem among a few other limitations. But, It’s amazing news that technology has now advanced to a stage where a very portable, compact, and a wireless device such as what we have with Out style music, can boast of incredible feats like 360 degrees of sound, which means that from any location around the speaker, you can still enjoy your quality sound and music. Also, the battery capacity and the Bluetooth technology are top quality.

There are a number of advantages of the Outstyle music wireless speaker, some of which we have already listed above in our review. The product is a fabulous one, and anybody who likes fabulous things would love to have one. 

You can now enjoy your cool music with Outstyle music wireless speaker and make the most of every day of your life while it lasts. Take hold of this opportunity now, while it’s still there. Outstyle music is an incredible gadget on its own. 

Given its convenience and device, the prices are very much affordable as many other speakers exist with very similar traits, if not lesser, and are sold for higher prices.  Also with this device, you never have to worry about water, sand, or dirt ruining your Outstyle Music. You can completely enjoy all your favorite music without any worries.

You can also make use of the Outstyle Music at a pool party with your friends and enjoy all your favorite music with your friends. Also, if soaking up in a tub for a long bath after a long day, Outstyle Music is perfect for you in this period. You don’t have to worry about water splashing on or damaging your device. Just sit back, relax and enjoy the amazing sound and music from this wonderful device.

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