TotalTrim Pro Review 2021: Is Total Hair Trimmer Any Good?

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With many barbershops still closed for quarantine, men all over the country have been forced to take matters into their own hands. TotalTrim Pro Review proved that Hair clippers, trimmers, shavers, and even wax kits (ouch!) are more popular than ever.

One of the most popular hairs handling tools comes from a men’s grooming company TotalTrim Pro. Their latest product is the Total Trim Pro which is an all-in-one men’s grooming tool for your beard, below the belt, and everything in between. It has lightweight, portable, and suitable for different ages.

I’ve been a hairy guy since age 14, so that makes me the perfect candidate to put the TotalTrim Pro to the test and see if it’s worth all the 5-star reviews on their official website.

What is the TotalTrim Pro?

TotalTrim Pro is a cordless, rechargeable hair clipper grooming kit that gives access to professional grooming motion pictures as properly, teaching users a way to come to be their personal barber with numerous tutorials. The clippers offer clip-on guide combs and anti-rust blades to give the precision that clients want to have for his or her particular appearance whether or not slicing, trimming, or styling. With FREE Access to Professional Barber Master Classes, the TotalTrim Pro hair clipper set is called the closing men’s grooming tool for a reason, and gaining knowledge of how to reduce, trim and style like a seasoned has never been less difficult.

Hair can exchange an entire appearance. Whether it is the hair on a person’s head or on their face, it can make him look older, more professional, greater casual, and plenty of other appears. For every person that holds fee in their look, they’re very precise approximately the way that they look, and it’s miles difficult to find a barber that offers the exact look that the person describes. Even in the event that they do, the price of looking for professional assistance may be masses of greenbacks consistent with 12 months, and that’s a cost that almost anyone could be glad to reduce. For guys who might be inclined to make an effort themselves, there’s Total Trim Pro!

Features of TotalTrim Pro

Below are the features of this hair cutting machine in this totaltrim pro review

  • TotalTrim Pro is a Practical And Easy To Use Cordless Hair Cutting Machine
  • Versatile Combs For Different Trimming Lengths Selections
  • Effective Beard Trimming With No Hassle Regardless Of Hair Density
  • Stainless Steel Mechanism With Sharp Razors For Easy Trimming
  • Rust Proof Razors With Minimal Friction, Lubrication Included
  • Total Trim Pro is Easy To Use And Portable With Rechargeable Battery

TotalTrim Pro Specifications

  • The TotalTrim Pro
  • A set of guide combs
  • A charging cable
  • A cleaning brush
  • Lubricating oil
  • Replaceable Cutter Head
  • Waterproof Head
  • 3D Surface Acute Angle Cutter

How Does The TotalTrim Pro Work?

TotalTrim Pro claims their trimmer “does it all”, meaning you can use it on your face and body hair. I wanted to really put this thing to the test, so I tried both. Here’s how it went. Visit the official website for more info.

This TotalTrim pro is designed to make the cutting of your own hair an easy and simple job. In its kit, you will find a guidebook that is extremely easy to follow. But then to get this tool started you have to charge up your device, select the right guide comb then get to work.

Follow the guide, be patient and careful and you will become a pro in handling this clipper with a matter of hours (sooner than you expect)

I must say, I was impressed with the speed of shipping and quality of the packaging of Total Trim pro. I’ve seen other trimmer kits that go for nearly double the price and don’t include as many features, so that was a good sign.

Is TotalTrim Pro Any Good?

Many totaltrim pro review online say that this product is good. And most customers has confirmed this. It can serve a variety of purposes such as facial hair trimming, body hair grooming, etc. The features of this hair cutting machine prove that it comes in handy and gives you value for your money.

Facial Hair Trimming – This was my first attempt at a proper beard trim. Normally I just let my beard grow out, but with the Total Trimmer charged and ready, I read the instructions and got to work.

I started with the longest guide comb and pushed the trimmer all through my beard and moustache. It took out all the split-ends and rouge hair, giving my beard a much cleaner, polished look.

Then I started experimenting with the shorter guide combs. I buzzed my neck pretty short and then faded my sideburns into my hairline. This was my first-time “styling” my beard, so I went pretty slow and careful, only taking off a bit of hair a time. Even so, it only took me about 15 minutes to get the job done. I was quite happy with the TotalTrim Pro Customer Results.

Body Hair Grooming – For the rest of my body I took the guide combs off completely and went straight blade to skin. I wanted the full-body experience, so worked my way from the neck to toe. I followed the instructions and moved The TotalTrim Pro in quick sweeps across my chest and arms. The blades cut through the hair easily, so I didn’t have to go over the same spot over and over again.

As advertised, total trimmer pro moved very smoothly. There was no tugging or snagging, which was especially relieving when I got down to my more sensitive areas below the equator.

Compared to shaving, this was much faster and gentler on my skin. There were no bumps, cuts, or razor burn. When I was finished my skin felt smooth and clean.

Once again, the time it took for a full body trim was right around 15 minutes. I was shocked at how much hair came off me. I actually looked thinner when I stood in front of the mirror.

TotalTrim Pro.jpeg
TotalTrim Pro

Battery Performance – A lot of these new men’s groomers must be charged with USB cables, which means you have to supply your own adapter or plug it into the computer. Fortunately, the Totaltrim pro comes with its own charging cable. .

I only used it for 30 minutes, and it was still running at full power by the time I was done. I was curious about battery life, so I left it run. Two hours later, I finally heard it shut off. Plenty of time to get any size job done.

Cleaning and Maintenance -Cleaning the trimmer was very straightforward. I held it upside down and gave it a gentle shake to get most of the hair out and, then used the brush to sweep those last few stubborn hairs away.

Update: It’s been a couple of months now and I’ve kept up using TotalTrim Pro. Since I started using it, I feel more comfortable taking off my shirt in front of people and it’s made a big difference in how confident I feel.

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TotalTrim Pro Review.jpeg
TotalTrim Pro Review

Pros of TotalTrim Pro

For this Totaltrim pro review, we researched both the pros and cons, the following are the advantages derived from using this product

  1. Taper lever multi-lock system for easy blending.
  2. It has a high-performance 4 gear motor for easy and smooth gliding through the hair.
  3. This tool is designed with high grade stainless steel.
  4. It has a Li-ion battery which is rechargeable and can last for hours if fully charged.
  5. It is easy and simple to use.
  6. It is cordless and makes it very easy to use at any angle.
  7. It has a low noise technology
  8. With this tool, bumps caused by the use of badly designed clippers would be a forgotten story for you
  9. TotalTrim Pro is very price friendly and is also sold at a 50% discount price.
  10. A 30-day money guarantee.

Cons of TotalTrim Pro

  • TotalTrim Pro is limited in stock and can sell out at any moment
  • It not available for purchase in retail stores. Only available online

How Much Does TotalTrim Pro Cost?

The official website for this hair trimmer is currently offering a 50% discount on every purchase you make. Normally one TotalTrim Pro is sold at the price of $158 each but because of this ongoing offer, you can get one at the price of $79. For Consumers who want to buy more than one of these tools, there is also a two-pack for $137 and a three-pack for $197. This Total Trim Pro review confirms that this hair trimmer one of the top-selling offers in United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Spain, Isreal, etc.

In addition, You also get a 30-Day Money-back Guarantee. This simply means you have nothing to lose. So go now and benefit from this ongoing offer by buying your TotalTrim Pro today

Where Can I Buy TotalTrim Pro

Buying your totaltrim pro hair cutting machine from the official website would be really recommended so as to avoid getting your money into the wrong hands. You also have access to the current discount offer and a 30 day back guarantee and free shipping if you order today.

Frequently Asked Questions About TotalTrim Pro Review

Below are the frequently asked questions about TotalTrim Pro review. After interviewing some customers, we came up with these questions to address any challenges you might be having about this hair trimmer

Can I use TotalTrim Pro for my face and body Hair?

Yes, totaltrim pro works great on all parts of your body and that includes your face, hair, and body. However, it’s advisable to have a dedicated clipper for facial hair and body hair if you love having a good hygiene

Is this TotalTrim Pro safe for use on delicate parts of my body

Sure, this totaltrim pro hair trimmer works perfectly on these areas too as it was designed to move through your hair smoothly without nicking on them. It is 100% safe for those sensitive areas.

Can I use TotalTrim Pro in the shower

Yes you can, if you use it carefully. This totaltrim pro hair trimmer has a waterproof head. It is not advisable at all to make fully immersed in water.

Does TotalTrim Pro come with adjustable trims?

Yes, this totaltrim pro comes with guide combs that give you the freedom to cut your hair to different heights and levels.

How do I clean TotalTrim Pro?

Contained in its kit is a brush and lubricating oil that is used to removing any hair from your totaltrim blades. The oil is used to keep the motor of your total trim pro hair trimmer running

Is it possible to give myself a full haircut with TotalTrim Pro?

For a full hair cut, I’d advise you to meet a good hairstylist if you’re not a professional in the business of doing hair. However, this tool was designed majorly for the purpose of shaping, edging, and removing all sorts of body hair.

Why should you buy Total Trim Pro hair trimmer?

For this total trim pro reviews, There are a number of reasons why you should get hair cutting machine and these reasons are stated below:

  1. You don’t need to wait or struggle to get an appointment with a professional barber to get your hair styled because Total Trimmer Pro gives you that and at the comfort of your home.
  2. You can keep up with your awesome look even during this pandemic period at the comfort of your home.
  3. With this trimmer you can save up those huge sums that you would’ve spent on a hair salon

With the 30 day refund policy and the discount off sale on this product, I think it’s a win-win for you if you decide to get this product.

Who can make use of Total trimmer Pro? [TotalTrim Pro Review]

 Everybody can make use of this Total trimmer pro. I would not say just the guys because some women cut their hair in our society today and everybody has body hairs that they need to get rid of .

Both the old and young can make use of this tool for haircutting, facial and body hair grooming. It can also be that perfect gift that you’ve always wanted to give that your partner who spends tons of time in a salon in a week. Trust me, they’d never forget this.

TotaTrim Pro Customer Reviews

In addition to the experience we share earlier from a customer who has tested the product first hand, we have also gone online to see get some reviews for you.

I love TotalTrim Pro ultimate styling tool. I never like to go to any styling studio to have a hairstyle. But as I like my hair very much and want a pro-like hairstyle, I had to go there. Then found this amazing hair styling tool. It is very easy to use and gives a perfect hairstyle. The most interesting thing is you can give your hair a good style on your own. I must suggest everyone have this haircut tool in their bags

Jim Carrey , Canada:

Total trimmer pro is one smooth ride. No bumps, no cuts, it just glides through hair cleanly. It takes me less than 15 minutes to do a full-body trim now. I am never going back to a razor”

Gary S, New York

My beard has never looked better! I use TotalTrim Pro every couple of weeks just to clean up the edges and keep the shape defined. It makes a huge difference. It is also great for doing little touch-ups around my hairline. It adds some extra couple weeks onto the lifespan of my haircuts”

Stanley G, Los Angeles:

I ordered two TotalTrim Pro, one for my head and one for everything else, and l use them both all the time. TotalTrim Pro is lightweight, powerful, and super easy to use, even on the hand to reach spots like shoulders and back. Best purchase l have made all year

George L, Chicago

This is the best grooming tool l have ever owned. It is great for chest hair, back hair, and everything below the belt. This thing plows through the hair like a lawnmower and l have never had a single cut or nick”

Mike K

I never used to put much thought into how I style my beard: but TotalTrim Pro has been a game-changer for me. It is so easy to shape and style my facial hair, and it completely changes the look of my face. Now it looks like l have got an awesome chiseled jaw

Adrian B, United Kingdom

l liked mine so much I got two; one for the upstairs and one for downstairs. TotalTrim Pro Works great for cleaning up body hair, but it also fantastic for touch-ups between haircuts. Keeps all the hair on my head looking trim and clean. 5 stars review!

Jason K, United States

This trimmer – Total Trim Pro is officially sasquatch approved. I just shaved every hair off my body in one charge. It is powerful, easy to handle, and small enough to get in around tight corners. No razor burn, no snags , just smooth clean trimming

Newman C
Total Trim Pro Review.jpeg
Total Trim Pro Review

Closing Thoughts on TotalTrim Pro Reviews

So far so good, we’ve been able to touch a whole lot of areas about this product in this TotalTrim Pro Reviews; this trimmer is a good combo of sound quality and affordable price. Built with premium materials there’s no doubt about the durability and capability of this hair trimmer.

It has been a hit huge knocks to its competitors owing to its smoothness, zero-noise, no nicking, snugging, or even tucking of hair, and most importantly its cheap price. Unlike other hair care tools that may end up causing you all manner of skin problems, TotalTrim pro in no way causes you any form of skin irritation. It helps you maintain a good hygiene

With most barbershops still closed or running at half-capacity, I would definitely recommend the TotalTrim Pro to anyone that can’t get a hair appointment. This is a great tool that will help you learn how to style and shape your facial hair on your own.

I’d also recommend it to guys like me, who thought “manscaping” was too much work. Now that I know how easy it is to do a quick body hair trim and touch-up my beard, I could definitely see myself doing this every week.

This TotalTrim Pro review confirms that this tool is the solution to your incessant visiting of your hairstylist shop or office. It’s a one-time solution to saving that your money and staying safe.

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