Huusk Handmade Knives Review 2021: The Complete Review on Huusk Japanese Kitchen Knife

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After more than 150 hours of research, consulting professionals on huusk handmade knives review, we published this post on the huusk kitchen knife. From consumer reports, huusk handmade knife has an overall rating of 4.8 out of 5.0. If you’re looking for a handmade kitchen knife that is sharp and reliable, huusk knife may just be for you.

Making food is easier, faster, and safer when you use the right tools, but with so many different types of knives on the market, finding the best one to suit your needs can be tricky. Without having the right knowledge, it is all too easy to buy a selection of specialist knives you will hardly ever need; meaning you end up with a selection of unused knives wasting away at the back of your utensil drawer.

Ask any professional chef if they were lost or stranded in a deserted island or in a strange place and could only bring one tool from their kitchen, they would most likely choose the chef’s knife. There are various other kitchen knives, like the serrated knives and butcher knives, which have more complex and individual uses, a good kitchen knife can do it all, from slicing and dicing to more complex tasks, like carving a chicken and cutting a pineapple.

When it comes to chef’s knives, there are basically only two main categories of note to select from; Japanese knives and German knives. They are not as different as one may think (Some knives out there have combined different aspects of both styles), but here are some notes of differentiation between these two:

German knives are heavy and thick especially at the bolster 3 which is where the blade meets the handle. You can use German knives for everything from mincing garlic to cutting through chicken bones. German knives also have thicker blades that tend to be curved to facilitate rocking and are made from softer steel, so they will need to be sharpened frequently.

Japanese knives on the other hand are lightweight and very sharp, western-style Japanese knives tend to have a straighter edge and thinner blade than their German counterparts, making them the best for precise tasks like cleanly slicing cucumbers or tuna and because they are made from the harder steel, they can typically go longer between sharpenings but may be susceptible to chipping or cracking. From research and various reviews online, statistics show that most professional chefs prefer Japanese Style Knives.

A sharp knife, especially one originated from the Samurai culture is a precision tool. It may look dangerous, but it is actually much safer in the hands of a skilled man, than regular knives. You do not need to apply too much force, it cuts the thinnest of slices with utmost ease. It is the type of knife that will make you forget all about squashed tomatoes or cuts on your hands or worse, your partner’s.

With this knowledge in view, this review is about the Huusk Knife. They are Japanese Style knives that are brand new to the market. Beautiful and unique, Huusk knives are becoming a must-have for every chef. The Huusk company handmade the most exceptional kitchen knife the world has ever seen. People all over the world needed a special knife with more balance and control and they delivered.

What is the Huusk Japanese Knife?

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The Huusk knife is the latest samurai-based brand knife that offers a custom and modern looking Japanese chef knife that gives every single person the power to become a better chef and make better food. These samurai derived chef knives are made from stainless Japanese steel using traditional blacksmithing methods that have been employed for centuries to forge samurai katanas. This approach produces extra sharp knives that serve their owners efficiently for years to come.

The Huusk Kitchen Knife is crafted for precision cutting and a laser carved index finger hole for superior control. The blade is comprised of traditional Japanese Steel ensuring a sharp, quality and durable knife for the years to come. Premium Oak wood handle is also probably the most secure and convenient handle ever created.

High end Japanese steel is used by third generation expert bladesmiths to handcraft flawless, beautiful and durable knives. Each Huusk knife requires 138 steps and over 2 months to be crafted before going through rigorous testing Huusk Knives were made out of pure passion for the art of cooking.

The Huusk company in Japan wanted to revitalize the market by being the first to ever create specialized Kitchen Knife with a unique blade. Traditional Japanese hand-forging technique combined with the modern approach produced this fabulous Huusk knife. Some knives are sharp, but comes with the cost of being fragile and susceptible to chipping and oxidation. We believe a real kitchen chef should never have to deal with such problems.

Huusk knife is extremely sharp and sturdy. The quality Japanese steel and oak handle assures great performance. Huusk knives are ideal for peeling cutting up all your favorite meats and finished with a sturdy handle to provide superb balance and extra weight for easy slicing and chopping. The ideal knives for your kitchen depends on what type of cooking you usually do. However, there are a few multi-purpose knives that any home cook should own.

This is solely because they are good at just about everything and anything you want to do. The Huusk knife is a clear and perfect example of a multi-purpose knife. With Huusk, you will have the tools you need for whatever you want to cook and you will have saved a bunch of money and most importantly, your safety in the kitchen is guaranteed.

The Huusk knife is a samurai-based brand knife that offers a unique-looking Japanese chef knife that gives every single person the power to prepare better food and become a better chef. These samurai-derived chef knives are made from stainless Japanese steel using traditional blacksmithing methods that have been employed over centuries to forge samurai katanas. This method creates very sharp knives that serve their owners for years to come.

Huusk offers very high quality for an incredibly low price. It is made of stainless, corrosion resistant Japanese steel, the same type used in samurai katanas centuries ago. This quality makes the Huusk knives extra sharp and guarantees its quality service to you for years to come.

Huusk Knives Review -Specifications

  • Weight: 252 grams/ 0.5 pound.
  • Length (blade): 15.5 cm/6 inches
  • Length (blade and handle): 28 cm/11 inches.
  • Width (blade and handle): 5 cm/ 2 inches.
  • The angle of the curve: 38-degrees
  • Blade material: Stainless Steel (18/10 electroplated)
  • Handle material: Oakwood/ carbon onyx.

Huusk Handmade Knives Review – Features

Huusk Handmade Knives Review.jpeg

We handcrafted the most incredible kitchen knife the world has ever seen. People around the world expressed need for a knife with more control and balance and we delivered

Huusk knife has a precision, laser-carved index finger hole for superior control. The blade features traditional Japanese steel ensuring a sharp, quality knife to be used for the years to come. Premium oak wood handle is probably the most convenient and secure handle ever made.

We will consider a few features that stand out as the reason why thousands of users are giving this knife good ratings online

  • Ergonomic Design: Huusk knives boast the perfect grip. The hole on the blade gives extra space for your fingers. The blade and handle curves create a soothing balance that results in a strong grip and effortless cutting.
  • Sharpness: Huusk knives are known for their extra sharpness for the thinnest slices. They are crafted like samurai swords. The blades crafted with Japanese techniques can be used for precision cutting. They do not dull (they get dull over a very long time but do so slowly that you hardly notice even after using it for a long while) and can be used to produce the thinnest of slices.
  • Safer Compared to Others: Ordinary kitchen knives are usually dull and we all know how safe dull edges – not very safe. Actually, it has been proven that a dull-edged knife is more prone to slip because you need to apply more force to make a cut.
  • Tool of a Master: Ordinary kitchen knives can be wielded by anyone. Huusk knives look like tools designed for someone who is a master of their craft, a true chef. It gives that professional, technical know-how looks to even amateurs.
  • Perfect grip: The handles comprised of high-quality Oak Wood. This is a type of hardwood with an incredible dark texture and producing a perfect grip.
  • Handmade to the last detail: As the knives are handmade, each and every detail has been checked, confirmed, and taken into account to create the best quality Japanese knives
  • The symbol for self-reliance and rugged individuality: Huusk Knives helps those that cook often (Only someone that cooks very often would own a custom-looking knife), and that you only make use of the most precise, perfect, and ideal tools for the job. They imply that you are individualistic and value traditional crafts, can cater for yourself and others. They may also denote that you are not a domesticated man, but a hunter, master, and ruler of the modern world.
  • Pleasurable in every way. The Huusk knives are extremely sharp. They are perfectly balanced, which makes it very convenient to hold. Cooking just became even more fun.

What is Huusk Knife Made of?

These are the parts or components that make up the Huusk knife:

The blade is made of traditional Japanese steel ensuring a sharp quality knife lasting for the years to come. It’s wooden handle is made of Premium Oak wood, the most secure and comfortable there is.

High end Japanese Steel is used by third generation expert bladesmiths to craft flawless, durable and incredibly beautiful knives. Each knife is handcrafted and requires a lot of steps and time and also undergoes rigorous testing.

Qualities of Huusk Knives?

The Huusk knives are beautiful and unique knives that are essential for every chef. They are also handmade by master knife makers that are in love with the art of knife making.

Huusk knives were crafted out of passion for the art of cooking. We wanted to change the market by being the first to ever create customized and specialized Kitchen Knife with a unique blade.

Both traditional Japanese hand-forging methods and the modern approach were employed to result in this incredible Huusk knife.

Perfect Grip: The handle is made from high quality oak wood with characteristic dark texture creating the perfect grip

Handmade to the last detail: The knives are handcrafted which means every detail has been cross checked and taken into account providing you the best quality Japanese knives.

Pleasurable in every way: The Huusk knives are perfectly balanced and sharp, which makes it very comfortable to hold the knives.

Having the best tools for the job can make all the difference in the world. The Huusk knife has a very comfortable grip with a blade that is curved in resemblance to ancient samurai traditions, which makes using it the most comfortable and effective process one can imagine. The sharpness of the blade increases the speed of cooking remarkably, saving you the time and energy to enjoy your dinner date. With the Huusk knife, cooking really becomes a piece of cake.

Influence taste perception: The Huusk knife is what you need to make the perfect meal, because how a meal tastes is more affected by our eyes than by our taste buds. In fact, the physical appeal or look of the cooking process can raise meal satisfaction by up to 60%. Your partner will definitely thank you for it.

Cook like a chef: What if I lack the skills, you may ask? I’ll let you in on a secret. You can order before hand and get food delivered just before your dinner date comes over. It doesn’t really matter if you cooked the meal yourself. She will assume you did because of the  Huusk knife displayed clearly in your kitchen. Women know that only a real chef with a passion for cooking could own such a unique knife.

The Huusk knife is a sign of individuality and a conversation starter.

A real man’s tool: It’s time to stop domesticating males inside the kitchen. It’s time for an upgrade—and not only for our masculinity, but also for our sense of self and our quality of life. the Huusk knife knives resemble a hunter’s tool. They are rugged, strong, handcrafted, and sharp. Seeing such a knife at a man’s place implies some things about him. Take For instance: “this guy here, would survive the toughest storms with only his wit and his knife; he knows his stuff and is a real man.”

No more dull knives: You don’t have to put up with low quality knives that would rust and become dull easily and are ineffective and inconvenient. They will not make you a real man and there was no solution to these because high quality knives were very expensive

Now, the Huusk knife provides high quality for a low price. It’s made of stainless, corrosion-resistant Japanese steel, similar to those used in samurai katanas centuries ago. This quality makes the Huusk knife extremely sharp. Just like a katana served its samurai masters for a whole lifetime, the Huusk knife is assured to serve you for years to come.

Does the Huusk Kitchen Knife Really Work?

Some kitchen knives are sharp, but comes with the downside of being fragile and prone to chipping and oxidation. Huusk Kitchen Knife works and is a real kitchen knife a chef should have without worry about regular knife problems. Huusk knife is incredibly sharp and sturdy and the quality Japanese steel and oak handle guarantees optimal performance.

This a great product and it’s design is very ergonimic, a good knife in your hand feels strong, robust and comfortable. It promotes good grip and rests in your palm comfortably. It is light enough to slice the vegetables and heavy enough to cut through meat. It has a very convenient weight and it’s craftmanship and design is fabulous very much recommended.

Huusk Knives reviews confirm that the Huusk knives are extra sharp and their blades dull very slowly. The sharp blades also increase their safety. Most of the kitchen accidents involve blunt knives as you have to apply a great amount of force to efficiently use them (dull knives tend to slip in such cases, which often result in minor and painful injuries).

Huusk knife is extra sharp, hence no force is required to use it. The Huusk knife is perfectly designed for ultimate balance and control which makes kitchen accidents highly unlikely. Listed below are a few more reasons to buy them.

Huusk Kitchen Knife Reviews – Pros

For this huusk handmade knives review, we researched both the pros and cons, the following are the pros and cons derived from using this Japanese Samurai huusk kitchen knife.

  • Guaranteed High Quality: Huusk Kitchen Knife are made from premium components for excellent durability and longevity.
  • No-Hassle Returns: If you are not satisfied with your Huusk Knife purchase, you can return it within 30 days for a full refund.
  • Quick & Convenient: Huusk Knife functions right out of the box with minimal setup and frustration. Enjoy Huusk Knife right away!

Huusk Kitchen Knife Reviews – Cons

Limited Stock: as contained on the manufacturer’s official website, the increase in demand for huusk kitchen knife implies that the produced quantity will soon be out of demand. Anyone who wants to buy huusk knife is therefore encouraged too quickly do so. 

It is a digital product: The manufacturer of huusk stated explicitly that it has not licensed any offline transaction of any sort. There is no existing offline retail or wholesale store on this huusk Japanese Knife. Be wary of where and who you it buy from. This Huusk Knife cannot be purchased on any other online store or website except the official website of the manufacturer. 

The discount is only valid for a few days: Anyone who plans to visit this product’s official website and claims the current promotional bonus is expected to process their payment immediately. Otherwise, the person might lose the discount. 

Price of Huusk Knives

One Huusk Knife is currently available for $29.95 at a discount offer as opposed to $59.90. This discount can be stopped at any moment. Two 2x Huusk Knives are also available for $49.95. Three 3x Huusk Knives are available for $65.94. Four 4x Huusk Knives are available for $79.92 which are all the discount prices for Huusk Knife from the official website.

Where can I buy the Huusk knives from?

If you want to make a huusk knife purchase, it is usually advised to do so from the manufacturer directly. The products are offered on their official website. Also, if you want to buy more than one, There are special offers for that made available by the manufacturer from time to time. This means that you can buy several knives at the same time and pay less for each knife. The order is simple to make and can be completed within a few minutes.

The  numerous payment options offered by the manufacturers is another great advantage. Here the buyer does not undertake any risk because he/she can use a secure payment method such as PayPal or Credit cards. These possibilities also hold out the prospect that if you do not like the product and send it back, you will get your refund without any problems. Another advantage is the dispatch, which takes your order right to your front door. A few days after the order is made, the product arrives and you can start using immediately.

Money-Back Guarantee and Refund Policy: A 30 Day 100%  money-back guarantee is offered to buyers by the manufacturer. The items to be returned must be unused and in their original packaging. You ship the package you want to return to the return facility address given to you by its customer care representative. As soon as it is shipped, you must contact customer care again and give them the tracking number. You will get an email to confirm the refund when the company receives and approves the return.

A special offer for the Huusk knife is available at a 50% discount price and you can also buy extra for family and friends at a discounted price.

Huusk Knives Customer Reviews

I like the classic Japanese look, with visible rivets and a full tang of the huusk knife. The blade curves up at the end, which makes certain tasks a little easier, particularly mincing herbs. The handle, albeit not rounded is incredibly smooth, so none of the edges dig into the palm and the bolster is nicely curved underneath to fit the middle finger, with the thumb resting comfortably on the blade. 5 stars Review!

Emiliano Endrozzi, Head Chef

In the west, this is the most widely recognized style of chef’s knife. The belly of the blade has a visible curve that tapers to a sharp tip, which is best if you prefer cutting using a rocking motion (meaning the knife never leaves the cutting board and the belly curve is used to slice through food). 4.8 stars Review!

Ellie Clark, Executive Chef

I found Huusk Knife incredibly durable and aesthetically pleasing. The blade has a good curve, allowing you to rest your middle finger on it conveniently. Chopping all manner of vegetables and meat was very easy. If you are looking for a reasonably priced chef’s knife, this is the right one for you. Highly recommend the huusk handmade knife.

Bernard Dershamps, Head Chef

Huusk Handmade knives are very high quality and really good to use for chopping. The knife is extremely sharp and the price is acceptable. Their delivery time was great also. I’m definitely recommending them.

Isaac Tramyer Sayer

I ordered Huusk after borrowing one from a friend when he invited me to dinner. I did not think I would need it, but it made everything much faster and easier in the kitchen. I’m very happy with my order.

Tom Murray

They have the best quality for kitchen knives. Cooking now is easier and way much fun. The prices are very affordable and the shipping is fast.

Brian Andrews.

 This is an amazing product. The design is very ergonomic, a very wonderful knife with a good grip and amazing feel in your hands. Make cooking more enjoyable and easier

Rita Lane.

I don’t really cook much. In fact, most of the food I eat is pre-prepared mostly because I don’t have time to cook on a daily basis. I also don’t like to cook alone. It’s something that I enjoy on occasions when I am with someone—and, for that, the Huusk knife serves me perfectly.

Jamie Lester

The most knife I used before was of low quality. They would rust and turn dull quickly, and they were inefficient and inconvenient. They did not make me a manly man. But, before the Huusk knife, there was never a solution because high-quality knives were usually prohibitively expensive.

Bill H.

Huusk Handmade Knives Review Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the frequently asked questions about Huusk Handmade Knives Review. After interviewing some customers, we came up with these questions, from the review to address any challenges you might be having about this latest Huusk Japanese Knife.

What are the materials used to make Huusk?

Huusk knives are hand forged of 18/10 electroplated steel and then joined with a wooden handle made of ancient oak wood or carbon onyx material.

Are the Huusk Knives designed exclusively for chef?

No. Huusk  knives are basically designed for the most comfortable use. They are extra sharp, very well balanced and feature a unique curvy shape to give you ultimate control in your kitchen. Huusk knife is a perfect tool for a professional and a regular cooking enthusiast as well.

Can the Huusk Knives be used for camping?

The Huusk knives, despite their unorthodox appearance, are specifically designed as the kitchen knives and should be used as such.

Can I use it for any kind of cutting?

Yes. The belly of the Huusk knife’s  blade has a pronounced curve that tapers to a sharp tip, which is ideal if you prefer to cut using a rocking motion – the knife never leaves the cutting board, and you can use the belly curve to slice through food. The Huusk knife can be used comfortably for any cutting the kitchen ranging from meat to vegetable.

Does the Hole cut out really help improve the Knife’s control?

Yes! The Huusk knife is scientifically proven to allow for more control as it was specifically designed so the index finger can be in contact with the blade, allowing for a more hands on experience.

Huusk Handmade Kitchen Knives Review – Conclusion

Huusk Handmade Kitchen Knives are presently trending in the market now. They are one of the best kitchen knives are out there for any professional cook or a person who is enthusiastic about cooking. The promotion prices is one of the great things about it too. It is relatively affordable for a top level and high quality product.

Many positive Huusk Handmade Kitchen Knives Reviews prove that this Japanese knife works. It is presently available at a 50%  discount. You can buy yours now from the manufacturer’s official website. A 30-day money-back guarantee is also included. If you do not like it, you can return it within 30 days of purchasing it to get a full refund.

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