Karben Wallet Reviews: The Truth About this Slim Wallet

Karben Wallet - All You Need to Know

Karben Wallet is the latest minimalistic cardholder, which is classified as an RFID-blocking aluminum and carbon fiber wallet designed to be slimmer, smarter, and safer for its users

Overall, Karben Wallet Reviews is rated 4.7 out of 5.0 when compared to other RFID-blocking Aluminium and Carbon Fiber wallets out there. If you want something to replace your old traditional wallet, Karben will be a good choice. Mine has been of good service to me.

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What People Are Saying About Karben Wallet

”5 out 5.0 stars for Karben Wallet Review! I used to use a ‘Dad’ conventional wallet. I usually keep it in the back right pocket of my pants and it eventually wore a hole through them! And it was damn uncomfortable. I developed back pain because of years of sitting on a bulky, uneven wallet! Not surprisingly, my pain went away when I started using a carbon fibre wallet. Karben wallet I’ll ever buy.”

Reviewed in the United States by Mike R. Boston, MA

What is Karben Wallet?

Karben Wallet Reviews
Karben Wallet Reviews

The Karben wallet is an RFID Blocking Wallet, stopping thieves from stealing your money or your identity! This carbon fiber RFID wallet is the protection you need in this dangerous new era of cybertheft!

Types of Karben Wallet

Types of Karben Wallet
Types of Karben Wallet

There are 2 color variations for the Karben Carbon Fiber RFID Wallet and a built-in NFC Sticker.

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Karben Wallet Specifications

  • Carbon fiber wallet with RFID Blocker
  • Holds up to 12 standard credit cards
  • Money clip band
  • Comes with preprogramed NFC sticker already installed
  • Product dimensions: 8 x 61 x 86 mm
  • Colors: Black and Silver

Karben Sticker Specifications

  • NFC chipset (Near Field Communication) technology
  • 30mm in diameter
  • CE/RoHS/REACH certified

How Does Karben Wallet Work?

How Karben Wallet Works
How Karben Wallet Works

Karben Wallet works with any modern smartphone! The RFID blocking wallet also makes it so convenient to share the information you want to share, too! With just a tap against someone else’s phone, you can share whatever information you choose to – your social media accounts, contact info, or whatever you like.

Karben Reviews – Pros

  • Karben Wallet has a Premium Minimalist Construction
  • It is Military Grade Tough
  • Karben Wallet has a Guaranteed Delivery

Karben Wallet Review – Cons

  • Karben isn’t available in retail stores. Place your order online
  • Very likely to sell out soon

Cost of Karben Wallet (Pricing)

1X Karben Wallet is $49.99 which is a discounted price from $76.91. 2X Karben Wallet is $99.99 which is a discounted price from the regular price of $153.82. 3X Karben Wallet is $111.99 which is a discounted price from the regular price of $230.72. 4X Karben Wallet is $136.99 which is discounted price from the regular price of $307.63.

Where to Buy Karben Wallet

Karben Wallet can be bought online from the Karben Official Website. Don’t be decieved by cheap knockoffs and imitations. There are lots of carbon fiber wallets on the market today, but there’s only one Karben. Head to the official website today to ensure secure payment and quick delivery.

NB: The Karben carbon fibre wallets is selling out fast and restocking may take months due to the global situation right now . Place your order NOW for guaranteed delivery.

Customers who have bought this product has commended that buying it from the official website was hitch-free. There are also discount offers that are made available on the website. And there’s 30-Day Refund Policy for anyone buying from the official website.

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Karben Customer Review (What People Are Saying About Karben Wallet)

Richard K.Queens, NY says something pretty has to be dumb? Karben Wallet may be cool to look at, but it has some outstanding features, too. It’s so easy to take your credit cards in and out, and it’s incredibly durable, too. Combine that with the sharing function and Karben is the best wallet I’ve ever used.

Richard K. Queens, NY Reviewed in the United States

Marco R.Oakland, CA. I was so done with cheap traditional wallets made out of low-quality leather that falls apart the first chance it gets. That’s why I bought the Karben Wallet – it’s built to last a lifetime, and it looks durable and stylish at the same time. It looks so good, several cashiers have already asked me where I got it!

Rutger T.Concorde, NH. Karben is Easy to use, durable, and beautiful to look at, too! I’m a pro photographer and I love using the Karben Wallet’s data sharing feature. With just a tap, I can give new clients a link to my online portfolio. The ability to share you data with just a tap is incredible. Why didn’t anyone think of this before?

Rutger T. Concorde, NH Reviewed in the United States

Frequently Asked Questions of Karben Wallet Reviews

This Karben Wallet Reviews contains all the Frequently Asked Questions after interviewing several customers who has used the Karben Wallet

How Durable is the Karben Wallet?

Karben Wallet is made to last! Built of strong and durable aluminum, genuine carbon fiber, Karben keeps going when other wallets have fallen to pieces!

Do My Friends Need to be Using the Karben App For Me to Share My Info?

Not at all! The people you choose to share your information with do NOT need to have Karben installed to receive your information. Just a tap on their phone is all that’s required!

What is your Karben return policy?

Our Karben Return Policy lasts 30 days and is effective when you receive your Karben purchase. If more than 30 days have gone by since the delivery of your Karben purchase, unfortunately, we can’t offer you a refund, exchange, or price equivalent in-store credit.

Assuming you return your purchase within 30 days from receipt:

  • Karben Product must be in brand new condition, unused/unworn and its original packaging.
  • Karben Product packaging must be intact and returned to us in an appropriate shipping container.
  • Karben Product must be returned to the return facility address provided by our customer service.

Non-returnable items: Some products for reasons of health protection, sanitary, and hygiene are not eligible for a return if the product has been opened or tried out (unless they are faulty). Only new, unused/unworn items – in their original packaging – qualify for a return.

For more information please visit our Karben Terms & Conditions in the footer of the checkout page.

Can Karben Really Protect Me from Data Theft?

Absolutely! Karben is designed to block RFID readers that can hack into your credit cards. It’s one of the best ways to protect yourself from identity theft.

How to Use the Karben NFC Card App

Step 1: Download the Karben NFC card app

You can download Karben NFC card App On Google Play or Apple Store.

Step 2: Setup your profile on the Karben NFC card app and you’re ready!

1. Log In

Log in using your Gmail, Facebook, or Apple ID account.

2. Manage Your Bio Page:

Add your social network profiles by clicking “Add More” then selecting the social media site from the options.

Type in your profile link or username, then toggle “Public” if you want that link to be viewable in your bio page. Then, hit “Apply” to save your changes.


3. Set Your Profile to Public

Make sure your bio profile is set to “Public” so it can be viewed by others.

How to Set Up Karben Profile 2
How to Set Up Karben Profile 2

4. Tap and Activate Your Karben NFC sticker

For iOS users: Go to your phone’s settings and turn on NFC (Near Field Communication). Tap your Karben NFC sticker using the upper front portion of your iPhone. Once you’re asked to “Activate Karben”, click “OK.” Hold your phone next to the tag until it vibrates – this means your tag has been successfully activated.

For Android users: Go to your phone’s settings and turn on NFC (Near Field Communication). Then, tap your Karben NFC sticker using the center back portion of your Android device. Hold your phone next to the tag until it vibrates – this means your tag has been successfully activated.

Note: If you’d like to put a Karben NFC sticker on your mobile device, we recommend placing it on the lower part of your phone (excluding Samsung models, where it’s best to put the tag on the upper portion). This placement helps avoid repeatedly setting off your NFC reader.

How to Activate your Karben NFC Sticker
How to Activate your Karben NFC Sticker

5. Manage Your NFC Stickers

Open the Karben NFC Digital Card app and go to “My Stickers”. Here, you can view your tags’ locations, the number of scans they received, and a list of people who scanned them. You can even view the location of the people who scanned your Karben (if they enable you to access their location).

Click “View All Stickers’ Location” to see where a tag was last scanned. This screen also shows the details of each tag – its name, picture, total view count, the people who scanned it, and more.

Karben NFC Smart Card also lets you set up a private message that will pop up when people tap your tag. This is a cool way to introduce yourself, even before they see your social media profiles. If you want the tag to simply display your profile again, just clear out the private message box and hit “Save”.

You can also add new tags by tapping the “+” button at the top right corner of the My Tags tab. Ran out of tags? Just tap “Buy Now” to get more Karben!

How to Manage Karben Sticker
ow to Manage Karben Sticker

6. QR Code

Even those without NFC-compatible devices can tap your Karben! Just share your QR code so they can view your bio page and all your added profiles. Just note that this feature is only available when your bio profile is public.

7. How can I delete my Karben account

Please contact us via our live chat or phone support, see phone number here

How Large is Karben? How Heavy?

Karben measures 8 x 61 x 86 mm, just a hair larger than a standard credit card. And it weighs in at an easy-to-carry 60g (just a little over two ounces)!

Final Verdict on Karben Wallet Reviews

This Karben Wallet Reviews agree that your traditional wallet in your back pocket won’t stop thieves the way this carbon fibre wallet will. A lot of person recommend this product. If you want a wallet that will keep your details secure and safe, Karben Wallet is what you should consider.

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