SmartSaker Review: Is This Contour Guage Profile Tool Scam or Not?

SmartSaker Review

This Smartsaker Review covered everything you need to know about a Contour Guage Profile Tool. Overall, SmartSaker has received an average of 4.8 positive reviews out of 5.0. After comparing it to most contour gauge profile tools on amazon and other marketplaces, we came up with this detailed information.

More often than not, we have been in a situation where we have to fix something or build something on our own. Many of us love to do things ourselves, handle our problems, tackle the tasks, solve them and own the solution. We enjoy the feeling of creating something new by ourselves, and if you’re one of those that enjoy DIY-ing, then this product is one you should have in your armory.

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So, what do you do, when you are faced with something that requires precise contouring? Are you able to draw the patterns yourself? Or do you find that your finished products were not good enough? Or did you abandon the project altogether because you couldn’t work around all the irregular shapes and corners? Well, I have great news!! The Smart Saker or Saker Contour Gauge Tool solves this problem. The device perfectly draws patterns of any shape.

Whether you are building a cage, a treehouse, or working on any task that requires fine edges and perfectly fitted contours, the Smart Saker is the perfect tool for you. Most of the woodwork and constructions that involve wood, also require fine contouring and hand-drawn contours are not the best solutions. Using the Smart Saker ensures that you get the perfect contour you need as well as profiling, patterns, and edge crafting.

What is Smart Saker

SmartSaker Review
SmartSaker Review

Smart Saker also knows as Saker Contour Gauge is a lightweight, compact, sleek and portable tool that was designed to enable the user to create patterns edges, perfect contours, and cut accurately. 

This amazing device is an affordable solution that can also assist you to do the woodwork yourself. It is a perfect tool to add to your Do it Yourself (DIY) kit and can assist you to effectively carve, design, and create patterns on your wood yourself with little hassles.

One incredible feature of the Smart Saker Contour gauge is its ability, to duplicate a replica of any shape you want, especially irregular shapes. It achieves this by creating templates for old shaped and curved profiles. This tool also saves you the stress of transferring profiles to cardboard sheets or paper and helps you pattern, measure, and cut easily and accurately.

Another important feature that makes this product special is its ability to provide neat results. In carpentry and woodwork in general, the neatness of the finished product is a very important performance indicator. No one would like to buy a rough chair or table that has poor linings, and rough surfaces or patterns, e.t.c

Also if you are not an expert, the Smart Saker is a too you should have. Even though this device can be used for any level of expertise, it is especially of help to the inexperienced, who still desires to create something new or implement some woodcraft they thought of. It is very easy to use, it is safe, and not complex. If you love to Do it Yourself, then you should have this amazing product!!

Features of the Smart Saker

All the features of this contour gauge profile tool are listed in this SmartSaker review.


This device is flexible and the user can adjust it to suit his preference as well as the type of task to be handled. It is made from materials that permit the device to be bent, stretched, or adjusted to any point.

ABS plastic and Prevents Rusting

The Smart Saker is made with durable plastic material which enables the device to last for a very long time as the ABS plastic is least susceptible to rusting. If by chance the device is accidentally scratched, it remains intact. The Smart Saker doesn’t get damaged easily.


The Smart Saker or Saker Contour Gauge is designed for winding, water channel, circular winding, and is also suitable for all tiles, carpet, gauge, laminate, molding, etc. It is a useful tool for working on carpentry, sculpture, and for all kinds of applications.

Adjustable and Easy to Operate 

The Smart Saker can be adjusted to suit your preference. You can fix the impact quickly after using the contour controller for a while; Always seal the checking teeth for the perfect position, once the material is applied.

In-depth Measurement

The Smart Saker sample size is 5 inches & 10inch and can be used to measure the shape of inconspicuous contours and create instant templates for fine-grained cutting marks.


You can correctly sit the sealing system (button) can be correctly seated on the wall where the nails should be placed for reinforcement.


The Smart Saker pack comes with a hardware case that contains everything you need to replace your photos indoors to save more.

Safe to use

A very important feature of the Smart Saker is that it is very safe to use. It is designed to ensure the users are exposed to zero risk of injury. You won’t suffer bruises, cuts, or any other kind of injury while using the Smart Saker.

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Benefits of the Smart Saker

The Smart Saker offers numerous benefits to its users and some of them listed in this review

It is built with quality maaterials

The Smart Saker is made of high-quality ABS plastic, corrosion-resistant, high tensile, and durable material, to ensure the user enjoys long-lasting use of this product. You don’t need to worry about accidental scratches on delicate surfaces or the product. It is also safe to use.

Easy To Use and Maintain

The Smart Saker is very easy to use. It saves you time, clutter, and frustration, uploads photos for perfect placement in seconds. The Smart Saker is also easy to maintain.

SmartSaker is Portable

The device has a portable and compact design. You can easily carry it in your bag or your box, among your work tools. The Smart Saker doesn’t take up too much space.

Cost-Effective – Smart Saker Review

Compared to other tools of similar function available in the market, the Smart Saker is very affordable. Also, considering its durability and long life-span, and the time it saves you on working your projects, the device is cost-effective

How to Use the Smart Saker

Smart Saker Review
Smart Saker Review

Follow these simple steps to use the Smart Saker:

  • The first thing is to identify the values you want, then tap and lock the contour ruler. The contour controller will be seated once it is locked.
  • For the second step; once the pattern is locked next to the contour you applied it to, you then remove the ruler and place it in what you want to cut.
  • This implies that no matter how inconsistent or intact, you will not need to measure for hours. You just have to depend on this device for perfection.

Pros of the SmartSaker

  • Lightweight.
  • Effects perfect contour
  • Detachable.
  • Portable.
  • Very affordable.
  • Very efficient
  • Safe to use.
  • Money-back guarantee.
  • Discount is available.
  • Measures wide inches.

Cons of the Smart Saker

  • Can only be purchased online
  • Stock is limited as the product is in high demand

Cost of Smart Saker (Pricing)

Smart Saker has been made readily available for everyone by the manufacturers by placing it at an affordable price. You can purchase Smart Saker at a discounted price on the manufacturer’s official website and you save extra when you buy more units of the product. Buying the Smart Saker on the official website is the safest way of purchasing the product and the options listed below are available to the buyer

One unit of the 5-INCH Smart Saker can be purchased for $19.99, and you save 50% on this purchase.

Also, one unit of the 10-INCH Smart Saker can be purchased for $29.99, and you save 50% on this purchase.

One unit of the 5-INCH + One unit of the 10-INCH Smart Saker can be purchased for $39.98, and you save 60% on this purchase.

One unit of the 5-INCH + Two units of the 10-INCH Smart Saker can be purchased for $59.98, and you save 62.5% on this purchase.

Where to Buy the Smart Saker

You can buy the Smart Saker directly on the manufacturer’s official website. Discounts are available on the website when you purchase one or more units and the more units you purchase, the more money you save on each one. You can make payment directly using Paypal or your credit card.

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Customer Reviews on Smart Saker

“This Smart Saker would have come in handy when I was trying to redo my work table, cutting and trimming, all that stuff would have been so much easier if I had this. It is so easy to use, you just press it against whatever you want to trace and you’re on your way. It gives you that smooth and professional finish around the edges and it also comes in different sizes. I would buy it again. amazing product!!”

Phillip J Reviewed in the United States

“It was a genius idea I saw on a video, and I like to do most things myself, like tiling the floors, and other woodwork in the house. I wish I had the Smart Saker back then, all those would have been so much easier, cutting door frames and so on. The device is a very amazing and ingenious idea and makes DIY-ing so much easier and enjoyable”

Jeremy B – Reviewed in the United States

“Since I moved, I have taken up the task of putting everything together again, but this time I got the help of the Smart Saker. The Saker Contour Gauge is amazing tried it on a door frame, and I must say, I was more than impressed, after the cut it fit so perfectly. No more cutting the same piece, over and over, bits by bits just to get the perfect fit. With one measure and a single cut, you get the perfect fit. This is what the Smart Saker offers. I am just excited to work on many more projects!!”

Kelly G – Reviewed in the United States

“The Smart Saker is incredible! It slides smoothly, the lock works great, and the device is just great!! I bought another product to compare qualities and this one completely outperformed the other. I even bought one as a gift from my friend. I highly recommend it!”

Christian M-Reviewed in the United States

“In most of my woodwork and carpentry, the Saker contour tool has helped to make my work easier and less stressful. It makes working difficult corners and contours seem like child’s play. It is very professional in its method of use and is made from quality material which makes it a wonderful tool to have in your workshop. Kudos to the manufacturers!!”

Phil C – Reviewed in the United States

“I recently started this pet project(some woodwork) and I got the Smart Saker to help me with it. It works perfectly in getting the edges and angles right. It has a sharp edge, you can easily place it on the ground to trace what you are cutting. It’s an amazing product!!”

Anthony O – Reviewed in the United States

Closing Thoughts on SmartSaker Review

The Smart Saker is a very effective tool that has generated a lot of attraction and customer patronage and taking into account the many positive customer reviews, it is adjudged to be a must-have tool for anyone while DIY-ing or in creating particular patterns, profiles, or contours. It is lightweight, portable, and very simple to use. It can also last for a long time as it is made from durable materials. You are guaranteed to enjoy a well-improved experience with contours in your woodwork when you purchase and use this product.

Every client demands neat and flawless work, but as a vendor or craftsman, it is impossible to meet this expectation if you don’t have the right tools. With the Smart Saker or the Saker Contour Gauge, presenting flawless work to your clients will no longer be a difficult feat, because the device is well crafted to ensure that every work created using it is neat and flawless.

The Smart Saker or Saker Contour Gauge tool is also very adjustable and flexible. You can bend in any form to ensure easy use and can be adjusted to any point to ensure proper profiling and contouring. This guarantees to create more effectively when making patterns on your wood items as some wood come with irregular shapes. Having a tool that can deliver with such complexity is a necessity if you want to have a perfect result.

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