WiFi ExtraBoost Review 2021: Scam or Legit Wi-Fi Extra Booster?

WiFi ExtraBoost Review

If you have a Wi-Fi dead zone in your home or office or contemplating buying this Extender, read this WiFi ExtraBoost Review. WiFi Extra Boost is a reliable WiFi extender that is trending in the United States, Canada, Europe, United Kingdom, Australia, etc. If you want to obtain the most out of a router, it sometimes needs a little boost to cope with building construction and layouts.

Finding the perfect position is often not possible for practical reasons. That’s where the WiFi Extra Boost comes in very handy. Indeed, that has been my experience, and I would contend that WiFi extenders are a necessity. If you are lucky and have a strong signal in every room, take a bow. For the rest of us struggling with weak signals, a WiFi booster like the WiFiExtra is the top choice for most persons in various climes.

WiFi ExtraBoost has recently come up as one of the most promising Wi-Fi boosters in the market. Those who need a reliable internet connection is a huge space for work are being drawn to this device. Buffering can be annoying for even the technologically-challenged who do not care about fast Wi-Fi speeds.

For those who need fast internet for work, it is an even bigger issue. Usually, any internet upgrade involves spending large amounts of money. With a Wi-Fi extender like WiFi ExtraBoost discussed in this review, this issue can be solved both quickly and inexpensively. This device increases the range, speed, and coverage of the internet in a house for an efficient connection.

WiFi Extra Boost will let you have strong signal and fast connections wherever you are, even the basement. Let’s delve a little deeper into the review though, and find out more about it. As we said earlier WiFi Extra Boost is gaining increasing popularity in the USA, UK, and Canada, as well as Europe, Australia, and New Zealand. This demand may be partially due to it being discounted to half price and coming with a month-long refund guarantee.

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What is WiFi ExtraBoost?

WiFi ExtraBoost is a Wi-Fi extender you plug into a wall socket to boost the signal of your existing router. The Wifi booster amplifies your WiFi signal and pipes it to all corners of your home or premises. A stronger signal means a faster connection, no matter where you are. If you want high-speed internet everywhere, the device is the inexpensive answer that avoids the exorbitant cost of upgrading your existing WiFi setup.

The WiFi ExtraBoost range extender is the best and most efficient way of extending and boosting your WiFi coverage at hight fast speeds. It works with almost any router and phone and is very easy to set up. WiFi ExtraBoost Extender is designed to relay and boost your wireless internet connection instantly to reach all corners of your home without sacrificing connectivity or speed. No more lags, dropouts, or disconnections.

How Does WiFi ExtraBoost Work?

This WiFi ExtraBoost review makes you understand that the WiFi Extra booster works by connecting to the Wi-Fi signal in a house and using its in-built antennas to amplify and transmit the amplified signal to the rest of the house, thus resulting in faster internet and increased range. Simply put, the WiFi Extra Boost will double the range of the signal and provide faster speeds at a very little cost and no increase in the bills.

WiFi ExtraBoost comes with three modes namely – Router Mode, which provides all benefits of the original router including managing networks, parental controls, or using a VPN; Access Point Mode, which allows an unlimited number of devices to be connected to it without compromising on bandwidth; and finally, Repeater Mode, that amplifies the signal of the main router for dead zones like garages, basements, and backyards.

WiFi ExtraBoost Reviews
WiFi ExtraBoost Reviews

Wifi ExtraBoost syncs with your existing WiFi router. Ideally, they will be in reasonable proximity, then press the power button. Wait a few seconds, and the WiFi light will begin to flash. If you wish to connect directly to the wifi extraBooster, you will need a LAN cable for a hardwire connection. You may need to power down and then power up your router for the two to sync.

But once the WiFi signal is picked up by the fast and reliable Extra Booster, WiFi will be available everywhere. A series of lights on the device will tell you everything you need to know. You can also use it as a router in its own right by connecting it to a phone socket via a LAN cable. You can then enter your access login details via computer and establish your internet connection. Even this is straightforward.

One of the biggest selling points of WiFi ExtraBoost is the fact that there is no limit to the number of devices that can be connected to it. An entire family can connect to Wi-Fi Extra Boost from wherever they are in the house – the comfort of the living room, the kitchen, or even the garden. The WiFi ExtraBoost Extender is extremely small and will not create an obstruction in the room.

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Features and Specifications of WiFi ExtraBoost Repeater

  • Twin antennas.
  • Supports WiFI up to 300MB/ps.
  • Supports WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK encryption.
  • LAN and WAN/LAN ports.
  • WPS button.
  • LED signal strength indicator.
  • Power and mode functions.
  • Setup wizard.

WiFi Extraboost has 2 built-in antennas for crystal-clear connectivity and a frequency of 2.4 GHz. Not only does the device come with many features, but also it is also extremely easy to use. Unlike a router, from what we found in this WiFi Extra Boost Review it does not need to be plugged in anywhere – users are free to relocate it to any other part of their house any time they want. Ideally, it must be placed between the router and the computer, but anywhere within the Wi-Fi router’s range is fine. WiFi Extra booster is also extremely secure and supports both WAP and WAP2 setups.

Here is another perk of using WiFi ExtraBoost Repeater – multiple devices can be installed around the house for a stronger Wi-Fi signal. That’s right! Additional devices can extend the users’ existing wireless signal further and make it even stronger; however, makers of WiFi Boost Extra discourage attempting a daisy chain. It also comes with an in-built signal strength indicator and overheating protection. Such thoughtful features, a smooth installation process, and unrivaled internet speed have made this product a necessity in the times of working from home.

Is WiFi ExtraBoost Different from other Wi-Fi Boosters?

Furthermore, the WiFi Extra Boost will support any WiFI-enabled device, including desktop computers, laptops, tablets, etc., making it unique when compared to others because of the latest technology it has. To get a more robust and more reliable signal. As it plugs straight into a regular power outlet, there are no messy wires to become unsightly or a tripping hazard. Plus, the WiFi ExtraBoost will easily handle connection rates of up to 300mbps. It is also extremely portable, so you can go with you wherever you need a better WiFi signal. Below are other benefits of using WiFi ExtraBoost:

  • Better WiFi coverage.
  • Better connections for multiple devices.
  • Elimination of dead signal zones.
  • Easy to set up.
  • No buffering while streaming.
  • Multi-direction scanning.
  • Push-button WPS for quick connections & protection.
  • Nice user interface.
  • Low power demand.
  • Adjustable antenna.
  • Modern slimline design.
  • Portable.

Is WiFi Extra Boost Any Good?

WiFi Extra Boost Extender is aimed at everyone with flaky WiFi and is indeed good and reliable. Having a stable connection is a must if you work online or just surf the web for pleasure. Best of all, because Wifi Extra Boost is so neat, it’s very portable. Pack this WiFi Extender with you on business trips and other outside activities where an uninterrupted WiFI connection would be useful. This WiFi ExtraBoost reviews would not be doing its job without some personal insight.

So let me share this with you. When the WiFi ExtraBoost package arrived, I was a little apprehensive as I am not a big tech fan. Much to my relief, zero troubleshooting was involved. The instructions are simple to follow. I had it plugged in and captured a signal within minutes. It is simple to understand. When you plug WiFi ExtraBoost Extender in, the signal strength LED lets you know how good the connection. In my case, I had to try a few different outlets until I got a strong signal.

WiFi ExtraBooster Review
WiFi ExtraBooster Review

How To Set Up(Use) WIFI ExtraBOOST Repeater?

When I first opened the WiFi ExtraBoost packaging, I noticed there was no additional equipment included. It turns out there’s an excellent reason for this: you don’t need any. Just plug WiFi Extra Boost Repeater into a power outlet. With luck, you may find the best position for the WIFI Extra EXTENDER first time. But if you do not see a strong signal indicated by the LED, you will have to experiment a little with alternative locations.

This WiFi ExtraBoost Review confirms that this extender will work almost anywhere, but to get the most out of it, find the spot where it works best. You will already know where the dead zones are and where your existing router is located. A little trial and error will find the optimum location for your WiFi ExtraBoost.

This sweet spot will generally be the midpoint between the dead spots and the router. The big consideration is moving as many obstructions out of the way as you can.

PROS AND CONS OF WiFi ExtraBoost Review

For this WiFi ExtraBoost review, we researched both the pros and cons, the following are the pros and cons derived from using this Wifi Extender

Pros of Wi-Fi Extra Boost

  • Cover With Powerful Signal Every Corner Of The Environment
  • Connect Multiple Devices Without Costing Bandwidth To Each Other
  • Powerful Signal Repeater For Home, Office, Warehouse, Restaurants, etc.
  • Reliable Connection With No Internet Lag On Multiple Devices
  • Better Connectivity Means Better Streaming With No Interruptions
  • Easy To Connect And Configure, Plug And Play Setup

Cons – WiFi ExtraBoost Review

  • Wifi Extra Boost is not available for purchase in retail stores. You can buy it only online
  • The Wi-fiExtra Booster is limited in stock

How Much Does WiFi ExtraBoost Cost?

Usually, one WiFi ExtraBooster is sold at the price of $118 each, but because of the ongoing offer, you can get one at the price of $59. For Customers who want to buy more than one of these Extra boosts, there is also two-WiFi ExtraBooster for $89 three-WiFi ExtraBoost for $149 plus 2 Free, and four – WiFi ExtraBooster for $129. This WiFi ExtraBoost WiFi review confirms that this WiFi Booster is one of the top-selling offers in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Spain, Isreal, Australia, etc.

The various medium of payments. You may use your your Visa, Mastercard, Amex, or Discover card directly on the checkout page.

Where Can I Buy WiFi Extra Boost?

Having made your mind to buy WiFi ExtraBoost, buy through the official website by clicking the link below. Buying your WiFi Extraboost Extender from the official website would be really recommended so as to avoid getting your money thrown into the wrong hands. You also have access to the current discount offer and a money day back guarantee.

Frequently Asked Questions About WiFi Extra Boost Review

Below are the frequently asked questions about the WiFi Extra Boost review. After interviewing some customers, we came up with these questions to address any challenges you might be having about this Wifi Booster Extra.

Do I Need WiFi ExtraBoost?

If your home or workplace has multiple devices competing for WiFi, then I would strongly recommend the WiFi ExtraBoost. I am sure it would be beneficial in multi-level offices and homes. You may even save money, according to some WiFi ExtraBoost reviews. Please note that the cost is what you pay at the checkout. There are no recurring bills. Just ensure you find the best spot to obtain the best of what it has to offer.

Is WiFi ExtraBoost Scam?

Readers of WiFi ExtraBoost Reviews always want an answer to this question. This review answers that. No, definitely not. WiFi Extra Extender is the real deal. Try it out for yourself and see. Just find the sweet spot, and you’re on your way to better, more reliable WiFi access in your home or office. Some WiFi ExtraBoost reviews mention that it didn’t work the first time. But they also point out there were obstacles that were making their WiFi slow. If it doesn’t work straight out of the box, it just means there is stuff in the way, or your product is too far from your router.

WiFi Extra Boost Repeater Review
WiFi Extra Boost Repeater Review


After some experimentation to find the best spot, WiFi ExtraBoost worked fantastically well. In contrast to some WiFi boosters I have used before, the WiFi booster is among the very best. I didn’t even move any furniture at all, which you may need to with other boosters. I found the signal to be strong everywhere in my home. The WiFi Extra was more reliable and faster, with no dropped connections. Just be sure to buy from the official website here. This way, you are sure to avoid clones and third-party markups

Why Is WiFi ExtraBoost Much Better?

There are several reasons. Chiefly, WiFi Extra works really well. It is a reliable WiFi booster that’s simple to set up and extend WiFi availability in your home or office. WiFi Extra Extender is a one-off purchase with no recurring costs and can handle WiFi speeds of up to 300mbps. On top of that, there’s a very affordable price.


Yes. Other WiFi extenders are much more expensive and don’t offer anything like coverage. According to some of the other WiFi ExtraBoost reviews, I have read, this product is the best by a wide margin. It’s priced competitively, simple to get up and running, and provides more range and coverage than the others. When I ordered mine, they were out of stock. However, patience paid off; I got a discount, and then just only ordered one, which I now regret.

WiFi ExtraBoost Customer Reviews

I’ve wanted something that would make my Wi-Fi connection and extend into my bedroom, which was never more than 27 feet from my modem. However, for some reason, I’m sure because of the layout of my home and the barriers between the rooms, I was never able to actually receive a nice strong connection in my bedroom. WiFi ExtraBooster solved my problems instantly! No more instability or speed drops, I love it!

-Philip, United States

I absolutely love this WiFi Extra Booster. Shipping was fast, and the Wi-Fi Booster felt like it was made of quality materials. After the easy setup, I could noticeably see the difference. All my devices were running much smoother on my Wi-Fi wherever I went in my house.”

-Jeptah, Dallas

I’ve tried a big-name wifi extender before, and it simply couldn’t reach my backyard and was way too expensive. I gave WiFi ExtraBooster a shot, and now I can browse the web in my backyard NO PROBLEM, thanks!

-Nora, Spain

This is the best Wi-Fi Booster so far. We were having trouble streaming on our downstairs TV with slow speeds. Now it works with this small extender – WiFi ExtraBooster works perfectly, so I am very, very pleased with this purchase. I highly recommend it! 5 stars Review!

-Joseph, Isreal

I love going to the backyard and enjoying the nice evening weather here, but the Wi-Fi here is so weak that it’s always cutting out. I got a WiFi Extra Booster, and now it never cuts out, and I can enjoy my favorite shows by the pool or under my shade tree”.

-Dickson, United Kingdom

The basement where my kids hang out was a total dead zone. They begged for months for me to upgrade the internet, but it seemed like a waste of money every month. But with WiFi ExtraBoost Review, I only paid once, and the Wi-Fi has never been more reliable!

-Charles, Australia

I’m really bad with tech, but I wanted to have better internet upstairs. I was so surprised, but it took just minutes to set up, and the Wi-Fi was fast and strong!! Thinking of getting one WiFi Extra Boost Extender for my sister’s house as a gift because their Wi-Fi is terrible, hahaha”.

-King, Kentucky
WiFi ExtraBoost Extender Review
WiFi ExtraBoost Extender Review

Closing Thoughts – WiFi Extra Boost Review

Usually, when one is hit by the annoying issue of low internet speed, the solution is to invest in a high-speed plan and increase monthly bills. However, WiFi Extra Boost has come to solve this problem as recommended by customers in this review. With a small one-time investment, users can make sure that their house will never have low-speed internet or spots with weak signals ever again. WiFi extrabooster also comes with a host of benefits and exciting deals, which make it a great value for money.

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