Black Lighter Review: Don’t Buy This Electric Lighter Until Your Read This!


Before you read this Black Lighter Review, we would like to know if you have ever been caught outside a blizzard or off from power during a storm? Folks in this situation recognize the urgency for heat and light and thus rely on starting a physical fire to achieve both. Nevertheless, your conventional lighters may fail to produce fire under inclement weather after numerous clicks.

In such situations, you need a defiant lighter that will produce a flame even when the odds are stacked against it. Black Electric Lighter igallantly matches the description and is a must-have at home, kept around in your vehicle, and a camping companion. The phenomenal lighter functions perfectly under harsh environmental conditions and don’t rely on butane or other fuels to produce a flame, thus averting significant limitations.

Testimonies about the intervention of Black Lighter abound from hikers, campers, and individuals caught in an emergency adverse weather condition. Therefore, grabbing one or more of these devices for yourself and loved ones might be best while stock lasts. 

In the following paragraphs, we’ll give you reasons to make your decision easier.  

What is Black Lighter?

Black Lighter
Black Lighter

Black Lighter is a lightning generator that utilizes Tesla coil technology to produce waterproof and windproof 1800-degree flame capable of staying lit under unfavorable conditions. The flame produced by this tool stays on even under running water. Now, isn’t that fantastic?

Black Lighter also called Black Electric Lighter is not your conventional lighter; your regular lighter pales compared to this innovative tool cut from an age-long invention.

With Black Electric Lighter, you can prioritize your safety and survival even in the harshest weather conditions.

How Does Black Lighter Work?

Black Lighter borrows from Nikola Tesla’s Tesla coil technology that produces plasma arcs of electricity. The device repeatedly produces flames in conjunction with a built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery. Flame production requires no gas or fuel. Once charged, the lithium battery is sufficient to produce a flame for about 500 clicks, which can last a long while until power restoration or the arrival of help.

Additionally, Black Electric Lighter houses a built-in rechargeable flashlight that can serve as a light source during power outages. Thus, when you find yourself in unfavorable weather situations, Black Electric Lighter gives you access to heat and light. 

Black Lighter Review: Features of Black Electric Lighter

Black Lighter is generating significant ripples in the US market for no reason other than the unique features that set it apart from conventional lighters. Even amid lighters utilizing Tesla coil technology, you won’t find any that awes quite as much as Black Electric Lighter.

Black Electric Lighter stands out for the following reasons:

Black Lighter Review: Waterproof

Is the wind current pushing the downpour to your open tent as you try to light a fire on your camping trip? The situation can be pretty frustrating when you bring a conventional lighter around. However, with Black Electric Lighter, you can quickly light the woods and build a fire without water interference. The product is waterproof, producing a flame even under water. So, bringing Black Electric Lighter to that next camping trip would be best.


While the wind can be your greatest ally when building a fire, it can also be your worst enemy on some other occasions. Strong wind currents will keep blowing out the flame on your regular lighter or matchstick. Nevertheless, Black Electric Lighter allows you to beat this limitation, given its windproof ability to stay lit even under a storm. Most products out there lack this unique ability.

Built-in Rechargeable Flashlight

Is there a power outage? Don’t worry; with the Black Lighter built-in rechargeable flashlight, you can easily illuminate your space and locate most items. The light is bright enough to light up a room or your path while you navigate from one point to another. 

Compact Design

A bulky design would make it impossible to carry the Black Electric Lighter around easily. Therefore, the product has a compact and lightweight design. You can carry a Black Electric Lighter in your pocket, camping gear, or backpack with zero qualms. The device can fit easily in your vehicle’s glove compartment. The compact nature of the Black Electric Lighter makes it possible to have it nearby all the time. You can’t predict when your survival will depend on it. 


Material quality matters greatly when making lighters that can defy a storm, heavy downpour, and extreme cold. Black Electric Lighter manufacturers use the best grade of material to produce durable lighters that won’t easily crack under pressure. The durability increases the chances of using the Black Electric Lighter for longer. 

Rechargeable and Long Battery Life

A rechargeable battery enables users to save money on the battery and charge the device once it goes down. At full charge, the battery goes on for a long, giving users about 500 clicks of the lighter. That is 500 opportunities to generate a flame to start a fire. After exhausting the battery, you can connect it to a socket, laptop, car, or boat to charge it so you can use it again.

Black Lighter Review: Technical Specifications

  • Waterproof – Flame stays lit in rain and under running water
  • Windproof in hurricanes and severe weather
  • Built-in Water-resistant Flashlight
  • Compact Design
  • Long Battery Life (up to 500 uses per charge)
  • Fully Rechargeable
  • Includes Micro USB charging cable.
  • 15′ Lanyard Included
  • Water and Shatterproof Tough-as-Nails ABS Plastic Case

Benefits of Black Electric Lighter

Black Electric Lighter - Uses and Benefits
Black Electric Lighter – Uses and Benefits

Getting the Black Electric Lighter for yourself or as a gift to your loved one is brilliant. When you own one of these devices, you can reap the following benefits:

  • Start a Fire Anywhere and Anytime

Fire is essential both indoors and outdoors. Therefore, it’s best to have a source handy at all times to start the grill for barbeque, light the fireplace or start a campfire. With the compact and lightweight Black Electric Lighter, you can conveniently carry a reliable source. You might not know when it’ll be necessary, but you’ll be armed to the teeth once the situation presents itself. 

  • Increase Your Chances of Survival

Getting stuck in the open with no help close by during a snowstorm is no funny business. Importantly, it would be best if you had a fire to keep warm while you wait for help. Black Electric Lighter is both waterproof and windproof; therefore, it is adequate to help you start a fire in such scenarios. You might even roast some marshmallows for a meal. 

What if you are trapped indoors during a snowstorm, and the power is out? With Black Electric Lighter, you can light your fireplace and cooker to make meals and heat up water for bathing till the rectification of the power outage. 

  • Light in Pitch Darkness

Are you in the dark and can’t see much ahead? You don’t have to take one more step in the dark when you own the Black Electric Lighter. The built-in rechargeable flashlight is enough to light up your path so you can find a way to your destination.

How to Use Black Lighter

Using Black Lighter is pretty straightforward. Take the following quick steps to light a flame in no time:

  • Open the lid
  • Press the igniter button
  • Take the flame to whatever you want to light up 

Black Electric Lighter Review: Pros

  • Waterproof
  • Windproof
  • Affordable
  • Uses a rechargeable battery
  • Long battery life
  • Durable
  • Compact and lightweight

Cons of Black Electric Lighter

  • Black Electric Lighter is available only on the manufacturer’s official site.
  • Presently, an overwhelming demand sweeps available stock off the shelves making the purchases difficult if you don’t act fast

Cost of Black Electric Lighter

Given the fantastic design features and quality of materials used to manufacture Black Electric Lighter, you may expect it to cost reasonably more than other lighters. Nevertheless, its manufacturers are more interested in sharing this technology with many individuals and households in the United States. Therefore, they have put Black Electric Lighter up for sale at quite an affordable.

As if the current price wasn’t attractive enough, the producers of Black Electric Lighter are running discount sales. Discount on the product, depending on the quantity you wish to purchase, is around 50-65%. You might want to seize this opportunity to buy Black Electric Lighter.

Here are the prices for different quantities of Black Electric Lighter:

  • 1X Black Electric Lighter costs $29.99 after a 50% discount
  • 2X Black Electric Lighter cost $53.98 after a 55% discount
  • 3X Black Electric Lighter cost $71.97 after a 60% discount
  • 4X Black Electric Lighter cost $83.96 after a 65% discount

While the discount sales last, it’d be best to grab the opportunity to purchase the Black Electric Lighter. You can even get some for friends and loved ones. Black Electric Lighter is a great gift to give someone. 

Where to Buy Black Lighter

Black Lighter isn’t available for sale in retail outlets nationwide. However, every purchase can be carried out in a few seamless steps on the company’s official website.

Follow these steps to purchase Black Electric Lighter for yourself and your loved ones:

  • Visit the Black Electric Lighter official website
  • Select the quantity of Black Electric Lighter you wish to buy
  • Fill out the customer information section correctly
  • Check the box if you want a Camo Lighter for an additional $20.99
  • Check the box if you want additional insurance for an additional $6.00
  • Select your preferred payment option, then make payment and complete your order

After completing the purchase, you will wait a few days to receive your order. Every information you provide on the site during the purchase is safe and protected by 256-bit SSL encryption.

Note: The manufacturers offer a 30-day money-back guarantee for customers who are unsatisfied with the product. You can return the Black Electric Lighter within 30 days of purchase for a full refund.

What People Are Saying About Black Lighter

The features, benefits, and affordability of Black Lighter speak for themselves. Still, it might be nice to hear what other clients say.

Before getting to know the Black Electric Lighter, I had no idea what a plasma arc lighter meant. However, now that I know about this product, I am surprised the technology hasn’t completely replaced conventional butane lighters. On every camping trip I embark on, there’s no tool I trust to have around as much as my Black Electric Lighter. Best buy ever!

Ken K. Reviewed in the United States

During my family’s reunion at the beach, I bought a Black Electric Lighter because I heard it was windproof. Immediately we got to the beach, I put the lighter to the test under windy beach nights. Each time, the Black Electric Lighter worked properly no matter the wind current, and I could start a bonfire every time. The flashlight also came in handy when it was time to leave the beach and retire to our apartment.

Greg B. Reviewed in the United States

After making use of my Black Electric Lighter a few times during our camping trip, many people in the group ordered one for themselves. So, I didn’t have to start a fire all the time; However, I am more amazed by the flashlight. It is super strong and has a long battery life. I only have to charge it once for a multi-day trip.

Daniella G. Reviewed in the United States

Frequently Asked Questions About Black Lighter Review

Is Black Electric Lighter Safe to Use?

It is safer to use the Black Electric Lighter than it is to use butane lighters.

How Long Will it Take for my Black Electric Lighter to Arrive?

Delivery takes 2-3 business days.

Do I Need to Clean My Black Electric Lighter?

It’s best to keep the ignition area clean with a brush but don’t clean it with any chemical or solvent.

Conclusion: Black Lighter Review

Inclement weather conditions can make it hard to start a fire to keep warm, heat up chocolate, or roast marshmallows. However, Black Lighter is here to save the day. This waterproof and windproof lighter utilizes Tesla coil technology to generate a flame resistant to wind and water. The flame can even stay lit underwater.

This Black Lighter Review can testify that it works with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that offers about 500 clicks to users thus enabling long-term use after charging fully. Additionally, the Black Electric Lighter doubles as a flashlight that can assist you in navigating your way in the dark.

Purchasing Black Electric Lighter is seamless. The manufacturer put it up for sale at an affordable price with fantastic discounts. It’s nice to seize this great offer and be better prepared for camping trips and emergencies.

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