Drone Xtreme Review 2021: Is this Drone Extreme Scam?

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If you plan to fly a Drone extreme, you need to understand how it is controlled. Customers have said a lot about Drone Xtreme Review, for an object that is heavier-than-air to get airborne, you must create a boost/lift. Boost/Lift is a force that pushes an object upward into the air and is created by varying the air pressure above and below an aircraft.

Drone Xtreme creates lift by moving air above and below a wing. The way that air movement is created is with the horizontal movement of the aircraft. The larger the aircraft, the longer the runway they need to gain the right amount of speed to create the lift that will ultimately push the aircraft into the air.

Once in the air, the aircraft must maintain horizontal momentum in order to keep the right amount of air moving over the wings. The aircraft moves only in the direction that the nose is pointing.

What is Drone Xtreme?

Drone Xtreme is an innovative WiFi-enabled selfie drone, which is a lightweight, ultra-compact, durable, drone that is low in cost but has all the benefits of a quality High Definition(HD) drone. Drone extreme is also known as a precision-engineered drone which is specifically designed for easy flying, making it perfect to fly inside or to record action shots whilst on the move anywhere.

Its foldable structure and lightweight design make it an essential item for any adventure. A marvel of engineering and design, the Drone XTREME was built to go wherever adventure takes you. Inheriting the best of the DroneX series, this ultraportable and foldable drone features high-end flight performance and functionality for limitless exploration.

How Does Drone Xtreme Work?

Drone XTREME works! It is the fastest drone of its size, flying at speed of up to 12 meters per second with a top transmission distance of 2km. Drone extreme comes with in-built pre-programmed camera shots, such as the boomerang and the asteroid shot, so even the least technical can have professional-quality footage at the click of a button

In order to describe how dronextreme work, you have to first distinguish them from their predecessors: remote control helicopters. According to Michael, public relations manager at drones Drone Xtreme, the key differentiator between the two airborne devices is that drones have some level of autonomy — meaning they can fly, hover, or navigate without input from a pilot.

“When you’re fully engaged with every single part of the flight process, that’s technically not a drone,” says Michael. “The ability to self-stabilize, to be able to hold a GPS-based position, that’s the level of autonomy that actually makes it an intelligent machine.”

This detail is key when you analyze one obvious difference between model aeronautics and drone xtreme: smart copters have multiple rotors. While RC copters also can have multiple propellors, hobbyist drones (not the ones that have flown government or the military) need them in order to achieve the level of control necessary for the unmanned aerial vehicle to be self-reliant.

Drone Xtreme Review

What are the benefits of Dronextreme?

When you have multiple rotors, you get a lot of really interesting benefits,” says Michael. For instance, having more than one propeller gives drones – drones xtreme more fail-safes. For instance, if one of the motors fails, the aircraft can still stay aloft with the remaining motors working in concert to compensate. In addition, the more rotors that you have, the more lift an aircraft will generate, allowing it to carry a heavier payload, something that comes in handy when you’re attaching a camera to a drone. And finally, having more rotors lets designers shrink the size of the blades, making them more manageable and even safer to use.

But it takes a power source to get these propellors spinning. Drones typically come with a removable battery that provides around 12 minutes of flight time. Many drone makers sell extra batteries, and you can even upgrade them to get up to 25 minutes of flight. But more power means more weight, which is why these machines get such little airtime. Everyone would love to have a drone that flies for hours on end, but the battery powerful enough to do that would act like an anchor, tying it to the ground.

What are the Features of Drone xtreme?

The features of drone xtreme includes it’s ability to be folded, take stunning HD photos, increased flying time, have a gravity sensor, Slo-mo Mode, and panorama mode.

  • Foldable Drone – The propellers of the drone Xtreme fold inwards to make the drone easier to carry and better protected during transit.

  • HD Photos and Video – Record video in HD at 120 frames per second and take photos up to 12 megapixels with a dronextreme
  • Increased Flying Time -Fly and film for up to 12 minutes without having to touch the ground or change batteries
  • Gravity Sensor – Sensors detect the ground and other obstacles & change the flying course automatically to avoid a collision when flying with a drone extreme
  • Slo-mo Mode – Replay the highlights of your epic adventures in high-definition slow motion with this drone
  • Panorama Mode – Capture 360(three-hundred-and-sixty) degree photos from the air with just one click of a button
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Drone Xtreme Review

Drone xtreme Review

This drone xtreme is one of the best on the market says a customer. There is no comparable product when it comes to value for money. The sheer range of flying modes and the precision of the controls puts it up there with some of the most expensive models, and yet it is completely affordable. It knocks all other competition out of the water. 5 stars Review from me.

-Peter Bridge, New York

What are the Pros of Drone Xtreme?

Anything that has advantages, has disadvantages as well. In this Drone Xtreme Review, we put together the pros and cons of this extreme drone.

  • Due to the fact, Drone Xtreme is a foldable drone, it has an advantage over most drones. A foldable drone generally means they come with foldable motor arms that can be folded and unfold. They are designed to create ultra-compact space that you can store inside your travel case or backpack. Most of the time, these foldable drones are a lot smaller than fixed drones. Generally, people think that foldable drones have fewer features, but that is not entirely true. Yes!
  • The gravity sensor provides a three-dimensional vector indicating the direction and magnitude of gravity. Typically, this sensor is used to determine the device’s relative orientation in space. This is a big advantage of drone xtreme over other drones.
  • Pictures taken with Drone Xtreme are taken in HD. This also includes videos. For stunning photography, HD photos are the best. According to Vangie, In digital camera terminology, a high definition photo is a shooting mode found on some digital cameras that produce a 1920×1080 pixel high-definition (HD) quality photo that will perfectly fit a wide-screen HDTV (16:9) for full-screen viewing.
  • The flying time of dronextreme makes it stand out. With an increased flying time of 21 minutes, you can enjoy your photography/videos shoot without changing batteries.
  • The Panorama of drone extreme mode allows you to capture more of the scene by combining images to create a panoramic photo. This mode lets you capture the world around you in a unique way. Capture 360-degree photos from the air with just one click of a button.
  • The lightweight design of the drone xtreme makes it easy to carry about. The portability makes you can carry it around with you anytime.

What are the cons of Dronextreme?

  • Dronextreme is only available for purchase online – Not available in retail stores
  • This drone is limited in stock

What is the Price of Drone Xtreme?

The price of Drone Xtreme depends on what how many you would like to purchase. Find out more below

  • 1 x Drone Xtreme Quadcopter Drone
  • 1 x Transmitter/Controller
  • 1 x 3.7 V 500 mAh Lipo Battery
  • Charging Cable
  • English User Manual
  • Discount price – $69.00

YOU SAVE : 35% | 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!

  • 2 x Drone Xtreme Quadcopter Drone
  • 2 x Transmitter/Controller
  • 2 x 3.7 V 500 mAh Lipo Battery
  • Charging Cable
  • English User Manual
  • Discount price – $138.00

YOU SAVE : $98 | 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!

  • 3 x Drone Xtreme Quadcopter Drone
  • 3 x Transmitter/Controller
  • 3 x 3.7 V 500 mAh Lipo Batteries
  • Charging Cable
  • English User Manual
  • Discount Price – $207.00

YOU SAVE : $196 | 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!

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Dronextreme Review

Where Can I buy Drone extreme?

If you want to purchase a drone extreme. The affordable Drone xtreme is available for purchase only online. Also, it has a 30-day money-back guarantee! Click the link below to order yours now from the official website.

Do you need help with Drone Xtreme?

In case you want to receive further information about the Drone XTREME or require support with your Drone XTREME, our award-winning customer advisors will offer you their help!

Contact Drone XTREME

Contact our Customer service team Call:  +1 855 696 9088
The United States, available between 8:00 and 17:00 hrs (EST) from Monday to Friday

Send an email to support@awesomegadgethub.com

Drone Extreme Customer Review

5 stars Review! I tested and tested the Drone Xtreme, pushing it to the limits while caputring and it could still keep up flying. I couldn’t outrun the drone and I was so impressed by how far it could go without losing transmission in the air. It works for me!

-BEN , Illinios

This dronextreme makes capturing a moment so easy and all of the pre-programmed modes are so much fun! It’s so exciting to see footage of myself which looks like it has been lifted straight from an action film, and it takes literally seconds to film

-MIKE, New Mexico

I’m usually extremely protective over my tech, but this drone is so intuitive to use, & has so many anti-collision features installed, I handed it over to my 8-year-old son just minutes after getting it in the air

-TARAN O. Ohio
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Drone Xtreme Review

Frequently Asked Questions About Drone Xtreme Reviews

After interviewing some customers, we came up with the frequently asked questions about Drone xtreme reviews

How Long Does Drone Xtreme Take To Charge?

Charging time for Drone Xtreme is between 60-70 minutes to full charge.

Can You Fine Tune The Balance of Dronextreme?

You can offset the balance of dronextreme by pressing the Fine-tune button to correct the orientation.

Does Drone extreme Have Altitude Hold?

Atmospheric pressure one key set high, you can accurately lock the height and location, stable hover, from any angle shooting, are convenient.

Does Drone Xtreme Have FPV (First Person View) Capability?

Drone Xtreme Wifi real-time transmission FPV system which can connect your phone with the drone and the view will be shown directly on your phone, thus enjoy the world above the horizon, capture photos and record videos for your great memory.

How to Launch a Drone Xtreme

Here are a few last steps you must take before you can take off flying and having fun with your drone xtreme. These are more universal as they pertain specifically to launching; however, each task may be a bit different from drone to drone. So refer to your user’s manual when in doubt. When you’re getting ready to launch your drone, your attention must be solely on the task at hand. If you have other distractions, you must put them aside so that you don’t injure yourself, and then follow these steps:

  1. Place your drone xtreme on the ground in a location that is safe for taking off and for landing. Keep in mind that if your drone has an auto-return mode, it will return to this location on autopilot. Most auto-return modes do not have the capability to avoid collisions. For this reason, you definitely want an open area if you intend to use this feature. Ensure your drone is pointed away from you and that your takeoff and landing pad is at least 10 feet in front of you. Using your own launching pad ensures that you always have a clean and level location for your drone to take off and land.
  2. If your camera is integrated with your drone(drone xtreme), make sure that the lens cap is removed, and set your camera to the desired mode for flight. If your camera is an add-on like a GoPro, power on your camera and ensure the cap is removed, and then set your camera to the desired mode for flight.
  3. Verify that your transmitter is off and the throttle is set to zero before connecting your drone battery. The chances of your drone firing up when a battery is connected are slim, but you still want to proceed with caution.
  4. Connect the drone battery of your dronextreme, and power it on.
  5. Calibrate your drone. Your drone contains several high-end sensors that need to be calibrated before each flight to ensure that your controls aren’t confused. When calibrating, make sure that you are away from any electromagnetic sources, such as speakers and power lines.
  6. Begin GPS lock.GPS lock is the same as establishing a home location. Several drones come with an auto-return mode. You will want to reconfigure before every flight if you change takeoff and landing locations. If you do not update your home position, your drone may attempt to return to an old location which could be far away. If you plan to fly in heads free mode, when your drone GPS locks, it will orient controls to the current location.
  7. Arm your drone. Arming your drone means it is ready to fly. This also means do not handle your drone. If you are using any sort of assisted flying mode (meaning you aren’t in manual mode), picking up your drone might cause the drone to think that it needs to spin the motors to correct and level out. When your drone is armed, stay at least 10 feet away.
  8. Gradually increase the throttle of your drone xtreme to spin-up your motors and get airborne. After you have taken off, you may want to hover above the ground about 10–20 feet for a minute to verify that your drone is under control. Before heading out, perform one last check of your controls to ensure that you have directional stability as well. Here is a drone hovering a good distance above the ground for verifying aerial stability.

Does Drone Xtreme Meet FAA Regulations?

Yes! Drone Xtreme Meets FAA Regulations. This means you can fly your drone without any worry as the holidays are approaching.

Is Drone Xtreme Wifi, Any Good?

Yes! Drone Xtreme is good. That’s why we reviewed it. Don’t be fooled by this dronextreme compact size: the power it houses is comparable to most devices twice or three times the size of the Drone XTREME. Its precision engineering makes it both lightweight and impressively robust. The box comes with spare propellers just in case, but we’re not sure that you’ll ever need them!”

The quality of this drone xtreme is staggering compared to the price you pay. This marks a turning point in the sales of drones. It is clear from the Drone XTREME that you can now purchase a top-of-the-range drone for a fraction of the cost of some of the leading models. This technology is now accessible to everyone, and we couldn’t be more excited!”

“We’re always looking for the best way to document our amazing adventures so that we can share them with our customers and followers. We’ve experimented with drones in the past, but until now we’ve found them over-complicated, underpowered, and too fragile to pack. The Drone XTREME has completely changed the way we record our trips and we are now making professional-quality videos in half the time! Amazing, right?

Drone Regulations [Drone Xtreme Review]

For this Drone Xtreme Review, we got this information for you. All air traffic, including that of drones, in the United States, is regulated by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Large businesses like Google, Amazon, and big oil companies, and small businesses and hobby enthusiasts, have been pushing for relaxed regulations that would allow for broad commercial uses of drone technology as well as fewer restrictions for hobby flying.

Pilots, the ACLU, and other organizations concerned with privacy rights have been pushing for regulations that would clamp down on how drones can be used not only by citizens and businesses but by the public sector.

To address the increasing demand for drones, the FAA is re-evaluating its regulations on drone use in America. As it stands, the FAA has proposed lighter restrictions but the proposed regulations would still make it prohibitive for businesses like Amazon and Google to be able to use drones to deliver packages, as well as companies like Marathon and BP to use drones to inspect pipelines in remote areas.

Existing FAA regulations You Must Know for Dronextreme

Some regulations were implemented before civil drone use was “on the FAA’s radar”: Dronextreme Reviews

  • Drones cannot be used for commercial purposes or the completion of a job task or a task that produces revenue.
  • Drones can only be flown by a line of sight, which means you cannot fly in a first-person view or with any other sort of technological assistance.
  • You cannot fly above 400 feet, within 5 miles of an airport, above government buildings, or in national parks.

Proposed FAA regulations You Must Know for Drone Xtreme

The Following is a list of the newly proposed operational limitations for drones (or UAS) while flying drone xtreme:

  • Unmanned aircraft must weigh less than 55 lbs. (25 kg)
  • Visual line-of-sight (VLOS) only; the unmanned aircraft must remain within VLOS of the operator or visual observer.
  • At all times the small unmanned aircraft must remain close enough to the operator for the operator to be capable of seeing the aircraft with vision unaided by any device other than corrective lenses.
  • Small unmanned aircraft may not operate over any persons not directly involved in the operation.
  • Daylight-only operations (official sunrise to official sunset, local time).
  • Must yield right-of-way to other aircraft, manned or unmanned.
  • May use visual observer (VO) but not required.
  • First-person view camera cannot satisfy “see-and-avoid” requirement but can be used as long as requirement is satisfied in other ways.
  • Maximum airspeed of 100 mph (87 knots).
  • Maximum altitude of 500 feet above ground level.
  • Minimum weather visibility of 3 miles from control station.
  • No operations are allowed in Class A (18,000 feet & above) airspace.
  • Operations in Class B, C, D and E airspace are allowed with the required ATC permission.
  • Operations in Class G airspace are allowed without ATC permission.
  • No person may act as an operator or VO for more than one unmanned aircraft operation at one time.
  • No careless or reckless operations.
  • Requires preflight inspection by the operator.
  • A person may not operate a small unmanned aircraft if he or she knows or has reason to know of any physical or mental condition that would interfere with the safe operation of a small UAS.
  • Proposes a microUAS option that would allow operations in Class G airspace, over people not involved in the operation, provided the operator certifies he or she has the requisite aeronautical knowledge to perform the operation.

Closing Thoughts Drone Extreme Review

Drone extreme is one of the latest top drone deals online in 2020 as the affordable, lightweight selfie drone offers the ability to create stunning photos and videos from above. Found only online for an exclusive discount, the Drone xtreme Pocket WiFi Drone is a flying quadcopter with High-definition video and image capability for capturing incredible footage in the air.

Drone Extreme Review.jpeg
Drone Xtreme Review

If you are the type of person who likes to document your adventures with selfies, dronextreme will come in handy you may have noticed that selfies are no longer as big as they used to be. At least, not the typical ones, where you would simply take out your phone, turn on the camera, extend your arm, and take a stunning photo.

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