Tactical X Drone Reviews: The Truth About TacticalXDrone

Tactical X Drone Reviews

Tactical X Drone is a foldable quadcopter portable drone that is WIFI enabled, with a camera for the ability to shoot bird’s-eye-view videos and photos.

Overall, the tactical x drone reviews have received a lot of positive customer ratings from people in the United States, and other places. We took a deep dive into everything you need to know about this drone. We covered the features, pros, and cons, technical specifications, where to buy tactical x drone, etc.

Tactical X Drone is becoming a popular trend for something that was once a figure of our imaginations or featured in sci-fi movies. Nevertheless, one can attest to its functionality, Its aerial view allows us to capture and enjoy scenery like never before.

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We can film our adventures from a bird’s eye view and relive them with our loved ones. We can make beautiful shots and footage and improve the quality of photos on our social media pages, or even for security and surveillance purposes, the applications are endless and everyone should have one. The Tactical X Drone combines these features and functionalities to give us the best performances and you don’t have to break the bank to own one!

What is Tactical X Drone

Tactical X Drone Review
Tactical X Drone Review

Tactical X Drone is a quadcopter that gives you all the benefits of a HD Drone . It is stable and small enough to fit in tight spaces like doorways and windows and the altitude holding feature aids in navigating spaces like walk-in spaces, entryways, and bathrooms with ease, while capturing quality HD videos or images in on stable shot.

This gadget is easy to handle and small enough to fit in tight spaces and capture quality HD footage but that is not all, it is foldable and lightweight so it is easy to carry around and take clear and high-quality shots with its wide-angle lens. The only limit is your imagination

You can capture the sunset or beach or a beautiful sunrise, the drones are also fast enough to film sports or pets or cars.

Is the Tactical X Drone Any Good?

In two words, improved technology. This Tactical X Drone Reviews confirms that this tactical x drone offers almost a half-hour of flight time from a single charge In addition to ultra-crisp HD video resolution in a small package. Drones this size used to take hours to charge and would run out of battery easily but this is no longer the case.

With extended battery life, you can capture up to 20 minutes worth of video with the Tactical X Drone with a single charge. You’ll have enough time to create that visual masterpiece in one flight.

And that’s not all, since this device is made with the most reliable and durable components in the market, it can take a few bumps and still work perfectly all the time. It also comes with a compact carry kit and you can easily connect the controller in seconds and it’s ready to fly.

All these small features combine and accumulate to deliver amazing and smooth videos that will definitely satisfy your aims.

The device has advanced GPS functionality, which means it can track the controller’s location and can also return quickly when it is running low on battery or experiencing a weak signal thereby reducing the risk of losing the device.

This device makes it extremely easy to record videos or take selfies when you’re alone.

The Follow Me feature means you don’t have to ask someone to film you or be stuck to your controller, you can simply use this feature and your videos would look like you have a personal film crew that follows you everywhere

Features of the Tactical X Drone

Some of the features covered in this Tactical X Drone Review, Include:

It has HD Photos and Videos

The Tactical X Drone can take pictures up to 12 megapixels and record video in HD at 120 frames per second.

It is Foldable Drone

The flexible and foldable blades make it light, small, and compact. It doesn’t weigh much, it doesn’t take up much space and it can be stored nearly anywhere

It has Gravity sensor

The altitude holding feature and electronic image stabilization allow beginners to film and fly the gadget like pros on the very first flight.

It has Increased flying time

The device is equipped with increased battery capacity, you can capture up to 15 minutes of video before you have to recharge it.

It has the Follow Me feature

This feature means you don’t need to be glued to your controller or require someone to film you, this feature will make it seem like you have a professional personal filming crew following you everywhere you go.

It has Slow Mo mode

This drone feature is an incredible one that allows you to capture immersive shots of moving objects It makes your videos look cooler and it opens the door for unlimited possibility and creativity.

It has Panorama Mode

Possessing a range of over 3,000 feet, this device can create amazing panoramic shots from unique vantage points and angles you’ve never seen before.

Benefits of the Tactical X Drone

The benefits of this device are basically more than you can ask for when it comes to an aerial view. Some of these benefits include:


As we pointed out earlier, the device is made from durable material. It has a tough plastic casing which means it can be dropped or crashed without severely hampering its functionality. You can take it on long journeys outdoors without worrying about it getting smashed up in your bag pack.

Foldable and Compact

The drone only weighs about a pound, so it is small, light, and compact. You only have to fold in the motors and you can pack it in your bag or backpack and carry it wherever you go. It will fit in well without taking up much space.

Perfect for travel

Whether it’s a fun trip or your first vacation, be rest assured that the drones are perfectly okay to travel with as they are considered a ‘personal electronic device’ like other cameras, phones, or laptops. (Laws concerning drones do vary with geographic locations, so make sure you confirm if it is prohibited to man drones in the city you are vacationing in.

Long Battery Life

This device is equipped with extended battery life. So you get up to 60 minutes of flight time during which you can take beautiful images and record amazing videos

HD Photos and Video

The Tactical X Drone can record in HD at 120 frames per second and take photos up to 12 megapixels.

Range of Over 3,000 Foot

 With a range over half a mile, you can take amazing pictures from angles you never thought possible, using this device can change your entire perspective of the world. You can experience things from a bird’s eye view.


 The Tactical X Drone has a wide lens and wide path range, you can get 360-degree panoramic shots.

6 Axis Self-Stabilization

The device comes with automatic self-stabilization technology, enabling you to record crisp and smooth videos and preventing blurry images on each flight.

Easy to Use

The device is very easy to use, you only have to connect to your controller and the drone is ready to fly.

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How can Tactical X Drone be so affordable?

It’s simple logic! The Tactical X Drone is a direct-to-consumer brand that connects with and reaches out to their customers through platforms like ours, and mainly relies on genuine customer reviews for marketing. They invest more in customer service and improving the technology rather than spending on TV and print advertising, and this has greatly paid off.

Be aware that you will find many ‘mini-drones’ advertised, but none can compare to the ease-of-use, video quality, and durability of the Tactical X Drone.

Pros of the Tactical X Drone

As always, this tactical x drone review covered the pros and cons about this quadcopter

Creating beautiful memories

You can capture all your adventures with its built-in camera and you can relive the beautiful moments from a bird’s eye view.

Professional Photography

You can capture cinematic shots with HD slow motion and panoramic video features. This drone is perfect for professional photography and video and offers the best quality at this price.

Security & Safety

This device can be implemented in aerial surveillance. The Tactical X Drone has many applications and one of them is in security measures. It can act as a lookout to keep an eye on buildings and large venues to secure them and provide extra help to emergency services for lifesaving search and rescue operations. It is a cost-effective way to improve security without requiring the services of additional manpower.


For the quality of the footage, this drone offers it is very affordable, especially when compared to drones of similar quality and functionality available on the market.

Cons of the Tactical X Drone

  1. The product is only available for purchase online on the manufacturer’s official website.
  2. Stock is limited due to high demand

Where to Buy Tactical X Drone

You can buy the Tactical X Drone directly on the product’s official website. Discounts are presently available when you purchase one or more devices, and interestingly the more you purchase the higher the discount you get. You can make a payment using your credit card or PayPal depending on your preferences.

Cost of Tactical X Drone

The manufacturers of this device have made it readily available for the majority by placing it at an affordable price. The Tactical X Drone is available for purchase at a discounted price on the manufacturer’s official website only. And you also save extra when you buy multiple units of the product.

Buying from the manufacturer’s official website is the easiest and safest way of purchasing the Tactical X Drone and the following options are available to the buyer

One unit of the Tactical X Drone can be purchased for $99, which is a discounted price from the original price of $199. This package is tagged a Great Deal, and you save 50% on this purchase.

Also, Instead of $399, you can buy two units of the Tactical X Drone for $139.98. This package is tagged Most Popular Deal, and you also save 50% on this package.

When you purchase three units of the Tactical X Drone you get one free. This package goes for $297 from the original price of $799. You save 63% on this purchase and it is tagged the Amazing Deal package.

Customer Reviews on Tactical X Drone

“You may be a professional flier or videographer, an amateur or just a beginner who wants to own one, the Tactical X Drone is an amazing technology that can massively improve the quality of your videos.”

– John D. | Ft. Myers, FL

“Drones are becoming a more familiar technology and their costs are also dropping with time, but they’re still not nearly as cheap as you would think. To get a Drone (Tactical X Drone) with such specs, high-quality stuff at this price is just stunning. This is one of the best products on the market as far as drones are concerned.”

– Dylan C. | Breckenridge, CO

“I’ll definitely use Tactical X Drone for everything. It’s barely two weeks since I got mine, and I have already captured some amazing moments, and the thrill of reliving those moments in surreal perspectives, the feeling is just second to none”

Reviewed in the United States – Jake R. | New York, NY

“We were on a vacation last weekend and I captured great videos of everyone having a good time, running and playing our beach ball game. The shots and footage are just amazing. This drone is the best!!”

– Brandon H. | Joliet, IL

“I love capturing and watching the sunrise and sunset. This device gives me a beautiful view of the entire ocean. The shots I take are always breathtaking, I can see from their perspective, It’s so amazing!!”

Reviewed in the United States – Dylan  B. | San Diego, CA

Closing Thoughts on Tactical X Drone Reviews

Tactical X Drone is a device that was once only a work of science-fiction movies, but has now gone mainstream, influencing social media profiles and producing viral sensations.

Some of those incredible shots you see from big-time sporting events or dream vacation shots and assume they are done with drones worth thousands of dollars may not always be so.

Many of those are filmed using mini pocket drones that cost way less. Without spending thousands of dollars, you too can also take your personal or professional social media profile to new heights, you can improve the quality of your photography, personal or professional.

You can also make unforgettable vacation and family photos and videos or just incredibly cool videos to improve your social media presence or capture yourself doing something fun and exciting with friends or family. The Tactical X Drone is the device for you.

This mini-drone is rated the best-in-class, not only because of the spectacular video quality or because the learning curve is small, but the device is also made with very tough and reliable materials so it is very durable, so there is little worry about carrying around or crashing it. It also means anyone can learn to fly it quickly and immediately start creating amazing shots and videos.

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