Laundry Masher Review 2021: Is this Laundry Washing Ball Scam?

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After careful research on Laundry Balls, we reviewed Laundry Masher. This article, Laundry Masher Review, will tell you everything you need to know and more. Eco-friendly Laundry Aid Mashes Odors Away

My husband and my three kids have the most sickening dirty clothes on earth (at least I feel that way!). If you have kids, I’m sure you’re familiar with really horrible laundry. They spend all day playing, and when they get back, their clothes really REEK! And we all love our dog, Maisy, but she’s at that age where her self-grooming isn’t what it used to be. Of course, we all still love to make a fuss of her. But that musky pet odor can be pretty nasty, especially when it gets on your hands and clothing. Needless to say, it’s a nightmare trying to keep everyone’s clothes fresh and clean around here.

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Laundry Masher Review

But my hubby’s clothes can be even worse. I admit I like a healthy man-smell sometimes. But my hubby’s clothes can get really terrible. He works in factory that makes electric cars. Now I know you’d think that a job like that would be all super-high-tech and clean, but that’s not the case. FAR FROM IT! In his role, he works a lot of physically demanding hours. That means plenty of sweaty duds for me to launder.

And here’s the other thing, some of the other guys at work like to smoke. So on many nights, he’ll come home with that second-hand cigarette smell on him. I can’t tell him not to hang out with his friends, but I personally can’t stand the odor he brings home! You know, even after you wash his undershirts two or three times, you can still smell the BO that’s practically baked in.

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Laundry Masher Reviews

I’m not sure if other large households go through the same thing, but I’ve found it very difficult trying to find a detergent the entire family can agree on. My husband hates anything that leaves his clothes smelling too “perfumy.” Whereas I tend to prefer some of the scented products I’ve tried.

I’ve always used liquid detergents, but my husband still buys the powder whenever he helps out with the shopping. And because my daughter suffers from skin sensitivities, we’ve stayed away from those detergent pods. We tried them once, but they ended up leaving a residue that made my daughter itchy.

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Laundry Masher

know it seems weird but once I was in the supermarket, and I was talking to the wife of one of the chief engineers at my husband’s factory. She saw I had a heavy bag of laundry detergent, bleach, freshening sheets, and all the paraphernalia I needed to do my wash.

“What!? Are you still using all that expensive detergent and stuff to do your wash?” she asked me. I was a little perplexed. “Sure. Don’t you? How else am I supposed to get my laundry clean? I can’t send everything out to the dry cleaner, it would cost a fortune!” “No, I don’t mean you should send it out. I’m talking about LAUNDRY MASHER.”

“You don’t need to buy all that stuff to do your laundry. You can get it all cleaner than ever, it’s fantastic!”

“LAUNDRY MASHER?” I said. “What’s that?”

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Laundry Masher Detergent

She told me that a bunch of engineers from the factory went to a well-known technical conference, and they saw the LAUNDRY MASHER demonstrated. They had all been blown away. Nobody Believed That Clothes Could Actually Be Cleaned Without Using a Detergent.

Now Everybody Is a Believer!

Let’s face it. You’ve done a load of laundry and been disappointed in the outcome. That’s why Laundry Masher was built. The manufacturer wanted a fun, convenient way to help clothes look, feel, and smell clean.

Who says tossing a hand grenade (or pineapple)- types of laundry masher, into the washing machine can’t be a good thing?

What is Laundry Masher?

Laundry Masher is a precision-made washing sphere that you throw into your washing machine instead of using detergent. It does not contain any dangerous chemicals that can harm your family or wreck your clothes. Laundry is a sphere that contains specially-made Nano Silver Infused Ceramic Beads that react with the water to DEEP CLEAN clothes fast!

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Laundry Washer Reviews

So I decided to order it online to try it out. I couldn’t believe the results. All of our clothing turned out wonderfully. No more scooping out powders or pouring messy soap from bulky containers. And the anti-bacterial beads contained inside the LAUNDRY MASHER left everything smelling fresh and clean. I loved the scent, and my hubby didn’t complain once. As for my daughter’s skin sensitivities? We had no problems whatsoever. The LAUNDRY MASHER was incredibly easy to use and gave us great results.

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Review of Laundry Masher

Features of Laundry Masher

The following are the features of laundry masher and what it contains

  • Nanosilver infused ceramic beads mash away dirt and bacteria
  • Does not leave a chemical residue that irritates the skin
  • Safe for people with allergies
  • Save a fortune on buying detergent
  • Eco-friendly; no chemicals into your septic tank or sewer
  • Saves energy; does not need crazy-hot water
  • Works with any style of washing machine

Should I Buy Laundry Masher

Who needs laundry masher and should I buy it is one of the questions a lot of persons ask. Laundry Masher is the only laundry aid you’ll need to ensure your clothes are clean and fresh. It eliminates persistent odors, can be used 200 times or more, and it’s eco-friendly. What are you waiting for?! This is a product that pays for itself over and over again.

Laundry Masher is effective. Laundry Masher contains hundreds of specially designed nanosilver-infused ceramic beads that have been tested to be antimicrobial, killing bacteria and odors with every cycle.

Laundry Masher is reusable. Laundry Masher can be used approximately 200 times before needing a replacement. You’ll save a staggering amount of money by not relying on department brand detergent anymore. Use that extra coin to ‘treat yourself,’ or better yet, buy another Laundry Masher or two. They’re worth it!

Laundry Masher is eco-friendly. The earth is taking a real beating in this generation. We can all feel better about using products that are sustainable. And Landry Masher is sustainable. No more need to use harmful chemicals that can not only burn the skin and provoke severe allergic reactions, but can also seep into your septic tank or the environment. Laundry Masher is safe for all.

How to use Laundry Masher on Clothes

When it comes to how to use Laundry Masher for washing clothes, here’s what you need to know – all you have to do is throw a LAUNDRY MASHER into your washing machine and let it run its regular cycle. That’s it! And take note of the steps below on how to use laundry masher

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Step 1- How to Use Laundry Masher on Clothes

Place the Pineapple Laundry Masher inside the washing machine and shut the door. Select the appropriate setting.

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Step 2 – How to Use Laundry Masher on Clothes

Allow the Laundry Masher’s unique shape and powerful Hyperwash beads to work their magic.

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Step 3 How to Use Laundry Masher on Clothes

Enjoy clothes that are bright, clean, and odor-free. Your Laundry Masher is ready for the next load.

  • Always follow fabric care instructions. Wash colors and whites separately.
  • Pre-treat any stains before wash.
  • Place the load together with the Laundry Masher inside the washing machine.
  • Set to desired wash setting. It can be used with any temperature setting on your machine (max 70 C / 158 F).
  • Start Wash
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How to use Laundry Masher

The LAUNDRY MASHER lasts for up to 200 loads of laundry. You can reuse it immediately. Even better, you can buy several LAUNDRY MASHERS and keep them on hand. You potentially save dozens and dozens of trips to the supermarket to refill expensive detergent, and it will help you practice “social distancing” too, by saving you so many trips!

Laundry Masher Technical Specifications

Here the specifications of Laundry Masher. You should know this before using :

  • Measures 107 mm tall and 63 mm across (at widest point)
  • Shock absorbing thermoplastic rubber (TPR) exterior with polypropylene (PP) mesh core
  • Vented design reduces rattling

Laundry Masher complies with the European Directives 2014/30/EU.

Product Size63 x 107 x 63mm
Laundry Masher Specifications

Does Laundry Masher really work?

Before buying, it’s important to find out if the laundry masher works. Dirty piles of laundry are super gross. We peel off our sweaty, smelly clothes and toss them into a pile that sits for days on end. Surprise! That laundry is full of germs. Laundry Masher is a naturally effective laundry that works in a way that aids to clean your clothes as well (or even better) as the leading detergents. Don’t believe me? Then see what others who have used Laundry Masher have experienced. Keep reading!

Laundry Masher Review

Here’s our review, enjoy a soft, fresh-smelling load of laundry with every wash. Laundry Masher is a smart alternative to expensive, troublesome detergents and softeners. Take advantage of this special introductory offer today and discover a new eco-friendly way to clean your clothes. Get Your Own Laundry Masher today!

About Laundry Masher

The Laundry Masher Story – Laundry Masher was designed with military and security forces in mind. A durable, long-lasting, and efficient source of light that was needed during tactical situations led to the result of the ultimate supreme tactical flashlight – Laundry Masher

The Laundry Masher Secret – Tested and approved by active soldiers with 5 different adjustable laser focus and 5 emergency response modes, all operated by a simple slide makes Laundry Masher the world’s leading manufacturer of tactical flashlights.

Laundry Masher Promise to You – We know you’ll love Laundry Masher because we do too! We take great pride in our product and every purchase comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you aren’t completely satisfied with your Laundry Masher purchase, we will gladly exchange it for you!

What are the benefits of Laundry Masher Balls?

Of course, it not just about washing. Here are the benefits of laundry masher which would help you and people around you.

  • Nano silver-infused ceramic beads kill bacteria and odors
  • Eco-friendly, no detergents
  • Pleasant fresh linen scent

Pros of Laundry Masher

If there are pros, there should also be cons of laundry masher. In this laundry masher review, we covered both.

  • Guaranteed High Quality Durable and long-lasting, Landry Masher was designed for longevity.
  • No-Hassle Returns If you are not satisfied with your product, you can return it within 30 days of delivery for a full refund.
  • Fast & Easy Made to function right out of the box with minimal effort or work!

Cons of Laundry Masher Washing Balls

  • The Newest, Latest Laundry Masher washing balls are only available online
  • Laundry Masher washing balls is limited in stock

How much does Laundry Masher cost?

The cost of Laundry masher is not too bad, considering they can be used time and time again they work out very economical in the long run but there are more advantages to Laundry mashers than simply the price, although this is always a consideration.

  • 1x Pineapple Laundry Masher – Save 35% Reg $38.38 Only $24.95 Savings $13.43
  • 2x Pineapple Laundry Masher – Save 35% Reg $76.77 Only $49.99 Savings $26.78
  • 3x Pineapple Laundry Masher – Save 51% Most Popular Reg $115.15 Only $55.99 Savings $59.16
  • 4x Pineapple Laundry Masher – Save 55% Reg $153.54 Only $68.99 Savings $84.55

Where can I Buy Laundry Masher?

If you would want to buy a laundry masher, note that laundry Masher offers a 30-day guarantee on all unused purchases. Simply send the item(s) back to us in the original unopened packaging for a full refund or replacement, less S&H.

Order only from the official website. Inferior copies exist but don’t clean or disinfect your clothes like the original. 100% satisfaction guarantee – you can prove it to yourself how wonderful it works! Test on your own clothes and become a believer!

Laundry Masher is available in two colours – The Laundry Masher Pineapple color and Laundry Masher Grenade color respectively.

Laundry Masher Pineapple.jpeg
Laundry Masher Pineapple
Laundry Masher Balls.jpeg
Laundry Masher Grenade

Contact Laundry Masher

Email us –

By Call – United States 866 206 1533 |United Kingdom 03308 180912 |Australia (02) 5133 5003

Frequently Asked Questions on Laundry Masher Reviews

In this Laundry Masher review, these are the frequently asked questions.

Do I need to add a detergent or softener for the Laundry Masher to work?

No. Your Laundry Masher is 100% detergent-free. The plastic core is filled with lightly scented ceramic pellets that work with the mechanical action of the Laundry Masher casing to produce a cleaner, softer load of wash.

How long does the Laundry Masher nanosilver infused ceramic beads last?

They last approximately 200 washes. At this point, you’ll need to replace your Laundry Masher.

How big is a Laundry Masher?

Your Laundry Masher is small and compact and will fit comfortably in the palm of your hand.

Are the Laundry Mashers okay at any setting or temperature?

Yes. Each Laundry Masher is constructed of durable, rigid thermoplastic rubber that is designed to handle the heaviest loads at the hottest setting. Each shell is shock-absorbing and specially designed to reduce noise inside your machine. The washing vents along each Laundry Masher ensure a thorough clean with every cycle.

Does Laundry Masher come with any sort of guarantee?

Yes. If you’re not completely satisfied with your purchase for any reason, simply let us know and return your Laundry Masher within 30 days for a full refund. Try Laundry Masher for yourself without worry.

What are the advantages of Laundry Masher Balls

There are numerous advantages to Laundry masher balls over more conventional ways of keeping the Laundry clean. We shall look at each one in turn but first I will quickly list them:

  • No worries about running out of Detergents
  • No mess
  • Much better for the Environment
  • Perfect for those with Allergies
  • Ideal for sensitive Skin

I am sure there are even more advantages but these seem to be the most essential reasons for using Laundry Masher Balls. Eco-friendly Laundry Masher Balls definitely score high for many reasons over conventional ways of doing the Laundry.

Laundry Masher Washing Balls-Never Run Out Of Detergent

How many times have you gone to do the Laundry only to realize there is not sufficient Detergent to get the job done? Quite a few times if you are anything like the rest of us.

Laundry Masher washing balls are eco-friendly, meaning that you never have to worry about this. The Laundry Masher washing Balls are always there waiting to do the job. No need to jump in the Car just to get Detergent which is a big saving in itself.

Laundry Masher Balls Make No Mess

Laundry Masher Balls will never make a mess. With even eco-friendly high efficiency Laundry Detergent you can still get in a mess. I expect everyone has missed the little areas where you pour all your Soaps, Detergents etc, and got the Washing Machine in a right mess. When the conventional Laundry Detergents are quite full then this is even more likely to happen.

With Laundry Masher you will never pour liquid all over the place.

Laundry Balls Are Better For The Environment

There are no chemicals in the Laundry Masher Balls so they are much better for the Environment. The fact that they are so reusable means that you will save money over the long term and are not perpetuating the manufacture of plastic bottles to produce containers for your Detergents.

Looking after the Environment is more of a concern to us all and Laundry mashers play an important role in helping us to do our bit.

One other very important point is that Laundry Mashers means that none of your Detergent will be going into the Sewers when you do the Laundry. This would be a dramatic reduction in Chemicals, bleaches, etc getting into the er. While there are now many more Eco-friendly high efficient Laundry detergents, many still contain Chemicals that do the waterways nothing but harm.

Laundry Mashers Are Perfect For Those With Sensitive Skin Or Allergies

No chemicals, no Detergents, or bleaches means that anyone with sensitive Skin or Allergies would do well to switch over to Laundry Mashers as soon as possible. The fact that they do not use conventional methods of cleaning means that they are perfect for anyone who is sensitive or can come out in rashes etc because of traditional washing products.

For Babies, Laundry Masher Washing Balls are a perfect answer. Many Babies have sensitive skin and eliminating detergent from the Laundry will do nothing but good. Laundry mashers may well be the answer to many allergy problems that a lot of people get from conventional Laundry products.

Now, on to my Laundry Mashers Customers Review, where customers gave their opinion on how well they work and if they really do what they say they can.

Laundry Masher Customer Review

I’m happy to give a review. My son is sensitive to most brands of laundry detergent. A friend suggested I try a Laundry Masher. Now I’m able to wash everyone’s clothes together in the same load with no problems. Everything comes out smelling so clean and fresh. No rashes. No tears. I love it.

-Kim T. Santa Fe, New Mexico

I got a Laundry Masher Pineapple from my mom before heading off to college. This thing works great. No more hauling detergent bottles around the dorm. No matter how dirty my clothes get, this thing gets them clean. So glad I don’t have to spend my extra money on soap. This thing does it all.

-Stan P. Duluth, Minnesota

I hate ironing. Ever since I ordered my Laundry Masher (Pineapple) I haven’t had to worry as much about ugly creases and my jeans balling up. Laundry Masher makes doing the laundry less of a chore. So easy to use and I love the smell. It’s true. You don’t need detergents anymore.

-Vanessa G. Rockford, Illinois

Closing thoughts Laundry Masher Review

In conclusion for this review, at the most primary level, a laundry masher is an alternative to washing detergent and is supposed to make the Laundry clean without the addition of fabric softeners, fabric conditioners, and anything else you normally add to the Laundry to get it fresh and clean.

Laundry Masher contain no detergents at all, not even high efficiency laundry detergent. They work on the following principle:

Laundry Masher shperic balls use Ionic cleaning to penetrate deep in to the fibres of the Laundry to clean them without fading clothes. Luandry masher lift the dirt via this Ionic cleaning without the need for any detergents or any of the other normal additions that most of use to get clothes clean and smelling nice.

Laundry mashers like some kind of Flying Saucer with their strange design but they are becoming the choice of many and are starting to replace more conventional means of cleaning the laundry.

Laundry Masher Customer Review.jpeg
Laundry Masher Customer Review

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