Slicechum Reviews 2021: Is this Knife Sharpener Worth it?

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Before you get this Razor-Sharp Edge and Cook Like a Chef, you should read this Slicechum Reviews to know if it’s worth your money. One thing the recent months have taught us all is that cooking is an essential skill. With the restaurants closed and food delivery an overly-expensive option, we’ve found ourselves cooking at home more than ever before, not just to feed ourselves, but our loved ones too.

No matter what your skill level is, you’ve likely been making food at home a lot more than you’re used to. Home cooking has many benefits, but if you find yourself (like I did) with the wrong tools, it can be a nightmare! One of the most dangerous, and probably the most common mistakes people make with their kitchen knives is allowing them to get too DULL.

When a knife becomes DULL, it causes you to force more pressure while cutting. By using more pressure, the knife might slip out and cause you SERIOUS HARM! A lot of reviewers have been saying positive things about slicechum, that’s why we decided to do our own research.

SliceChum – a compact, lightweight knife sharpener that has 2 sharpening blades, TUNGSTEN and CERAMIC: tungsten is used for coarse sharpening that can bring a damaged blade back into service. Ceramic is perfect for finer honing that will make a good knife great. Just pull the blade back through a couple of times and your knives will be instantly upgraded to something you’d only otherwise find in a professional chef’s arsenal.


Sharpening your own knives may seem intimidating, but it’s a cost-effective way to take what could be trash (your dull knives) and turn it into treasure (a brand new set!). Manual and electric knife sharpeners are easier to use than sharpening stones, and the best ones are quick and versatile. After testing 12 sharpeners—and slicing through 7 pounds of tomatoes—we think  Slicechum is the best for home cooks. It gently puts a razor edge on dulled knives of almost every sort: Japanese- and German-style, stamped and forged, cheap and expensive!

What is the SliceChum?

SliceChum is a durable, portable knife sharpener that gives your knives a razor-sharp edge in SECONDS just the way most people want it! According to most customers, SliceChum makes it effortless to get your knives to a professional chef standard and will instantly improve your cooking!

Knife skills are life skills, and learning how to sharpen and keep a knife is one of the most important things you can learn in the kitchen. By simply sharpening your knives properly, you’ll make delicious meals with ease

When you use a properly sharpened knife on herbs, they release more aromatic oils rather than being mushed into a sad-looking clump. Tomatoes keep their delicious juices and onions brown easier (a dull knife crushes cell walls and causes a build-up in moisture). A dull blade will tear and bludgeon your ingredients into tasteless lumps. SliceChum makes it effortless to get your knives to a professional chef standard and will instantly improve your cooking!

A dangerous and extremely common mistake that many people make in the kitchen is letting their knives get too DULL. With a DULL KNIFE, you have to use more pressure on it, when you’re cutting, and this increases the danger of it slipping out and CUTTING YOU BADLY!

Features of Slicechum

The features of Slicechum which make knives or scissors go from DULL to Chef-Grade Knives in SECONDS are listed below:

  • Razor-sharp knives in seconds
  • Cook faster and better
  • Sharpen and hone all kinds of knives
  • Revive and restore dull knives back to life
  • Sharper is safer
  • Works on all kinds of knives
  • Slicechum fits anywhere

How Does Slicechum Work?

Below is a step by Step Guide on how Slicechum works:

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How Slicechum Works

Steps on how to use Slicechum – Slicechum Reviews

  1. Place SliceChum on a smooth, stable surface and twist with the LOCK arrow to fix the suction cup base into place
  2. Pull your dull knife through the coarse tungsten slot, from the heel to the tip, three to six times.
  3. Finish with one or two pulls through the finer ceramic slot.
  4. Once you’re done, wipe down the blade with a wet cloth.e

Benefits of Slicechum

For this Slicechum Review, we reviewed all the benefits which include dual sharpening, portability, etc. These benefits are well explained below. Your kitchen knives have been bearing the brunt of your pandemic culinary pursuits. And if you haven’t given them some TLC over the past few months—or ever—you might notice that it takes some effort to chop an onion or slice a tomato. Nope, you’re not losing your touch. A dull blade is likely to blame, and it’s a downright safety risk.

“A sharp knife is a safe knife,” says Samuel Steve, senior buyer of cutlery at the cookware retailer Olivia stores. That may seem counterintuitive, but if the edge of your blade is sharp, it’s less likely to slip—potentially into a finger—as you press down to cut.

  • DUAL-SHARPENING -SliceChum has 2 sharpening slots, Tungsten for coarse sharpening that can bring a dull blade back to life, and Ceramic, which is perfect for finer honing that’ll elevate a good knife to a great one. Simply pull them through a few times and your old, dull kitchen knives will be instantly upgraded to restaurant-quality.
  • SHARP & SAFE – Despite what you may think, a dull knife is actually far more dangerous to use than a sharp one. You have far less control, so it can slip out and give you a nasty injury! A razor-sharp edge is the best way for you to stay in control in the kitchen and save yourself a trip to the ER. The base of SliceChun also has a powerful suction-cup so it’ll stay exactly where it’s meant to be.
  • FITS ANYWHERE – SliceChum has an ultra-compact and lightweight design. So, it can be easily popped into a kitchen drawer, saving you space on your kitchen top, and will be ready to go whenever you need it.
  • Cut Costs – A new set of knives can set you back THOUSANDS! Even an expensive set isn’t of any use if they’re DULL. Bring your old knives BACK TO LIFE with SliceChum and save on buying new ones. Cook like a professional chef with this MIRACLE knife sharpener
  • Hands-Free Safety – The base of SliceChum is fitted with an EXTREMELY POWERFUL suction-cup so it won’t budge an inch while you sharpen your knives. There’s no need for tools, you just simply stick it to a smooth surface and start sharpening!
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Slicechum Knife Sharpener

Pros of Slicechum Sharpener

For this Slicechum Knife Sharpener review, we researched on both the pros and cons, the following are the Advantages derived from using this product

  • Slicechum Guaranteed High Quality – this knife sharpener is constructed from premium components for excellent durability and longevity.
  • No-Hassle returns with Slicechum – if you are not satisfied with your SliceChum, you can return it within 30 days of purchase for a full refund.
  • Fast & Easy Setup with Slicechum – Designed to operate right out of the box with minimal setup and configuration. No experience is needed.

Cons of Slicechum Knife Sharpener

  • The Newest, Latest Slicechum knife sharpener is only available online
  • Slicechum Knife sharpener is limited in stock

How Much Does Slicechum Cost?

This slicechum review confirms that the price of Slicechum sharpener is very affordable which is $29.99, and that is why many people in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada are rushing it. The Price list is as follows; If you want to get it at the discount price, click here to buy from the official website.

  • 1x SLICECHUM Knife SharpenerSave 35% Reg $46.14 Discount Price $29.99
  • 2x SLICECHUM Knife SharpenerSave 35% Reg $92.28 Discount Price $59.99
  • 3x SLICECHUM Knife SharpenerSave 52% Reg $138.42 Discount Price $66.99
  • 4x SLICECHUM Knife SharpenerSave 56% Reg $184.55 Discount Price $81.99

You may log in and use your PayPal account or use your Visa, Mastercard, Amex, or Discover card directly on the checkout page. Both PayPal and credit card payments done through the slicechum official website are absolutely safe to use on the security verified checkout page

Where Can I Buy SliceChum?

If you want to buy Slicechum at a discount price, we strongly suggest you buy through the official website as there’s a discount offer ongoing, which can be taken down any moment.

30 DAY GUARANTEE: Also SliceChum offers a 30-day guarantee on all unused purchases. Simply send the item(s) back to us in the original unopened packaging for a full refund or replacement, less S&H

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Slice Chum Review

Frequently Asked Questions on Slicechum Reviews

Below are the frequently asked questions about Slicechum reviews. After interviewing some customers, we came up with these questions to address any challenges you might be having

Is Slicechum Safe?

Yes! SLICECHUM is safe, extremely easy to set up and use. Just place it on your table or counter-top and simply twist the device to engage its suction mechanism. Done. You’re safe and secure.

What surfaces can I mount Slicechum onto for knife sharpening?

SLICECHUM’s strong suction cup can be mounted onto most smooth table and kitchen countertops with a simple twist.

Can I sharpen any knife with SLICECHUM?

Unfortunately not. Please only use metal/alloy knives, do not sharpen ceramic or composite knives.

Is Slicechum Scam?

From the knives we’ve tested, we can confidently say from Slicechum reviews that it isn’t a scam as it helps to make your knife or scissors sharp. A sharp knife will also require less effort on your part, allowing easier, more fluid movements with less hand, wrist, and arm fatigue. And it allows for more precise cuts, neatly chopping herbs into ribbons instead of crushing them, for example, or effortlessly separating silverskin from muscle when trimming meat.

You can always have your knives professionally sharpened—usually less than $5 or $6 per knife. Or, if you prefer to DIY, buy a Slicechum knife sharpener

What way do I run the knife through Slice Chum?

For your sharpening convenience, just use the arrow indicator for the direction of your knife draw. No guessing!

Is SLICE CHUM easy enough for anyone to use?

Customers slice chum reviews agree that it is pretty much easy. We’d refrain from letting your children use it, as it’s definitely not a toy! But SLICE CHUM was designed so that absolutely anyone can get professionally-sharpened knives quickly and conveniently.

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Slicechum Reviews

Is Slicechum Sharpener Any Good?

Of course, SIiechum is good for anyone who wants to keep their knife in the best shape. If you own a knife, you’ll eventually need to resharpen it. You can pay for a knife-sharpening service, you can use a sharpening stone, or you can use a manual or an electric knife sharpener—the kind we’re reviewing here. We like Slicechum sharpener because it’s more reliable (and handier) than knife-sharpening services, and it’s far easier to use than stones. That means you’ll be much more likely to keep your knives sharp, and that then means your cooking will be more enjoyable and ultimately safer. A dull knife is indeed a dangerous knife.

We also highly recommend that you use Slicechum as a honing rod (also known as honing steel, knife steel, or sharpening steel). Slicechum as a honing rod help keep a blade’s edge keen between sharpenings by straightening out the tiny dings and dents caused by everyday slicing and chopping. Honing is a simple and fast process—it takes just a few seconds—and it can extend the life of a sharp edge for weeks or even months. For that reason, we consider Slicechum an essential tool for cooks

SliceChum is What Type of Knife Sharpener? [Slice Chum Review]

Slicechum is manual type of sharpener and can serve as honing tool due to it’s dual purpose. Here’s a rundown of your choices. You can read more details on each category below.

  • Manual or pull-through sharpeners are lightweight and have a handle that you stabilize on the counter while you pull the knife through one or more abrasive slots, sharpening both sides of the blade at once. Eg; Slicechum
  • Electric sharpeners use motorized, abrasive discs, wheels, or flexible belts to sharpen the knife as you gently move it through the machine. Many models have two or three levels of abrasion. The coarsest creates a new edge; one or two finer levels refine and align that edge.
  • Whetstones, or sharpening stones, are the traditional sharpening method and come in many styles and even more degrees of coarseness. To use one, you hold the knife horizontally to the stone, with the edge at a slight angle, as you skim it back and forth across the surface.
  • Honing and sharpening rods or “steels” look the same but work differently. Honing rods are usually made of steel or fine ceramic and work to align the steel fibers on the edge of the knife, improving cutting performance. Sharpening rods have a rougher surface that removes some metal from your blade, sharpening it slightly. Tapered sharpening rods are ideal for sharpening serrated blades.
Slicechum Reviews.jpeg
Slicechum Reviews

Slicechum Customer Reviews

Slicechum totally changed how I cook! This Knife Sharpener is a lifesaver! I never really liked cooking at home, I found it too much work and never thought I was any good at it. Until I got SliceChum! I didn’t realize how difficult it was trying to cook with blunt knives. Once I sharpened them, everything suddenly became so much faster and everything tastes better! I honestly can’t believe how much of a difference it’s made, such a small thing with a massive impact. 5 stars review!

-Brad J. – Austin, TX

Easy and convenient knife sharpening. Can’t beat that. You know what I mean if you’ve ever used dull knives. And the suction is amazing. I’m never worried about this slipping or putting me in harm’s way. It’s a very well-made product. I highly recommend

-Louis R. · Baton Rouge, LA

I don’t know why I never sharpened my knives before. What a difference! If I had known it was this easy to get super sharp knives, I would have picked up SLICE CHUM a long time ago. Seriously loving meal-prep times with my razor-sharp knives now.

-Alexis W. · Provo, UT

Having a sharp knife makes all the difference in the world and slicechum is the best little sharpener I’ve come across. I like to keep my knives sharp and this is just the thing to do it. Super strong suction, so I know it will never slip on me, and it’s just a great value.

-Lucas S. -Miami, FL

A little miracle of a device. I was going to get rid of my knives and buy a new set because they were so dull you could hardly cut anything with them. But I saw SliceChum and thought I’d give it a try, and within minutes, my knives were completely restored! Do yourself and your knives a favor and get one!

-Charlotte W. – Fayetteville, LA

I’ve tried a few different knife sharpeners and none of them have given me an edge close to SliceChum. I’ve been cooking a lot at home recently and it would have been a nightmare without SliceChum. It’s without a doubt the best knife sharpener you can buy.

-Julian G. -San Jose, CA

Honestly, I never knew how something as simple as sharpening your knives properly could be such a game-changer. Cooking became fun again! I’ve tried out so many new recipes and my cooking has improved so much already.

-Tessy from Canada

You’ll find your meals will take less time and taste better, just like these satisfied customers!

Closing Thoughts on SliceChum Review

If you ask any professional chef, they’ll tell you the KNIFE is the single most important tool in the kitchen. They know that by simply sharpening your knives properly, you’ll cook faster and with more accuracy and most importantly, it’ll make your food taste and look amazing! You’ll effortlessly glide through ingredients rather than bludgeoning them into discolored, tasteless lumps. A lot of customers in slicechum reviews told us that this sharpener gets their knives up to a professional chef standard in seconds and they’ve seen their cooking improve immediately.

I always saw cooking as a chore and generally avoided it if I could, and I never really considered myself a good cook, UNTIL NOW! It was MY DULL KNIVES that were holding me back! Ever since using SliceChum on my knives at home, my meals taste amazing and cooking has become so much easier and FUN! I wasn’t expecting such a dramatic change but I’m telling you, SliceChum has completely changed how I think about food! Word has gotten out about SliceChum and home cooks all around the world are trying to get their hands on one. Demand is CRAZY at the moment, so you should grab one while you still can!

Effortlessly sharpen your knives and skills with SliceChum, and you’ll see your cooking quickly become incredibly fast, safe, and extremely tasty! It’s ultra-portable and won’t budge once it’s stuck to your kitchen top! Kitchen professionals know how vital a properly-sharpened knife is, and now with SliceChum, you’ll see why! For a limited time, there’s an exclusive discount, get it while you can since supplies will probably run out! SliceChum Is Changing the Way People Are Cooking!

Slicechum Sharpener.jpeg
Slicechum Sharpener

About SliceChum Knife Sharpener Review

The SliceChum Story is that which is rethinking everyday kitchen products for added utility is the driving force behind SliceChum, the ultimate knife sharpener anyone can use! Save money and energy by restoring the knives you already own. A dull knife is a dangerous tool! Ensure your food prep is spot on and safe with blades you can always depend on for fast, trouble-free cutting.

SliceChum is ultracompact and lightweight for quick and easy placement wherever it is needed. Mount it onto any smooth surface with the powerful twist and lock suction mechanism. Swiftly restore all the metal/alloy knives in your home using the built-in tungsten and ceramic sharpeners. Now you can chop, slice, and dice with added precision and confidence.

Slicechum company’s promise to you – Our team values your business. Each SliceChum includes a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not pleased with your purchase for any reason, we will gladly exchange it for you, no strings attached.

Contact Slicechum:

Need Help? If you require more information on SliceChum or have questions about your order, our award-winning customer service agents are standing by, ready to assist!Contact SliceChumBy Email: support@getslicechum.comBy Phone:United States & Canada TF: 855 881 2405United Kingdom: 03308 180829Australia : (02) 2513 35677

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