Lids By Design Reviews: Scam or Safe Contour Rx Product

Lids By Design Reviews

This Lids By Design Reviews contains everything you need to know about this contour RX product. Many customers who have used Lids By Design gave a positive review about it.

If you have droopy, tired or saggy eyes and you are searching for a natural alternative to give you that sharpness then read this contour Rx Lids Review. Lids by Design is the easiest and safest way to achieve bold and lifted eyes. You can wear them every day to give you a bolder and more youthful look. You feel more confident and secure about your looks.

If you’re looking for a natural and safe solution to saggy and droopy eyes, look no further. The Lids by Design can help you achieve amazing results in just a few seconds. People think if they have droopy or saggy eyelids, the only options are to live with it or get surgery. With the Lids By Design, you won’t have to do either.

It is the perfect solution for people who suffer from droopy and tired eyes. You no longer have to hide behind sunglasses or source extreme and expensive solutions like facial surgeries. With the Contour Rx Lids, you embrace your natural beauty with one easy application. Whether you want a more stunning look for a night out or a subtle look for a casual outing, the Lids By Design Lids offer you safe, quick, and natural results in seconds.

What is Lids by Design?

What is Lids By Design (Contour Rx Lids By Design Reviews)

Lids by Design is an instant solution to droopy, saggy, and hooded eyelids without undergoing surgery. Lids By Design has developed an amazing product that has taken the beauty market by storm. This corrective strip provides an instant solution and creates a more for a more youthful and natural look.

The purpose or function of corrective strips is to re-contour and redefine your eyelids. You can easily apply them to your eyelids and create a natural, beautiful crease for bolder, bigger eyes.

This product is a medical-grade, latex-free, hypoallergenic cosmetic strip that was created to temporarily uplift the appearance of the eyelids. Each strip works instantly to make you look younger and improve the look of your eyelids.

Lids By Design Review – Features

Inclusive Design

There are no other products in the market quite like the Lids By Design. It is a corrective strip created by beauty experts. It’s latex-free, hypoallergenic, and works with any skin tone.

Instant Results 

Lids By Design works instantly!! Unlike painful treatments, you won’t need any recovery time or have to wait around for results. The strips are translucent and they blend easily and seamlessly as they make contact with your skin.

Completely Safe

Lids By Design is dermatologist-approved. It is very unlikely to cause any allergic reaction and is completely safe to wear all day long/every day.

Correct Asymmetry

It is possible that both eyelids are not the same. You can use the Lids By Design Lids to correct asymmetry and get that look you’ve always wanted.

Define Your Eyelids

If you naturally have smaller eyelids or your eyes are losing elasticity from age, the Lids By Design Lids will blend with your skin tone and give you a more youthful appearance.

Everyday Solution

The Lids By Design Lids is the easiest and quickest solution to droopy, hooded eyes! It is safe, risk-free, and requires no recovery time.

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Benefits of Lids By Design (Contour Rx Lids)

Revolutionary Design

This amazing product was created with you, the customers in mind. The flawless design is perfect for all skin tones, translucent, and comes in 5mm size to fit any occasion.

Instant Results

You can apply the Lids By Design corrective strips as a part of your morning routine for a vibrant, youthful look. With a fresh new pair daily, you can transform your eyes in seconds.

Medical Grade

The Lids By Design is the only corrective strip developed by medical experts. It is latex-free and hypoallergenic. It is completely safe to use with any skin tone, around your eyes.


The Lids By Design are made accessible to everyone by the manufacturers. It is very affordable and there are discounts offered on each purchase you make on the product’s official website.

Do the Lids By Design – Contour Rx Work?

Lids By Design

We followed a customer’s experience with the product to offer first-hand proof of the effectiveness of the product

DAY 1 of Using Lids By Design:

On opening the box for Lids By Design, I was surprised to see that it came in a convenient box to keep all the strips in order and a pair of tweezers you can easily use to lift the strips off the sheet.

It is very easy to apply if you follow the instructions in the manual. I wore the 5mm strips today. The strip is translucent and it blends well with my skin, it looks natural and is super comfortable that I barely notice it’s there. My eyelids look lifted.

Comparing a generic brand to the Contour Rx, I’m guessing this one is 3mm-4mm, it doesn’t come with tweezers and it’s a bit difficult to pick up. Both sides of the strip are sticky, but once I get it to my eyelids it seems to stay.

DAY 2: of Using Lids By Design

After wearing both strips, I saw that Contours Rx stayed in place all day, but the other brand, after four hours, lost its stickiness and just fell off. It also fell off at the worst possible time and I felt so embarrassed.

The generic brand also made my eyelid a bit itchy and red, so I doubt I will continue wearing them. I’m guessing it may be an allergic reaction to the material or adhesive on the strip. Lids By Design is hypoallergenic, latex-free, medical-grade and dermatologist tested, no wonder it feels so comfortable.

DAY 3: of Using Lids By Design

I am wearing Contours Rx on both lids today. I don’t wear too much makeup and the 5mm gives such a natural lift, I think this is the perfect width for my everyday look.

DAY 4: of Using Lids By Design

I’ve been getting amazing results with the Lids By Design so far. I like the fact that they are disposable, so I can rock a new pair every day and pick a different width depending on my preferred look for the occasion.

I have been getting compliments from everyone and I can see a noticeable difference in my eyes. Someone even asked me if I underwent surgery, they were shocked when I told them my little secret.

How to Use Contours Rx Lids By Design

The Lids By Design Lids are very simple to use. You can follow this step by step process on how to use:

Prepare your eyelid by using the Lids By Design Eyelid Prep Pad to remove excess dirt, oil, and dead skin and also remove all makeup.

Identify the fold line your eyelid where there is any excess or visibly sagging skin folding over.

Use your tweezers to carefully peel the correcting strip from the backing paper.

Using the tweezer, place the strip directly on the eyelid fold and twist the tweezer gently to release the strip.

PRESS and HOLD the strip down for a few seconds with your fingers to be sure of a complete bond to the eyelid

How do the Lids by Design (Contour Rx) Work?

How Does Lids By Design (Contour Rx) Work?
How Does Lids By Design (Contour Rx) Work?

The Contours Rx Lids By Design work by compensating for the weakened elevator muscles of the eye or eyelids. It lifts the eyelid or any sagging skin around it by using adhesive.

The Contour Rx Lids By Design come in small convenient strips. You can lift your eyelids by placing the strip at the area where your eyelids fold over, this gives you a more open and youthful appearance. The change they make is very evident and amazing. The Lids By Design make all the difference for those with saggy or droopy eyes.

The strips are simple to use and convenient to wear also. When you put the correcting strips on your eyelids, they hoist the extra skin and make the eyelid look more lifted and firmer for a brighter look. They also make eye makeup last longer and look better, something that is alien to droopy and hooded eyelids. This is because when you use the strips, there is enough space to do smooth techniques with your eye makeup and your overall look is much better.

Materials Used in Contour Rx Lids by Design

Material Content: Polyethylene, Styrene-butadiene Rubber, Release Paper, Petroleum Resin.

Where to buy Lids By Design (Contour Rx)

You can buy Lids By Design directly on Contour Rx Lids’ official website. There are discounts available when you buy multiple units on the official website and buying more units of the product means you save more money. Payment for the purchase can be made directly using your credit card or Paypal.

Click Here to Buy Lids By Design at the Lowest Available Price From the Official Website

Cost of Lids By Design

The Lids By Design have been made readily available for everyone by the manufacturers by offering them at an affordable price. You can purchase the Contour Rx Lids at a discounted price on the manufacturer’s official website and you save more when you buy extra units of the product. Buying the Contour Rx Lids on the official website is the safest way of purchasing the product and the options listed thus are available to the buyer

One unit of the 5mm Lids By Design (80 strips) can be purchased for $31.95, which is a discounted price from the original price of $39.94. This package is called Instant Lit Starter Kit

Also, Instead of $79.88, you can buy two units of the 5mm Lids By Design (160 strips) for $59.99. This package is tagged Double Deal

Three units of the 5mm Lids By Design (240 strips) are sold for $77.99 from the original price of $119.81. The package is known as Trio Youth Bundle

Pros of Lids By Design (Contour Rx Lids)

  • Correct Asymmetry
  • Affordable
  • Safe to use
  • Non-Surgical Solution
  • Define Your Eyelids
  • Re-Contour Hooded Eyes

Cons of Lids By Design (Contour Rx Lids)

The product can only be purchased online on the product’s official website

Stock is limited as the Lids By Design are in high demand

Frequently Asked Question on Lids By Design Review

Below are the frequently asked questions gathered from interviewing a lot of customers who have used the Lids By Design.

Is Lids By Design safe to use?

Yes. The medical-grade correcting strips are latex-free, hypoallergenic, have been dermatologist tested, and the adhesive used is made from organic materials.

How many strips are in each package of Lids By Design?

80 strips are contained in each package of the Lids By Design.

Can I reuse the Strip of Lids By Design?

Each strip of the Lids by design is intended for one-time use only. You can reuse strips for practice placement, but otherwise, once removed, strips should be discarded.

Can I wear the Lids By Design with contact lenses?

Yes, our safe, non-irritating materials can be used by contact lens wearers

How soon will I see a change in my appearance?

Results are instant and immediate and will last as long as you wear the Lids By Design correcting strip.

Lids By Design Customer Reviews

Amazing Results!

I have lived with droopy eyelids all my life. Now I’m much older and they cover my eyelashes, but not anymore!! I used the Lids By Design with great results. I will be ordering more again. I’m really satisfied with the Lids by Design and I greatly recommend it.

Very Good!

I’m 70 and my eyelids are really bad. The Lids By Design work great on my eyelids. The product makes a huge difference in my looks and eyesight.

Droopy Lid Gone

One of my eyes is noticeably droopy to me. I used the Lids By Design on one eyelid and now the eyes match. They are the perfect size for me and give me a very natural look.

Our Final Verdict on Lids By Design Reviews

This Lids By Design Reviews agree that this contour Rx product is the leading brand of non-surgical cosmetics because of revolutionary and innovative products like Contour Rx Lids by Design that look and feel like your skin itself.

Using high-quality non-surgical beauty enhancement technology, their products can instantly and safely take off years from your appearance for any event you want or your everyday life. The product is easy to use and very affordable as discounts are offered on purchases made on Lids By Design’s official website.

The Lids By Design are also dermatologist-approved and they hardly cause any allergic reactions. The translucent strips blend with any skin tone to give you a more natural and youthful look.

Click Here to Buy Lids By Design at the Lowest Available Price From the Official Website

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