SafetyCam Reviews 2021: Does this Personal Body Camera Work?

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What is the best body camera to choose – and why might you need a personal body cam in the initial place? This is why we prepared this Safetycam Reviews to provide you with the necessary information and a discount link if you want to buy. Drive on the main roads of any major city and you’ll find cyclists armed with helmet cameras and motorists with dash cams. Increasingly, on the same streets, you’ll also find police, emergency services, and anyone involved in security wearing a body camera or bodycam.

They’ve been effective in our cars and for a number of incidents involving police. And now with all the civil unrest across the country, more people are now using personal body cameras for added security. And the shocking reasons why make us wonder why this hasn’t been done sooner.

With the number of peaceful protests that have later turned violent since 2016 growing at an alarming pace, to random encounters that led to deadly shootings. It’s unclear anymore whether a brief trip outside your home may turn into an unexpected tragedy that could cost you your life.

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Safety cam Reviews

We freshly polled over 1,010 people with a whopping 98% of them saying that the biggest fear they have with any unexpected potentially violent encounter, next to losing their life, is not having their version of events properly told so that justice could be served. With the other 2% more fearful over finding themselves in a scenario that rapidly gets out of hand so fast, that they won’t have enough time to quickly pull out their phone and hit record without fumbling around, let alone the opportunity to call for assistance.

And with the many related issues of police body cameras either not being used in some departments or not being turned on or turned off during critical key moments, to the footage being withheld from the public many months after it was captured.

People are less trustful of relying on eternal footage that could be altered or kept from public view, while a story that contradicts what is actually in the footage gets concocted. Because of this more people, today say they feel less safe and worry that their word alone may no longer be enough to get justice during an encounter that turns violent or deadly.

What is SafetyCam?

SafetyCam is a portable, discrete & easy-to-operate clip-on body camera that helps you record voice, video & pictures, that help you stay protected. The device also helps deter attackers & authorities from making wrongful accusations. The SafetyCam is trusted by first responders, law enforcement officials, on-the-go women & outdoor enthusiasts for protection.

From stories of conflict between protestors and anti-protesters across the country to terrifying third-world country-like scenarios of civilians being abducted off the streets and taken into unmarked vehicles off to parts of the unknown. To instances of dangerous seemingly out of nowhere assaults on bystanders young and old, who didn’t see an attack coming, and barely caught a glimpse of their assailant…

Safetycam Reviews

Starting from kidnapping, home break-ins, and robbery, which surprisingly in 2020 still happens more often than you can imagine. Did you know that in 2019 there were over 600,000 reports of missing people, and over 1.6 million home break-ins? And according to the Department of Justice police are only able to solve about 15% of missing person cases and only 13% of home burglary cases due to a lack of witnesses or video evidence.

That’s only 90,000 missing persons recovered out of 600,000 reported missing. And only 208,000 home burglary cases solved out of 1.6 million. Those numbers are chilling, to say the least, and even more shocking is that in 27% of home assaults, the victims were home during the break-in according to the “Report On Victimization During Household Burglary.

The report also found robbers were less intimidated to attack victims in their homes. One of the good things about this safetycam reviews, if they were either female or between the ages of 12-19 and home alone.

And stunningly the numbers of violent crimes and aggravated assault are no better, with the total number of violent crimes across the U.S. at over 1.2 million just in 2018 alone. And that includes everything from; murder, manslaugher, and homocide, to hate crimes, rape, sexual and aggravated assault.

And while the full reports for 2020 don’t come out until 2021 it’s unclear right now if we’ll see these numbers rise. But based on the tense polarized climate and amount of civil unrest and violence we’ve already seen in 2020, the numbers of violent crime rising might be a safe bet.

Meaning the need for personal video surveillance, which could be used as “evidence” has never been more apparent. But being less safe shouldn’t be the only safe bet we can count on should it? Thankfully, one company is working to help us all feel more safe and secure by making the same video surveillance devices police use available to us regular citizens.

And to no one’s surprise it’s now quickly become the new, trusted, MUST HAVE item for your personal protection and safety. After seeing the growing need for personal video surveillance in today’s heavily polarized and radically tense climate, where violent crimes are increasing at alarming rates. And show no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

SafetyCam personal body camera sales have skyrocketed this year by people who say they simply want to feel safer and want the added protection.

Benefits of Safety Cam

For this safety cam review, we researched the benefits of using this portable camcorder, which is listed below

  • HD Quality Recording1080 HD resolution recording, captures photographs & video with every detail visible.
  • Auto-Motion DetectionAutomatically starts video recording when anything is moving in the view.
  • IR Night Vision6X zoom IR lenses ensure clear recording in the dark for safety at night.
  • Weatherproof & DurableWaterproof & shock-proof the camera works in the most rugged conditions also.
  • Discrete & Lightweight200 gms in weight the clip-on camera attaches to clothes & car parts for spy recording.
  • Long Battery LifePowerful 560mAh battery offers 7 hours voice recording & 3 hours video recording

Features of SafetyCam

The features of Safetycam that are listed in this review, include the fact it has a 6x Zoom Wide Lens, it is compact and portable, etc. Find more details below in this Safetycam reviews

  • 6X Zoom Wide Lens For 130 Degree Coverage
  • Auto Motion Detection Recording
  • 1080 HD + IR LED Night Vision
  • Weatherproof, Lightweight & Durable
  • Clip & Magnet Mount For Ease of Use
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How Does SafetyCam Work?

For a camcorder that works, products like SafteyCam can make all the difference in ensuring your civil liberties remain protected. And the true story of what REALLY happened during any unexpected or unwelcome encounter will always get told. This highly durable, lightweight, convenient body camera records in picture perfect 1080HD resolution, capturing photos and videos with crystal clear visibility.

And no need to worry about turning the camera on, because SafetyCam comes with a unique auto-motion detection technology. Meaning, it starts recording anytime something or someone comes into close proximity to you. No need to use your phone to record anymore, you can automatically capture any incident while freely using your phone to call for assistance.

SafetyCam is not only amazingly sturdy, but it’s also waterproof, and shockproof, capable of handling all kinds of rugged conditions. It comes equipped with advanced 6X Zoom IR Night Vision lenses, perfect for clear nighttime recording. And gives you 3-hours of HD video recording and 7 hours of perfectly pitched audio recording.

Everyone from millennials to protesters, to college students and parents of young children say they feel much safer when using SafetyCam. And experience the same feeling of comfort drivers who use dash cams have. “It just saves you the hassle and frustration of conflicting stories when something bad happens” Said, one SafetyCam user. Upgrading your personal surveillance is easy! Get 1 SafetyCam today and receive 50% off a second SafetyCam when you order yours right now.

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Safetycam Review

Who Needs SafetyCam?

  • If any of these is important to you. You need Safetycam. A surveillance tool to promote personal safety and prevent threats
  • Captures encounters that may pose to be a danger to survival
  • Record Your Encounters With Law Enforcement

Where Can I Attach SafetyCam?

The discreet body camera can be clipped on easily and even attaches to the car dashboard or your office desk.

  • Roadside Safety
  • First Responders
  • Law Enforcement
  • Security Personnel
  • Outdoor Activities
  • Workplace Surveillance

Pros of SafetyCam

Everything that has an advantage, has a disadvantage. For this safetycam review, we researched both the pros and cons of this mini camcorder.

  • Guaranteed High-Quality SafetyCamera -The SafetyCam is constructed from premium components for excellent durability and longevity.
  • No-Hassle Returns Camcorder – If you are not satisfied with your SafetyCam, you can return it within 30 days of purchase for a full refund.
  • Quick, Portable & Convenient Camcorder – Safetycam is designed to operate right out of the box with minimal setup and configuration. No experience needed.

Cons of SafetyCamera

  • The safetycamera is not available for purchase in retail stores
  • They’re are limited in stock

How Much is SafetyCam?

The SafetyCam is priced at $69.99 per camera, although you get a discount by ordering multiple cameras at once. Here’s how pricing breaks down in this safetycam reviews:

  • 1x SafetyCam: $69.99
  • 2x SafetyCam: $104.99 + Free Shipping
  • 2 x SafetyCam + 1 x DashCam: $139.99 + Free Shipping
Safetycam Price.jpeg
Safetycam Price

Where Can I Buy SafetyCam

The makers of safetycam realize how important it is for customers to have the added protection SafetyCam provides during these hectic times. So For a limited time, they are offering our readers two huge specials.

Not only can you get your hands on your new SafetyCam personal bodycam at an amazing discount today, but you’ll also get 50% off a second SafetyCam for a loved one plus FREE shipping.

If you want to buy the safetycam, get to the official website today for the real deal for real results. Don’t be fooled by knock-offs and cheap imitations. SafetyCam provides high-performance products for less. So get in on this amazing deal today!

Safetycam offers a 30-day guarantee on all unused purchases. Simply send the item(s) back to us in the original unopened packaging for a full refund or replacement, less S&H.

SafetyCam Customer Reviews

My call center job needs me to come back late at night. I always have the SafetyCam clipped to my purse. It just makes me feel so much safer. 5 stars for my safetycam customer reviews. The battery life is really good too! I never leave home without it!

— Lisa Mason, New York

I use Safetycam as my dashcam and it really helped me get out of a wrongful speeding ticket when a cop tried to be aggressive. The footage that automatically got recorded works as solid proof! In today’s uncertain times, I recommend having this handy! Got me out of a wrongful speeding ticket.

– JL, Canada

I got this for my mother who lives alone and she always has it on her when going out. It makes her feel much safer. I did my research before buying this and this product had all the top features and was much cheaper than the other products out there. Long battery life & super high-quality video.

-Clint K. Austrailia

As a part of a human rights group, I like to be prepared as things can get out of hand very quickly when we have demonstrations. This device ensures that I am able to record all that goes on. Apart from working as evidence, it also keeps wrong-doers at pay as they know they are being recorded. 4.5 stars for my safetycam reviews. Must have for these uncertain times!

-Elise Palmer, United States

You can’t always keep a camera handy to record something that you are not prepared for. This safetycam body camera can be left on and it records everything and anything. The storage is really good + the SD slot allows you to expand storage if needed. The delivery was super fast as well, and got delivered in less than a week from ordering. Much better than camera recording

– Nathan Gomez, New Zealand
Safety cam Reviews.jpeg
Safety cam Reviews

Is SafetyCam Any Good?

Safeycam is indeed very good. As it Helps Expose Events in Real-Time – Before either of them knew what to do 5 officers came out of the unmarked minivan that aggressively pulled up in front of them.

At that moment Conner fled the scene narrowly avoiding a second unmarked van in hot pursuit of him. Hiding out of sight footage from Conner’s SafetyCam footage indeed showed what Conner frantically narrated, “Feds are driving around, grabbing people off the streets, “O’Shea said on video. “I didn’t do anything an f#$king thing wrong. Thank God I’m recording this, I have to let people know that this is what is happening”

Conner’s friend Mark, sadly, wasn’t so lucky and didn’t escape the “officers”. Mark said to reporters; “I was basically thrown into the van, with a beanie pulled over my face so I couldn’t see, and they held my hands over my head.” Seized in an unmarked minivan full of armed men dressed in camouflage and body armor who failed to identify themselves, Mark said he was driven around downtown before being unloaded inside a building.

“I was patted down, they took my picture and rummaged through my belongings,” Mark said. After being put into a cell two “officers” came in to read him his Miranda rights but still didn’t tell him why he was being arrested. The “officers” said he could waive his rights and answer some questions, but Mark declined and said he wanted a lawyer.

The interview was then promptly terminated, and about 90 minutes later, Mark was released. He did not receive any paperwork, citation, or record of his arrest.

SafetyCam helped expose the real story behind Mark and Conner’s experience. And while their encounter with law enforcement was unpleasant, there are a surprising number of police departments who are on board with personal body cameras for civilians. And feel it may be just the right thing to ensure an accurate accounting of events in cases they handle.

According to one official police source, many departments have a lot of red tape in mandating and requiring the widespread use of body cameras, leaving their use “optional” in some departments. SafetyCam offers the added protection of video evidence that some law enforcement due to no fault of their own is simply unable to provide.

Safetycamera reveiws.jpeg
Safetycamera Reviews

SafetyCam provides you with complete protection by helping to:

  • Prevent threats
  • Capture encounters that may pose a danger
  • Stops untruthful accusations
  • And perfect for litigation where it’s your word against someone else’s

SafetyCam was originally only intended for law enforcement, but personal use is now endorsed by police across the country, with many officials saying “ it’s just as important for civilian use now more than ever. And can help police solve more crimes.”

Legal experts agree that personal surveillance can be a deterrent to bad actors looking to break the law. And for those who do, SafetyCam can provide the untainted truth of the events as they happened.

We live in uncertain times with many unexpected tragic events occurring daily. And we never know what simple encounter may turn into a dangerous or deadly situation where the true account of events is called into question.

The sobering truth is this can happen to any of us without a moment’s notice. Don’t be the unexpected next victim of lies, cover-ups, and false narratives. Let your SafetyCam Personal Body Camera do all the talking for you. And Give yourself every opportunity to make sure your side of the story gets told.

You can upgrade your personal protection with your own SafetyCam personal body camera right now on their website.

Closing Thoughts on SafetyCam Review

Is the use of Safetycam the next stage or level in personal security and surveillance? We provided all the details in this safetycam review. For a lot of customers, It seems so, with their increased visibility and a rise in the number of companies producing them and bringing them to market. Wearing your own body camera may seem like overkill to some, but for others, there will be very practical uses and advantages – and not all of them will involve personal security or snooping. You might want to record a meeting or interview for example, without the off-putting practice of shoving a camera lens in a colleague’s face.

In terms of what to base your purchasing decision on, choosing a body camera that is compact, unobtrusive, and easily attached to clothing – while boasting a lens with a wide-angle of view – seems key. You’ll also want something that’s robust and, ideally, can be worn out in all weathers and conditions. A long battery life, decent camera resolution, and large (and possibly expandable) data storage capacity, so you don’t run out of juice or memory at that crucial moment, are additional musts – as are night vision functions. Infrared capture can be particularly useful, as those involved in the profession of security are typically working into the wee small hours


As protests raged on across the country we saw the activation of private armed militias, who somehow believed it to be their duty to forcefully oppose protesters in various parts of the country. In addition to that, the contentious flames between law enforcement, armed militias, and protesters were made worse by the suspicious arrival of “Federal Officers.” These “Officers” who carried no official ID, forcefully detained protestors placing them in unmarked vehicles before driving off to parts unknown.

Imagine how frightening that type of experience would be. Even state and local officials were clueless as to who the stated “Federal Officers” were. And for Portland residents, Mark Pettibone and his friend Conner O’Shea this became an all too real encounter they would have the displeasure of experiencing back in mid-July of 2020. While known to regularly attend peaceful protests the two have never engaged in or instigated any activities that would be considered violent or unlawful. But none of that prevented the following terrifying encounter.

Returning home from a night of protests about a block away from Chapman Square, the two ran into another group of protesters who warned Mark and Conner of a camouflaged mystery group driving around the area in unmarked vehicles taking individuals off the streets and into their custody.

Multiple videos from SafetyCam users were later posted online showing the “officers” taking individuals off of Portland streets who weren’t anywhere near the federal property. Sources say these “officers” arrested people with no explanation about why they were being detained before being taken into custody. Conner and Mark didn’t make it a block away after departing from the group that warned them before they were confronted by the same covert federal law enforcement “officers” they’d just heard about moments prior.

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